Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 7

Homo For The Holidays

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the opening scene of the episode Grace's nail polish appears and disappears. Also, when inside Will's apartment the door to Grace's apartment is open. When they get into the hallway however, it is shut.

    • LOOK REALLY HARD! Next to the elevator is an escape route plan in case of fires. While the floor plan is acurate to where Will & Grace live, it says the hallway ends just a few feet away from the elevator, and only shows 4 apartments on the floor. We know from prior episodes that there are at least 12 apartments to a floor. But it does confirm that the door in the middle of the hallway is probably a utility closet.

    • In the end credits, Veronica Cartwright is credited as "Judith Mc Farland" instead of "Judith McFarland."

  • Quotes

    • Will: Remember Matt Stokes' party, where we met for the first time? I was in such deep denial about being gay, I think I was about twenty pounds overweight.
      Jack: Thirty.
      Will: Maybe twenty-five.
      Jack: Maybe thirty-five.
      Will: Anyway. You came up to me, we didn't know each other that well yet, you pulled me aside and you said, 'Aren't you tired yet?' And I was tired. Tired of actually reading Playboy for the articles. Tired of hiding my Bette Midler albums in Led Zeppelin sleeves. But you took me to clubs, you introduced me to people. You showed me how much I was missing by not being myself. And I'm thankful for that.
      Jack: I also taught you how to dance without pointing all the time.
      Will: And I'm thankful for that, too. Here's my secret; I admire you, Jack. Because you are more yourself than anybody I'm ever known.
      Jack: Will, I get it, But this would tear my mother apart, I can't just-
      Will: Jack. Aren't you tired yet?

    • Judith: The other benefit of a dry run is I powerwalk the whole time while clenching my buttocks, like so. Now you can't tell I'm doing anything, but my ass sure can.
      Grace: Like mother, like son.

    • Judith: Yello! Hot dish comin' through...and she's carryin' a casserole!
      Grace: Who's that?
      Will: Jack's mom.

    • (Jack storms out of the room)
      Grace: I don't think I've seen him this upset since they hired a female urologist at the free clinic.

    • Grace: One time, Judith caught him in bed with a guy, and Jack convinced her that they were doing a school check for lice.
      Karen: Oh.
      Grace: And when she caught him wearing her high heels, he said it was because they helped him with an inner-ear problem.
      Karen: Ah.
      Grace: And he also told her that I am his ex-girlfriend.
      Karen: And she bought that?!

    • Karen: So Jack's gay...(To Grace, after they were pretending he had slept with both Karen and Grace) No wonder he went back to you.

    • Judith: You must be Grace! Jack said you were sort of funny.
      Grace: Yes, I'm Grace. Jack said I was funny?
      Judith: No... he said you were sort of funny.

    • Karen: Oh, alright. I'm thankful that I found a pharmacologist that is as dumb as a box of hair. And my secret is (to Grace) Jack and I were doing the dirty dirty while you two were still together!

    • Grace: Jack, you know we'll always treasured what we had together. All I ask is that when you speak of me later, and I know that you won't... please be kind.
      Jack: Get over, Grace, you already have one gay husband. Leave me be.

    • Will: You told me you took an oath before god and your mother that you never deny who you are!
      Jack: I lied!
      Will: You told me some elaborate story about how you came out to her as a way of avoiding pee-wee football!
      Jack: I lied!
      Will: You forced me to come out to my own mother! You teased me and you pressured me and you even left a copy of "The Sensuous Gay Man" on her washing machine!
      Jack: I lied! I'm a bad man now leave me alone with my shame!!

    • Will: Hey, woman on the verge..what's going on?
      Jack: Will, I don't have the same relationship with my mother as you do with yours!
      Grace: You never picked up her brassieres?
      Will: (looks at Grace) We don't need that, thank you.

    • Judith: Oh, God. That table setting's exquisite, like it's fit for a queen.
      (Pause, Will, Grace and Karen look at each other)
      Karen: (To Will and Grace) Uh, you gonna take this one, or should I?

    • (Jack turns to leave, after admitting he has not told his mother he is gay)
      Grace:: (Seductively) Hello, lover.
      (Jack turns the other way)
      Will: Wrong way. Closet's in there.


    • Jack: I didn't even know you when I made up that lie
      Karen: Oh yeah, well when you met me, you should have broken up with her and hooked up with me!
      Jack: You're married! I'm gay!
      Karen: Not in the lie!

    • Grace: On some level, your mother has to know you're gay. I mean she has met you right?
      Will: Yeah, ha ha...
      Grace: We're all here for you, ok? Right, Karen?
      Karen: (Pushing Jack) Why wasn't I your girlfriend, queer bait?

    • (Jack's mom gets in the elevator after doing a test run with a casserole.)
      Judith: And I think it's terrific that you and Jack stayed friends even after he dumped you.
      Grace: Dumped me? What are you talking about, Jack's a hom-- (Elevator door closes) Ho-ooh my god! She has no idea!

    • Judith: (To Jack) Well, you always were very fond of the nursery rhyme, 'Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men In A Tub!'

    • Jack: There. I am now calm.
      (Knock at the door)
      Judith: Hello.
      Jack: Sarah Jessica Parker, hide me!

    • Karen: I think you're missing the silver lining here. When you're old and in diapers, a gay son will know how to keep you away from chiffon and backlighting.

    • Grace: Hmmm. Well, you've come on a good night. Jack's mother is going to be joining us, and she doesn't know Jack's gay.
      Karen: How could she not know? What is she, headless?

  • Notes

    • On the packaging for the Season 2 DVD, this episode is incorrectly titled as "Home For The Holidays". However, on the episode menu for the DVD itself, the title is correct.

    • Ratings: 19.14 million viewers

      This episode attracted the largest audience in the show's two-year history, topping the previous record of 19.08 million established with the season one episode, "Grace, Replaced." It also scored a season-high adults 18-49 rating, 8.8/22, retaining a solid 99% of its Frasier lead-in.

    • This episode was part of NBC's Must See TV Thanksgiving Thursday.

    • Sean Hayes selected this episode and "Acting Out" as his tapes for Emmy consideration this season. Hayes won.

  • Allusions

    • Grace: What were his exact words again? Oh, yes--'My Harold And Maude phase is over'.

      Harold And Maude is a 1971 movie about a 20 year-old man obsessed with death who takes up with a 79 year-old woman.

    • Will: Hey, woman on the verge, what's going on?

      This is an allusion to Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown the 1988 Pedro Almodovar movie.

    • Will: My god. This is like watching Gays of Our Lives.

      A reference to the long-running daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

    • Will: Luke, you are a homo!
      Cheap and funny reference to the film Star Wars.

    • Karen: Wilma. Will: Cruella.
      The nicknames Will and Karen have given each other are references to Wilma from The Flintstones and Cruella from One Hundred and One Dalmatians.