Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 06, 2003 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Jack suffers Karen's wrath when he is seduced into friendship with her manipulative British romantic rival, who has set up house with Karen's ex-husband. Meanwhile, Will and Grace try to re-connect their lagging friendship with a competitive night of board games with their friends.

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  • In this episode we learn the basis of their relationship.

    At the start of this episode, we find out that Will and Grace aren't "connecting" anymore. When they're together they don't know whats going on in each others lives and because of that have nothing to do together. For example: when they get together for a little party, Grace brings cheese for "cheese night". Will informs her he has been "off dairy" for 2 months. When Will pulls out a video and suggests "movie night". Grace tells Will that she has already seen that movie with Leo. But just at the end of the episode (while they're losing horribly to Joe, Larry, Bob and Ellen) they realise whats wrong. They discover they have to check up with each other about everything. They go back inside and win game night with only 3 seconds to go.moreless

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    • Jack: (to Lorraine) Let's face it, it would take four of your boobs to equal one of hers.
      Karen: Oh poodle, do you mean it?
      Jack: Of course, your boobs are huge!
      Lorraine: Mine will be, too a week from Monday.

    • Jack: Kar, during all my struggles, you've constantly been partially there for me. Is there anything I can pretend to do for you now?

    • Jack: So it's....it's ok?
      Karen: Oh, cutie! Of course it is! Come here you!
      (Karen walks towards Jack arms outstretched, but instead of hugging Jack she puts him in a head lock)
      Karen: (shouts) You back-stabbing boy bitch! You are never, NEVER to see her again, do you hear me? You stay away from that London hog or I'll put fish hooks in your nipples and fly you off the Chrysler building, you got that?!
      (Karen throws Jack on the floor and puts one foot on him)
      Karen(sighing): Why do you make me do this to you?

    • (opening window and yelling)
      Karen: Stanley Walker is a dirty pig and I hope he rots in hell.

    • Karen: Come on, Jackie. (to Lorraine) You listen to me, little missy. You may have taken my steer, but I'll be damned if you're gonna take my queer! (To Jack) Come on!

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    • Will: Bangs.
      Grace: Nancy McKeon.
      Will: Yes!

      This is a reference to the series Facts Of Life where Nancy McKeon played Jo, a tomboy who almost always wore her hair in bangs and a ponytail.