Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 21

Dolls And Dolls

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2003 on NBC

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  • Beware of famous guest stars.

    A disappointing episode that seems to have been made to give a guest star some time in the spotlight. Usually this show works because the four main characters can be paired up in different ways, usually allowing two story lines that don't even have to be connected. Here Karen is put together with guest star Madonna, and the three others get the second story line. A problem with the latter is that one character proves to be underused. Will's drug problem would be a good story for Will and Grace, or for Will and Jack. In the present form Jack is not used to his full potential.

    An even bigger problem is the way Karen is portrayed. Her lack of knowledge about the real world is a running joke in the show, but there's also another side to her, as she is a no-nonsense, acerbic snob. The writers seem to have forgotten about the latter. I couldn't understand why Karen would even hang around with Liz. The curiosity was overdone, the wit underplayed. Karen became a stooge for the guest star. Sad.
  • Karen discovers part of "real life" in attempts to have a roommate. Will injures his leg and becomes addicted to painkillers so Jack and Grace try an intervention.

    Megan Mullally is simply a genius in this episode. The writers gave her great material, which helped, but that bit with the soda? Pure genius. Both stories lines are pretty strong, and the writing for how Jack and Grace would handle an intervention is spot on. All four actors bring their best game and Madonna as a nerd is all kinds of weird, awkward and funny.

    Madonna and Karen have all the best jokes here, easily, and have a great cat fight that involves the revelation of something many have speculated about - that Karen wears a hair piece!

    The opening scene in the laundry mat gets the award for best scene of the episode, though, with Karen thinking the dryers are fish tanks, Jack posing for the \"cameras\", Will biffing it because of his clogs, and Grace refusing to take him to the hospital because he\'s wearing clogs. Absolutely classic for the show. These four actors really are at their best when they are all together.
  • Will get hooked on drugs while Karen takes up slumming...

    This episode is just fantastic and very, very funny. (The writer also plays Connie the secretary infatuated with Will). Karen has the best scenes - whether its being confused about dryers, wondering how to open up a can, sharing an apartment with Liz (Madonna) - and the chore wheel, dancing against Liz to get a man or the final scene where she finds out that she owns the building where Liz lives. Pure comedy!!! Will is funny too - getting hooked on pain killers when he injures his foot by slipping on his clogs. For once Will is happy and not uptight - but Grace/Jack have to intervene to get him off drugs. The scene where Grace crumbles a cookie on the carpet and later when Will tries to get the drugs off Grace/Jack are very funny. All actors - including Madonna - are very good in their storylines. Well done!!!