Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 3

Das Boob

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 02, 1999 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Das Boob
A deceiving, but flattering, newspaper photo makes Grace look more "endowed" than she really is and gains her the attention of a former high school heartthrob who was never one to keep abreast of her before. Jack is destroyed to learn that Will had a fling with Walter, Jack's ex-boyfriend.moreless

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  • A big mix up leads to big laughs!

    A very funny episode indeed.

    It all starts out with a glitch found in the newspaper. Grace apparently had her picture taken but in the print the pic makes her look bigger than she is. THey are all shocked and it leads a fantastic scene. Jack, Will and Grace all decide to feel each other up. Will feels Grace and JAck,etc. It was just hilarious. Everyone has someones "boob" in their hands. I was cracking up and I was wishing they found some way to include Karen in the opening scene. Just some way, why couldnt they. It would have been ten times funnier.

    ANyway a friend from high school saw the paper and decided to phone the recently enhanced Grace. SHe remembers him and still has some sort of feelings for him. SHe calls him but Karen knows why he called in the first place. Karen knows the power that boobs have and convinces Grace that is the only reason he called her. SHe buys it but with reservation. Karen thinks she needs some special equipment for the meeting.

    I will sum Will and Jacks plot very quickly because overall its annoying and makes no sense. JAck somehow found an earring he gave to his ex-boyfriend between the cushions in Wills couch. JAck is furious because they had something and wow do I hate it when they try to give Jack some sort of soul for romance. It is just stupid and kind of diminishes his character. Will feels bad and JAck storms out as he always does.

    Over at "Wonderbra Inc." Grace is trying on bras that are water filled. OK I totally love Debra Messing and think she is gorgeous but wow did that bra make her look great. They werent too big and they oddly suited her. KAren makes her buy them to impress her high school friend. YOu know trouble is afoot.

    EVeryone, for some reason, went to the art show the guy was throwing. THat is the guy she was trying to impress some weird looking greaser type, whatever. Grace is happy he noticed her. Grace hugs Karen but KArens broach(sp?) gets stuck in her bra. THis made the bra spring a leak. THe subsequent shots are hilarious. Grace doesnt know that she is leaking. BUt first, she is jutting our her chest so far that I am surprised she doesnt snap in half. Anyway THe leak hits Will and he tries to stop the leak by placing his hands on her breasts. He lets go and for some reason both breast shoot out water. THat makes no sense at all but it was funny. SHe tries to cover when the greaser comes back but she cant do it because she looks like she is paralyzed. THe guy eventually walks away and hits on Karen but she doesnt take the bait, good girl. Grace is mad and decides to spray her water all over the paintings.

    Oh, Will found Walter but Jack was thinking of someone else and runs away. WHat a waste of air time, that subplot was just idiotic. BUt overall a very good episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: The amount of champagne in Grace's glass varies while she's holding it, as well as when John takes it to have it refilled.

    • Scott Patterson and David Sutcliffe have both appeared on Will & Grace as Grace's boyfriends from high school, while in Gilmore Girls they have both appeared as Lorelai's love of her life.

    • Scott Patterson, who plays John Gregorio, is Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, and the hairstylist, Sally, who is irritated by Grace's chatty nature when getting her hair styled, in the episode titled "F*gmalion Part Three: Bye, Bye, Beardy", plays Luke's sister, Liz Danes, on the same show. Both guest starred on this show, and play siblings in another.

    • The Zelman Gallery is named for Debra Messing's husband, Daniel Zelman.

    • Grace moves her arm slightly to where you can see the area where the water was spraying out. You can also see the small hose attached to her bra when she sprays the paintings.

    • One of the paintings in the gallery is upsidedown. It's turned right-side-up just before Grace springs a leak.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Karen: He thinks you've got big melons. So if I were you, Grace, I would figure out a way to turn those honey-don'ts into some honeydos!

    • Grace: Oh my God, I think he likes me...thank you so much!
      Karen: OK, OK...push me again and you die.

    • Grace: Cher's here?
      Will: No..no..I just told him that so he'd come here to meet Walter.
      Grace: Who's Walter?
      Will: I told you this-- God do the boobs make you dumber?
      Grace: I'm gonna go look at myself in the mirror again.

