Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 7

Gypsies, Tramps & Weed

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on NBC

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  • A 'Series Classic' episode!

    What a great episode. Enough stories for half a season! First there's Grace - she gets a waiter fired, and then hires him through guilt. But he's selling drugs in her shop! When she finds out, she kicks him out - and Karen runs after him (and his drugs)...

    Then there's Will. He goes to a psychic - and she spins him an obvious tale. The scene with the dog barking is funny! But the tale comes true, she tells him more stuff and Will thinks he's fated to be with Jack...which when you look at it is probably true...

    Then Jack...his obsession with Cher and her lookalike doll reaches new heights. He makes the doll sit at the table, he uses her to freak Will out (the scene with Jack in a wedding dress is a comedy classic!) and then he finally meets Cher and thinks she's a drag queen!!! A great scene when Cher slaps Jack and he faints.

    What a great episode. I was laughing all the way through!!!
  • Cher guest stars!

    "Cher: You know, dude, it is a little weird that you're talking to my doll.
    Jack: Um, I don't think I need a drag queen to define normal behavior, ok? But I will say this. The look? (Whispering) It's flawless.
    Cher: Whatever.
    Jack: Ooh, workin' the attitude. Ok, you're good.
    Cher: I've had a lot of practice.
    Jack: Hey, hey, hey! You're not that great, mister sister. All right? I do a better Cher than you.
    Cher: You think so?"

    This episode is a classic in my book just due to Cher's appearance. She is probably the biggest guest star on Will & Grace to this point in the series. Later in the series they start to have too many guest stars though and it gets old, but at this point it is still very fresh. This episode is worth seeing for any Will & Grace fans as well as fans of Cher.
  • This is probably my favorite Will and Grace Episode ever! It was well written and downright hilarious. Also, we had our fabulous guest star, Miss Cher herself.

    This episode started out brilliantly. It was Will's birthday party, and Grace, Jack and Will were all celebrating it at a restaurant. However, all does not go well. Jack buys will ... a Cher doll and Will lets Jack keep it, but will soon regret his mistake. Karen comes but ditches them for 'better people' Grace's present is a gift certificate to see a psychic! Will, finds this all ridiculous but Grace insists that she knew she lived with a gay guy and hated her mother! Will reluctantly agrees. But that is not all, Grace gets into a fight with a waiter and after making a complaint, she gets him fired, and feels horrendously guilty!

    Basically, in the rest of the episode, Grace Adler Designs hires the waiter. And he is getting her a lot of business, or so she thinks. The guys is in fact selling drugs! And when Grace finds out, she no longer feels bad about firing him! Will, goes to the psychic, who is right about everything that happens to him. But, the psychic than says that he will find love with a guy whom he knows, named Jack! Will immeadiately freaks out and leaves!

    But, there is more! Jack's new Cher doll causes problems for Will and Grace! When they go out to lunch they end up waiting for one hour for a table for four in the back so no one notices 'Cher' They leave Jack at the table, and Cher comes on saying 'You know, it is a little freaky that you're talking to my doll' Jack, however, mistakes for a drag queen! I think this episode is hilarious and EXTREMELY smart! Definitely worth seeing! :)
  • Cher finally appears

    Finally after her name had been thrown around so many times, Cher makes her appearance although it is at the end.
    It is kind of funny that Jack is talking to the doll and making sure it has all the luxuries.
    The dialogue between the 2 is hilarious. It would have been even funnier if Jack actually put a wig on but even without it he was still funny.