Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 12

He's Come Undone

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 2000 on NBC
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Episode Summary

He's Come Undone
Erotic dreams about Grace send Will to a therapist, who seems more interested in Grace. Meanwhile Jack and Karen clash over her treatment of Rosario.

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  • Love is strange. Freaky dreams about it are even stranger.

    Will can't sleep one night. He tosses and turns, and finally opens his eyes... to see that he is being visited.

    But the newcomer isn't a phantom or other figure of imagination. It's a real person, his best friend Grace. Things start to happen-- wink wink, nudge nudge-- and this is very worrisome for the happily gay Will Truman.

    And then he wakes up.

    What's going on? Is Will beginning to question his orientation? Puzzled, he turns to professional help.

    And the door of hope promptly slams in his face, as all the psychiatrist can do is pester him with questions about how to get the interest of Grace for a date.

    This isn't helping!...

    Meanwhile, Jack tries to stick up for the cleaning lady Rosario, only to find that you can't fight Karen Walker.

    Everything goes topsy-turvy and it's a challenge as to how they'll get back to sanity again.

    Good sleep and good friends are important in life. So, too, is a lock on your door.moreless

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    • Will: You have a way of taking every situation and making it about you.
      Grace: I don't do that!
      Will: Oh, really? Item: last month I had bronchitis, we wound up in the emergency room because you thought you were allergic to eucalyptus!
      Grace: My feet were swollen to the size of canoes!
      Will: Then stop trying to squeeze into a size six! Item: you make my cereal your cereal.
      Grace: I have low blood sugar!
      Will: Try food shopping! Item: you're dating my shrink!

    • Grace: (Softly) Will? Will? (Screams) WILL! I'm sorry, did I wake you?
      Will: It's okay, I had to be up anyway. Some lunatic is in my doorway screaming 'Will'.

    • Rosario: I didn't sign on to work for a decent human being, I signed on to work for Miss Karen.

    • Rosario: Lady, you better sleep with one eye open!
      Karen: Honey I haven't slept since 1972, but thank you!

    • Karen: Jack, let me paint you a little picture of life here at chez Walker. You may want to sit down for this. Nobody matters but me. Good night.

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    • Will: I never thought I would like therapy, you know? 'Cause, I don't know, I've always hated Dr. Laura.

      This is an allusion to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a controversial talk show host who views homosexuality as a biological error.

    • Will: Oh, come on, Frances...

      This is a quick and funny shot at actress gone insane Frances Farmer.

    • Will: Papa, can you hear me?
      A quick reference to the musical Yentl.