Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Grace is working in her office when Jack walks in holding a letter that Grace wrote that was supposed to be mailed by Karen. Jack says he has a big problem with it. Grace is shocked and says that doing that is terrible unless they are doing it to Will. Jack invites her over to his apartment to work on it, but Grace says she has plans with Will. Karen then walks in and over to the window and shouts about how much she hates Stan. Grace asks what's wrong and Karen rages about Stan and his new mistress.

Grace comes into Will's apartment carrying a bag and begins to talk. Grace puts the bag on the table and pulls cheese out of it. Will reveals that he has been off dairy for two months. Grace is slightly disappointed. Will grabs a video from the table and suggests a "movie night". Grace says that she already saw that movie with Leo. Will looks disappointed but recovers and says now they have the whole night to talk. They sit down smiling at each other but don't say anything. They then slowly and awkwardly turn away from each other with their smiles fading.

Jack walks in smiling to Karen's closet. He picks up a box and starts looking through it. Lorraine steps out and starts talking to Jack. Jack doesn't realize it's Lorraine and asks what Lorraine looks like. Lorraine lists her attributes and Jack realises it's her. He turns to leave but Lorraine asks if Jack is a dancer. Jack skips back in and begins talking to her. He tries to resist but eventually gives in and stays.

Karen walks into Graces office and shows concern that Will and Grace aren't connecting anymore. Grace wants to know how Karen knew that and Karen reveals that she read it in a letter Grace wrote to Leo. Grace is annoyed with Karen but begins talking about how she is worried about her relationship with Will. Karen suggests that they do something which gets them the most excited. Grace realizes a game night would be perfect. She decides to have one and leaves the office.

Jack walks into Grace's office and up to Karen carrying a box. Karen thanks him and he turns to leave. Karen calls him back. Jack spins around and bursts into a confession about spending the day with Karen's rival Lorraine. Jack asks if its okay and Karen says of course it is. She walks towards him with the impression of giving him a hug but grabs him and puts him in a head lock. She shouts that he better stay away from Lorraine or else. She then throws him on the floor.

Jack and Will are in Will's apartment. Jacks is debating going with Lorraine or staying with Karen. Will is preparing for game night. Jack asks about the game night and Will explains how it works. He then explains that he is doing this night to try to fix his and Grace's relationship.

The game night starts. Joe, Larry, Rob and Ellen are all sitting down looking up a Will and Grace trying to win their round. It's going badly for them. Grace guesses all the wrong answers and they lose the round.

Karen walks into her closet and addresses Lorraine. They begin insulting each other. Karen demands to know where Jack is. Lorraine says he is not here and tells Karen to leave. She says she will be leaving but that she is taking one little thing with her. She walks over to a clothes rack with lots of clothes on it and pulls Jack out from where he was hiding behind it. She leads Jack to the door but Lorraine calls him back. He walks slowly back to Lorraine. But then Karen calls him back to her. He runs back and forward as Lorraine and Karen call for him to come until he shouts for them to stop. He chooses to stay with Karen. He and Karen leave the room. Jack edges sneakily back in the room and tells Lorraine that if Karen dies, he will call her.

It's the final round of game night and it's Will and Graces turn. Grace can't get the right answer so Will calls a timeout. They go into the hall and Will protests that they can't lose. Grace says that they have lost their mojo. Will says in their case, their homojo. Grace says that she said the exact same thing earlier that day. They both realise what they were missing in their relationship. They go back inside with only three seconds to win. Will gives only one clue and Grace gets it straight away. They both win and hug.

Jack, Grace and Karen are sitting down in Wills apartment with Grace in the middle of the three. She is reading aloud a letter Will wrote to Justin Timberlake. Jack and Karen are both laughing hysterically. Grace finishes reading and all three of them throw their heads back and laugh. Will walks in unnoticed by the three and asks what they are laughing at. They all stop laughing instantly. Karen says that they are laughing at nothing while Grace throws the letter behind her.