Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 7

Homo For The Holidays

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • As Grace said: "Jack, your mother has to know your gay, I mean... she has met you right?"

    This was one hell of a good episode, hilarious to watch, but also felt a connection with Jack, especially the balcony scene with Will, you could tell he was really scared to tell his mother the truth. Jack reluctantly tells her, but his mother has a secret of her own!
  • #207 'H0m0 For The Holidays'

    One of the most amazing episodes yet. Not only is Jack totally like his mother but they're both harboring terrible secrets from each other. Jack still hadn't come out to his mama and she's keeping the identity of his real father for herself. Meanwhile Karen and Grace are about to kill themselves because Jack's mom thinks Grace is her son's ex who got dumped by her son which offends Karen who had previously booked the girlfriend card. Well, this episode was everything but boring. Great one. And Veronica Cartwright was an amazing guest star. (9.5/10)
  • ...Exactly right! :D

    This has been my favorite episode of Will and Grace ever since I saw it.I thought that it was just so hilarious that Jack\'s mother didn\'t know that he was gay.
    As Grace says:\"Jack,your mother doesn\'t know that you\'re gay?...She has met you right?\"I agree with that. I love Jack.He is my favorite character out of the main 4.He is such a hypocrite because he pushed Will to tell his mother that he is gay but I still love him.This really is a classic episode from my favorite tv show of all time.I also love the way that Will manages to help Jack through all of it in the end.
  • Jack's mother doesn't know Jack is gay? It's a far-fetched storyline, but the jokes that come out of it and the performances of the four main characters make for classic episode!

    This episode has been my favorite since it first aired in 1999. "Will & Grace" had many, many funny episodes since this episode aired, but I don't think any episode has compared to this one. I believe "Will & Grace" is best whenever the four main characters are together in a scene, and they are for most of this episode. Well, the fact that Jack's mom is so naive that she never knew that Jack is gay is a little far-fetched, but the jokes that come out of that set-up are top-notch. This really was thirty minutes of continuous laughter.

    Note: I can't believe they never brought back Veronica Cartwright to reprise the role of Jack's mother.