Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 21

He Shoots, They Snore

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2002 on NBC



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    • Karen: Katie Couric! I can get you Katie Couric!!
      Grace: Katie Couric? Hmm, Katie Couric's good. Everyone's seen the inside of her colon but never the inside of her home...

    • Karen: Oh! I don't know Katie Couric.
      Grace: WHAT? What?!? But you... you lied!
      Karen: Well, honey I had to get out of that apartment. You had murder in your eyes and spinach in your teeth!

    • Karen: Well you said over the phone that you needed me to be your 'T' and 'A'
      Grace: (very slowly) That's "T"..."A" ...for "Teacher's Assistant"
      Karen: Ohhhh! That makes a lot more sense! So where do you want me to take my clothes off?

    • Will: Hey! Hey. It's, um, Ken, isn't it?
      Ken: Yeah, yeah. Uh, this is Will. Uh, the guy I was telling you about.
      Tim: Oh, so you're the gay guy.
      Will: Yeah. Why, are you the torch-wielding villagers?

    • Will: Elliot and I never get to spend any time together. Nice to have the opportunity to get to know him a little before your genetics take over and he turns into a screeching howler monkey.

    • Jack: What was that about?
      Will: I don't know, I think I'm their gay mascot.

    • Will: Hey, wait! What are you talking about? Isn't this what you wanted? A moment?
      Jack: Well, I wanted a good moment, not this one. This one sucks. You take it.

    • Will : Elliot is feeling like a failure right now and you know more about failure than any man I know.
      Jack : Ehehe... you're just saying that.

    • Ken: Is this guy giving you trouble because you're gay?
      Will: It's ok guys, he's a friend of mine.
      Ken: Oh!... ooooh...! He's the wife.

    • Nancy: Hey Elliot!
      Elliot: Hey Nancy! ... How was practice?
      Nancy: Good. Lindsay threw up bacon on the fowl line and then her mom yelled at her because they're Kosher.

    • Grace: Don't leave, ok? All right, look, look, look. Just give me another chance and I promise you will leave here inspired. And I'll buy some beer and my assistant will take her clothes off.
      Karen: Finally!

    • Grace: Look, you, you are the worst assistant on the planet. There are chimp assistants in the Congo who are better than you. Because of you, my phones don't get answered, my faxes don't get faxed, I'm constantly getting mail for Grane Adloaf, but I put up with it, and you know why?
      Karen: Because I'm pretty?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: He Shoots, They Snore

      This is an allusion to and play on words of the famous phrase "He shoots, he scores!", originally coined by hockey commentator Foster Hewitt in 1902, which has become a kind of mantra for successful achievement in just about any field.

    • Will: Hey, lord of the ring dings, I said I'd do it.
      This is an obvious reference to Lord of the Rings.

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