Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 9

I Never Promised You An Olive Garden

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 1999 on NBC

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  • I love Will & Grace more than any show but this episode is not my favorite storyline.

    Their were some parts I like and didn't like so I loved the part when after Will & Grace went to that club and Will was walking out of his room saying "Ouch" "Ouch" over again and he had those glasses on and then he fell down the stairs again and said "Ouch" LOL!. But I think it was rude for Rob & Ellen too ask to go to another Restaurant and if you ask me Rob & Ellen are spoiled big time and I myself would not be that rude. And why did Ellen have to call the British guy and his girlfriend "The Weirdos"?. So I still love Will & Grace but this episode is not all that great. So I give this episode 1 out of 6 stars.
  • Will & Grace try to be Frasier.

    As I watching this episode I kept wondering what was wrong, ... and then I got it. The plot line about Will & Grace trying to hide their plans from their "old" friends, running in and out of rooms, was very reminiscent of several Frasier episodes, the big difference, however, being that the writers on Frasier proved to be masters at farce. Their scene construction abilities could not be improved. The situation on this episode verged on the embarassing (and I hate comedy of embarassment). So I couldn't wait for the story to move back to Jack and Karen's adventures. Those scenes were mostly collections of one-liners.
  • Will & Grace want to try some new things and Karen enlists Jack's assistance for a parent teacher conference.

    Here is a fine example of the episode layout where Karen and Jack play off of their chemistry (and do it so well) and Will & Grace have their own subplot. This is also when there is no subplot connecting the two stories. A brief interaction is all that exists to keep the show from devloving into the Will & Grace show and the Karen & Jack show. However we get a chance to see the amazing chemistry that Karen & Jack share when they are interacting with one another. We get to see that Karen's cruelty exempts no one (not even Jack) but we get to see Jack experience some personal growth. Of course the dilemnia that Will & Grace experience is one that all friends can relate to. It's called a slump and the humor attached to it depicts so well that human discourse of what do you do when you want to try something new but your current friends don't. It's a little wacky and farefetched and within moments of the Apartment/Elevator scene you know a screw-up/mistake is coming. However you can't help but sit back and watch as the two friends embarass themselves in front of new friends while insulting the old ones.