Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 1999 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When Grace feels that Will is abusing his power as president of the tenant's association, she runs against him. Karen tries to buy back Jack's forgiveness when she lets his beloved bird, Guapo, fly out the window.

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Lou Cutell

Lou Cutell

Arthur Pressman

Guest Star

Ralph Drischell

Ralph Drischell

Mr. Munitz

Guest Star

Lynn A. Henderson

Lynn A. Henderson


Guest Star

Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison

Rosario Salazar

Recurring Role

Marshall Manesh

Marshall Manesh

Mr. Zamir

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • One tenant complains that her missing umbrella closely resembles the one belonging to "Tim Kaiser in apartment 12-B". Tim Kaiser was a producer of the episode.

    • Goof: When Grace gets in the elevator with her election materials, there are several rolled up posters in the top box. As the scene progresses, the position, number and condition of these posters changes constantly. Also at the end of the scene, as Grace is at her door, she balances the boxes on her hip whilst searching for the keys in her bag. Then when she finds them, there is a shot of Will then back to Grace and the boxes are on the floor by the side of her door. She certainly didn't have time to put them down.

    • Will has been the tenant board president for four years.

    • Klaus Von Puppy and Guapo both appear in this episode.

    • The black soot on Grace's face changes as they change camera shots. Plus, Grace manages to change clothes and have a shower just before the meeting, and that all happens in just a few minutes.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Tenant: That's only 36. Who didn't vote?
      Grace: Me! I didn't vote! I win!
      Will: You voted, you banana.

    • Grace: So I try to light a fire and the next thing I know, the entire apartment is full of smoke.
      Will:Did you check the flue?
      Grace: Yeah.
      Will: Did you use dry wood?
      Grace: Yeah.
      Will: Did you know that your fireplace has been sealed shut, effectively rendering it non-functional?
      Grace: No!
      Will: Might be your problem.

    • Rosario: Dogs, rapping, strange boys calling in the middle of the night. When I prayed to the Madonna for a husband, maybe I should have been more specific.
      Jack: Oh, my god. You pray to Madonna, too?

    • Grace: How come your fireplace works?
      Will: Because I'm sleeping with the president of the tenants' association.
      Grace: That's you.
      Will: Yes, and I'm tender but rough when I need to be.

    • Mrs. Pressman: I'd like a fire, but he won't let me.
      Mr. Pressman: You want heat? Here's an idea: light your mother on fire!

    • Grace: I'm a tenant with an issue!
      Will: You're a tenant with a LOT of issues.

    • (Jack weeping after the loss of Guapo)

      Karen: Oh honey, what can I do? Do you want another bird?
      Jack: No..how can you even ask me that?? If my grandmother died, would you bring me another racist dowager with a purse full of diabetic candy??

    • Karen: Sometimes bad thing happened to good people and sometimes bad things happened..to you.
      Jack: I'm not following...
      Karen: Oh screw it, bird is gone.
      Jack: Guapo? Something happened to Guapo?? (Removes the cloth off the cage) Arrghhh..!!!

    • Jack: Wait a minute. If you've got cameras everywhere, does that mean you've seen...
      Karen: Yes I have honey, and good for you.

    • Jack: (To Guapo, in baby talk) Who was a good boy at the doctor? Huh? Who was a pretty bird at the doctor? And who got the pretty doctor's phone number?

    • (Jack sees Guapo on the windowsill for the second time that day)
      Jack: You again!? Oh my God I'm Tippi Hedren!

  • NOTES (0)