Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 17

Cowboys and Iranians

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Poor story lines and weak jokes.

    This episode irritated me in different ways. It consists of two stories that have no connection whatsoever. Like in most weaker episodes of W&G you get the idea that two shorter episodes have been tacked together. Where are the Seinfeld days when different plot strands in a sitcom cleverly tied together at the end?

    Really irritating is the plot line with the Iranian employee. Apart from the fact that the respected actress Shohreh Aghdashloo appears to have no sense of comedy (timing), the racism plot was infuriating. I suppose the idea was to laugh at liberals who, out of guilt, accept bad behaviour of recent immigrants . Unfortunately the role of Pam was played so straight that it seemed to be a realistic image of a moaning immigrant. A good comedian would have put some spin on the outrageous excuses of Pam, in Miss Aghdashloo's performance they sounded as if she meant them, thereby perpetuating the image of the ungrateful immigrant. Let's not even go into the fact that the character comes from the Middle East, at a time when Americans of Arab or Persian origin are looked upon with suspicion. If Pam had come from a former Soviet Republic, it would have been funnier. I got the idea the makers of this episode came up with the funny title first and then went on to find a reason to use it.
  • Grace hires another assistance out of guilt while Will defends Jack...

    The poor storylines continue this season...The worst storyline in a long time on this show was Grace hiring a 'ethnic' woman as an assistant because she feels sorry for her. This storyline is as subtle as sledgehammer and the 3 characters involved don't interact well at all. Perhaps they recognized a stinker of a story...In addition, a previous episode dealt with the same material (Grace hiring a waiter as her assistant because of guilt) - and it was much, much better and funnier!

    The other story has Jack's new boyfriend hitting on Will - a story as light as a feather...The plot of both stories could be written on a postage stamp. Very disappointing for a show that has done a lot better in the past.
  • Jack's boyfriend hits on Will, while Grace hires a new assistant at the office.

    You know it's bad when the best moment of the episode involves silence, Will, bacon and a hand-held fan. Seriously, I love this show. But this episode was not funny.

    The plot is nothing special, which is a shame because it did have the potential to be funny. Nearly every joke fell flat - they seemes to be trying to hard to be both politically incorrect and funny, and then landed on irritating. The scenes with Grace, Karen and Pam are awkwardly acted (probably because they didn't find the script funny either.) The bit with Will's coat went on way too long - but had a decent payoff with the phone call. Is it just me or are the food jokes with Grace getting old? This is easily one of the worst episodes of this show ever written.

    Leslie Jordon is the only higlight. No matter what the character does it cracks me up "Gay bar fight!" Hee.
  • Will and Jack go to a gay bar and Jack's boyfriend starts hitting on will. Meanwhile, Grace hires an Iranian woman so as not to seem racist.

    In my opinion, this episode was on of the best this season. Although it focused more on the relationship between Will and Jack, there was a strange and somewhat unbelievable subplot between an Iranian Woman, Grace, And karen. Also there were a good number of one liners that were suprisingly funny. What I didn\\\'t like about this episode is how it did not mention Graces pregnancy at all when that had been the main focus last week.