Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 16

Grace Expectations (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • A go0d lead-up to the season finale.

    I really don't understand how anyone could dislike this episode; it had humor and poignancy and great cohesion that leads up to the finale of this show.

    To address the point of Will and James, did you really think that James was going to be perfect and they would live happily ever after when they had only known each other less than a week? Nothing has ever come so easy - to anyone - and Will is no exception. It is my devout hope - please, please - that he and Jack will realize how much they mean to each other in the end.

    The development with Leo was a great twist, also. I don't think this episode was about cementing the happy ending, it was more about keeping them real and what's more real than pain? In the end, things will work out, but all four characters will have to suffer a bit to reach it.
  • Actually may be the worst episode of Will & Grace of all time...

    This is my all-time favorite sitcom, and for awhile season 8 was looking pretty good ("Von Trapped" was great fun, reminiscent of how things were in seasons 1-4). but now I think they've hit an all-time low.

    The writing is sloppy and out of character. None of the jokes are laugh-out-loud funny, and the Will / James / Grace relationship / marraige was resolved in pretty much the stupidest way possible.

    I'm not saying James had to stay to prove a point, or that the show needed to have Will in this perfect relationship. I just think about anything would have been better than "Oh let's make him be really radomly mean and heartless all of a sudden, and exhibit a nastiness that Will wouldn't have picked up on at all in the hours they must have spent talking in LA, and so because of a few mean things he'll say Will & Grace will peace him out."

    Not believable, interesting, or fun to watch.

    And as a previous reviewer stated none of the actors seemed too into it.

    Hopefully by the finale they'll get on it and end it proper.
  • Could've been a lot better.

    From the beginning of this episode, I was rather bored. It was all too dramatic, and this show is meant to be a comedy! The only reason this episode gets bonus points from me is because of Karen and Jack's hilarious comments. Karen: "Grace, you're going to have a black, jewish baby." and Jack always makes me laugh, especially when he was telling Will about James' selfish deeds. Not my cup of tea I am afraid.
  • Grace's marriage to Will's friend ends quickly...

    This season's stories just haven't been that interesting or really funny. Having some old characters like Ellen come back doesn't really work if Grace/Will have pointed out in previous episodes that they are boring. It just reinforces what the audience may be thinking...In this episode, most of the major actors look bored (check the looks of Megan and Sean in the last 2 episodes!) and the laughter looks forced most of the time. Watching the Grace pregnancy storyline just reminded everyone of the season before (where Deborah was actually pregnant - but Grace wasn't!). So its not really new. And nipping in the bud the Will-Boyfriend storyline so quickly - why start it in the first place? Karen had nothing to do - and Jack's storyline wasn't really funny.
  • James suddenly becomes EVIL?? audience stratches head and kicks TV

    The writers could have done anyone of a million none lazy thing to end the relationship

    but instead the sweet guy from the last few eps becomes a creepy sinster a***e .

    This jeckel /hyde type transformation was one of the stupidiest things about the entire show

    worse than them ignoring messing's pregancy and not even trying to cover it up with clever camera angles

    worse than will's aborted life change

    worse than the hubby that was never there

    granted the show was creatively bankrupt at this point

    and this show stayed about 3 years too long at least

    but this ep is an insult to the viewers

    be not proud
  • Worst episode ever. Apparently "a happy gay couple" cannot exist on television. Why are they taking a U-turn with the relation between Will and James?

    James (will's boyfriend) is now a total jerk. And it's not funny.

    Apparently "a happy gay couple" cannot exist on television. This episode is a total shame.

    After so many years, none of the characters has a decent love-life... Not a very good example!

    Are they gonna turn Will into a heterosexual who will mary grace in the last episode?

    shame, horrible.
  • Absolutely pathetic - Pull the Plug!!

    Who's writing this show now? "Butt-wipe"? "You pile"? Now we're resorting to used toilet paper and hemorrhoids to try and get a laugh?? It's just sad to see this once-great sitcom dragging itself to the finish line wheezing and gasping for its last breath. The jokes are not funny. The plot seems contrived and forced. Even the actors seemed bored and look like they're walking through the motions. This show should have called it a day last year. Instead, it's limping through its final year and going out with a whimper. Cardinal rule of TV: Quit while you're ahead and still on your game (please take note, ER). Overall, just plain bad. How about some writers with more than a junior-high sense of humor for the last few episodes?