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    There is one thing that happened to one of the episodes that makes me very sad. You see, it started out as one of those 40-minute Super-Sized Episodes. I remember a situation started in the last episode of one season and picked up in the first episode of the next season. Before Leo had to go on a trip with his Doctors Without Borders program, the whole gang went to an event on a boat owned by Karen's family. Leo forgot his travel bag on the boat and left for wherever he had to go without it. Grace found the bad and took it back to Brooklyn for safekeeping. A few months later, Leo had a few days in between assignments when he could go back to his apartment in Brooklyn. There was one item in Leo's bag and Grace had never seen before. Leo explained to her that it was an inflatable neck pillow that he uses on long flights. Grace had no idea that such things existed. As he was ready to pack it, Grace told him that he might not want to take it because of something else that she had been using it for. Leo could not imagine what on Earth Grace could be using his neck pillow for. Grace said "well, you see, it fits right over the toilet seat!" In my mind, the notion of that pillow in between Grace's butt and the toilet seat was just too funny! However, in order to sell this episode to syndication, they had to trim it down for a half an hour slot. Not to mention addition trimming to make room for more commercials. This scene was one of the things that disappeared! I own the DVDs of both seasons in which this situation extended to, but that scene had already been deleted and never came back! Bummer!

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