Will & Grace

Season 7 Episode 22

From Queer To Eternity

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • After a near-death experience, Grace decides to write her will and asks Will how much he is leaving her. When Will doesn’t tell her, she visits his mother to find out. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen find an imposter teaching his acting method, but Jack wants t

    Well at last we are back, after a 6 week hiatus (here in Mexico), Will & Grace returns with another good episode, not something great, but good nonetheless. Many have complained that the series is not what it used to be, but I believe that the characters are still as funny as ever, and although the plots are not as consistent, they deliver. As in this episode, it has two funny storylines, one with Grace and Will’s Mom, and the other between Jack, Karen and the imposter, who clearly states that he’s not Brian Dennehy, although it is a great resemblance.
    Firstly, Grace, asks Will how much he is going to leave her in his will, supposedly to be fair and equal, but I’m thinking just curiosity. When Will does not answer, Grace goes to Will’s mom to find out; Will’s mom corrected his will of any typo, because as he states any typo will make him “die… again¡”. To be fair, the funny parts are when Grace is with Will’s Mom, making references to Desperate Housewives and Mom’s drinking problem (“We play a game”, “We have a drink every 5 minutes”). After she founds out how much he is leaving her, she confronts him and he reveals that he is not entirely happy with his live, so he makes a decision that I’m sure will have consequences, specially now that the show has been renewed another season.
    Second, the Jack and Karen storyline, in which they find out that someone is teaching the “McFarland Method of Acting”, after he fled from teaching class with the 6 month payment in-advanced of the students. When he confronts the imposter, he tells Jack that he was his student, and that when Jack took off, he took care of the class. Jack doesn’t remember him and that leads to a very funny flashback: Jack asks the two students that are sitting at the sides of the imposter (sorry, I do not remember his name) to take their shirts off, and tells him to button his shirt up... way to the top. So, realizing he likes giving classes (or so he thinks), Jack, enlists the aid of Karen to recover his group, Karen gets the imposter a part with Stomp and he quits giving classes, but when Jack gives again the class, he reveals that he does not like giving classes, what he likes is being the center of attention.
    So, overall, it is a good episode, it has an acceptable Character Development in Will’s decision, and it has two very funny sequences between Jack and the Imposter, and Grace and Will’s Mom, I like the episode, although it could have been funnier.
  • A bit unexpected!

    A pretty good episode here, while Will & Grace become a little more thoughtful about their lives, Jack and Karen provide the majority of the laughs (as is often the case). Blythe Danner is also a hoot as Will's mum.
    After a funny opening where Jack tries to avoid an old student, Grace realises that her life may end any moment and she has to set up a will. Now this is where Grace often irritates me, she can't just write her own will but has to go to all the trouble of finding out how much Will has left in his for her. And then she's angry when she finds out it's less than she expected. Pretty selfish.
    However there is a reason why Will has only so much put in his will for her. And here in lies a fairly moving moment for the two of them out on the street. Both actors play this very well.
    Then there's the ending which is a bit of a shocker, what's Will gonna do now?

    But back to Jack and Karen, they have a downright hilarious moment where Jack tells Karen he doesn't like teaching his class and the students are all talentless anyway. Then the camera pulls back and all the students are still sitting there. LOL.