Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 5

Grace 0, Jack 2000

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the last appearance of Gregory Hines in the series. Hines had planned to make a return to the show until he became sick in 2002. He passed away in mid 2003.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: I'm a little nervous. I'm breaking up with Ben tonight.
      Karen: What's the problem? He's not gay?

    • Karen: Hey, Wilma, you gotta come with me down to the club, Jack's bombing.
      Will: Of course he's bombing, he doesn't have me to make fun of. Forget it, I'm not gonna put myself in the position to be laughed at again. Same reason I don't throw a ball in front of people.
      Karen: Lord, you're thick. He's bombing because he's miserable. And he's miserable because you're still mad at him. He's sullen, he's morose, he's humorless... oh my god, he's you!

    • Jack: (Wearing a ruffled shirt) What do you think? Too gay?
      Will: Yeah. Definitely. But the shirt's fine.
      Jack: Oh, hold on! I got a cramp from not laughing!

    • Will: So how was your date with Ben?
      Grace: Amazing. We had this fantastic dinner at B.J., then we took one of those hansom cab rides around central park. It was so romantic, it didn't even bother me that the horse's tail kept hitting me in the mouth. Then he walked me home. It started to rain. It was like a movie. It was a perfect evening.
      Will: And now you're breaking up with him.
      Grace: Now I'm breaking up with him.
      Will: What happened? You know, yesterday you were adding milk to your mochacino to show me what pretty colors your kids would be.

    • Grace: Ben, I-I really, really want to break up with you.
      Ben: That's not what you want.
      Grace: Oh, but it is.
      Ben: No, it's not.
      Grace: Stop saying that! Just saying the opposite of what I'm saying is not a legitimate argument.
      Ben: Yes, it is.

    • Grace: We ended having breakup sex. Twice. Ok! three times.
      Will: Let's see. Once, twice, three times... I don't think that makes you a lady.

    • Will: It's really quite a chair, Grace.
      Grace: No.
      Will: It's a Herman Miller.
      Grace: No.
      Will: It's very expensive.
      Grace: No.
      Will: It's got 198 positions.
      Grace: So did Ben and I, but I'm still breaking up with him.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Will: I Object! You're out of order! This whole court is out of order!

      This is a reference to the soliloquy that Al Pacino gives in And Justice for All.

    • Jack: Ms. Hathaway, hold my calls!

      This is a reference to The Beverly Hillbillies where Ms. Jane Hathaway was the secretary to Milburn Drysdale, the president of Commerce Bank.

    • Grace: I assume in this case, you represent the Lollipop Guild?
      A quick and funny reference to the trio of munchkins in The Wizard Of Oz.

    • Will: You're welcome, artist... formerly known as princess.
      A funny reference to Prince, who at one point went by an unpronouncable symbol, and was called "the artist formerly known as Prince."

    • Will: Let's see. Once, twice, three times... I don't think that makes you a lady.

      This is a funny reference to the song "Three Times A Lady" by The Commodores.

    • Jack: You just doubled your pleasure! Now you double my fun! Sing out, Louise!
      A funny double-reference first to the Doublemint Gum ads of the 80's, then to the musical Gypsy.