Will & Grace

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2003 on NBC

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  • A great great, funny episode! "Oh, mummy!" :)

    I loved this episode! It was unbeliavable to see Grace singing, ha ha ha, I fell off the chair laughing, it was so so so funny! And Will flerting with that guy, oh, I can't remember his name, I didn't pay any attention to his name, acutally. And this was definately one of those episodes where it was mainly focused on Will and Grace, although they're not my favourite characters, they were funny in this episode, which is kinda plus for the show and me, they're becoming for sure one of my most favourite shows. Oh, if I could see once more Grace singing: "Oh, mummy!!" :D
  • Will tries to get into a Barry Manilow concert, and while, meets a chat-room fanilow. She also introduces Karen to Manilow, while Grace gets upset that her mother is hanging out with Jack!

    OK, this is my favorite episode, first of all! I love Barry Manilow and couldn't believe that they did an episode on him!!!

    I loved when Karen got into Barry Manilow with "Daybreak." But, my favorite part was how Grace sang off-key to "Mandy" or should I say "Mommy." OH MOMMMY... Well u came and u gave without taking....But I sent you away OH MOMMY!" That was hilarious!

    The only thing that was disappointing was that Manilow only appeared for what? 20 seconds? Of course, I wasnt expecting to even see him at all so it was a surprise, anyway. But since he was in it, I thought maybe they could have got some more jokes with him. Karen and Jack could have made major jokes with him and the "Fanilow", Cheryl.

    Nonetheless. the episode was absouletely hilarious!

    Anyway, i gotta rap this up, I gotta go to the Copacabano..