    • Will: I'm so sorry that I'm late but...(noticing her breast)...Hello Kitties...What's-what's with that?
      Grace: It's a hydra-bra. Water-filled for extra perkiness. You would not believe the day I've had. Guys whistling at me, shouting rude comments. It was fantastic!

    • Grace: What was I thinking? I look fine the way I am.
      Will: Why didn't you believe me when I said that?
      Grace: Well 'cause you're too close. You're gay. You're my best friend. You're gay. You love me. You're gay.
      Will: Hey, hey, hey...there was a time when I was a boob man. Course it ended when my mom switched to formula.

    • Will: How're you feeling?
      Grace: (After all the water leaked out of her water-bra) Oh, a little deflated.

    • (Water begins to squirt out of Grace's shirt and hits Will.)
      Will(Sees it): Oh my God.
      (He runs over and puts his hands over her breasts.)
      Grace: Will, what are you doing?
      Will: I think you've sprung a leak.
      Grace: What are you talking about?
      (He takes his hands away and lets some water squirt out.)
      Grace: (Gasps)
      Will: I haven't been with a woman in sometime but I'm pretty sure they're not suppose to do that.
      Grace: Oh my God!!
      (Karen walks by them.)
      Karen: Good Lord, why don't you two get a room?
      Grace: Oh my God. Okay just start walking, okay? We have got to get out of here before we see...
      (Don walks up to them.)
      Grace: Don, hi!

    • Grace: You just really took an interest and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate it.
      Karen: Well Grace, you know, we joke a lot but, when you get right down to it, I--
      Grace: There's John, get lost.(Shoves Karen away)

    • (After she puts on the water bra)
      Grace: This is ridiculous. I look like a ski resort.

    • Grace: The guy is an artist, he was just responding to an aesthetic.
      Will: Yeah, the aesthetic of your giant hooters.

    • Grace: Donald Dorio called? Oh my god, he's such a fox!
      Karen: Good Lord, a pack of cigs and a pregnancy scare and this could be high school!

    • Will: Look at that gorgeous face.
      Grace: Look at the leather pants.
      Jack: Look at those massive jugs!

    • Don: Hello! You look like you have a beautiful soul!
      Karen: Honey, that's not my soul you're lookin' at!

    • Karen: Oh, Grace, you got a call from a guy. It was about a person... or a place or a thing. I don't know, something.
      Grace: Okay, that's a start. We know a human being called regarding a noun.

    • Jack: (Enters) Ok, it's 10:00 and no Cher. Unless you can turn back time, I'm very, very angry.

    • Will: Well, I just want to go on record as saying it is wrong to lie. By the way, I told Jack that Cher is going to be here tonight.

    • Will: Jack, if I'm supposed to stay away from every guy you've ever slept with, that would leave me with... women.

    • Jack: Commandment number one in the gay bible - 'Thou shalt not covet my ex's ass!'
      Will: Jack - is that from the book of Genesissy?

    • Karen: Will is right, honey. Mr. High School called because he thinks you're stacked. Now, if you actually were, you would understand the effect that they have on men. But, alas, Mother Nature did not bless you as she did me.

    • Will: (Reading newspaper article) Manhattan Interior Designer Grace Adler, 26... (Looks at her in disbelief)
      Grace: Must have been a typo.
      Jack: More like a lie-o.

  • NOTES (4)

    • On Friday, June 1, 2007, FOX aired a 2 hour special from 8-10 pm EST called TV's Funniest Moments, in which they counted down the top 30 funniest moments in television history. A clip from this episode of Will and Grace was on the top 30 list-- from the beginning of the episode where Jack, Grace, and Will are all feeling each others' chests at the same time.

    • The Judy Lombardosi joke (Slutty Big Boobs) was cut, but can be found on the DVD.

    • In reruns of this episode, John Gregorio's name has been dubbed and changed to Donald Dorio. The phone message Karen wrote on the wall has also been changed. However, Scott Patterson was still credited as "John" in the end credits. The original is currently on the Season 2 DVD. Word has it it was changed because it was the name of a "special person" at Warner Bros.

    • In 2000, NBC hosted a poll to vote for the favourite top 6 W&G episodes to be aired on a special night. "Das Boob" came in first place.