Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 4

Humongous Growth (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2002 on NBC

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  • That's it? THe feud is over!!!!! WHat the .....

    I was rather disappointed by this episode and with the writers. THe episode before this one ended with this huge fight that could have shattered a mountain and then this one is shown and I am thinking " WHat in the hell were they thinking?"

    YOu dont write such a good and huge fight only to have the problem resolved in the next episode. THat is a huge no-no in my book. THe fight was pretty much pointless due to the size of it. THe fight was epic and should have taken way longer to mend. I get the fact that this is called "will and Grace" and if they arent speaking it contradicts with the premise but come on people no one solves problems that quickly in the real world. THere should have been at least one episode in between to show how both of them are handling the break up.

    Anyway the episode is basically this scheme to get Will and Grace in the same room. WHo hatches this plan? Why of course it would Karen and Jack. They play really stupid when deciding how to get the couple back together. Ok I have watched this show every season but I think both fo them would have gotten the idea to bring them to the party a bit quicker. It was funny watching think over their dilemma but they were really dumb.

    JAck taunts Will witht he idea of going. At first he turns it down but then Jack plays the best friend card and convinces Will to ensure himself he get the best friends from the break up. He makes some weird joke about Guiliani and his wife. Karen also tricks Grace into going, doing the same thing Jack did.

    Will adopted a panda for Hannah. Yeah thats a great gift for a child who cant even appreciate it yet. I totally get why he did it, its actually cute but the kid was like 5 and couldnt appreciate it even if she saw the damn thing in front of her. Grace buys her the fancy, girly gift. JAck and Karen think they have succeeded but Grace and Will seem reluctant to talk.

    Will tries to butter up Joe while Grace butters up Larry. ANd wow did Larry look really uncomfortable when she was feeling him up. JAck and Karen realize they have faile din their attempts to get them back together. In omne scene KAren looks like a cat and if you pay close attention, Karen rubs her head like a cat before the editors cut the scene. It was a funny touch.

    Eventually K and J trick W and G into one of those annoying air filled castle things. I always hated those things and the putting them in their wasnt cute and hardly entertaining. THe make up talk wasnt written as good as the fight. It boils down to Will is really dependent on Graces eggs and that Grace has a ton of options for children. Will calls it quits but wishes Grace all the luck with Leo. I think he said that because he knew it would get her attention. Anyway they make up for real and hug. It was a nice scene but wow was I mad when they decided to make the fight last not even for an episode. Huge mistake. THats why the score is so low. I was that mad, and I still am. It is just stupid to fix a breakup like that so quickly. You only see that on those crappy teen dramas. It was still a good episode.