Will & Grace

Season 7 Episode 24

Kiss & Tell (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 2005 on NBC

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  • Will & Grace has gone overboard with its guest stars.

    Despite some recent inspired guest-star choices (see Lily Tomlin and Sharon Stone), Will & Grace has gone overboard on featuring marquee-level guests. Was it really necessary to bring in Alec Baldwin, Seth Green, and Eric Stoltz for this finale? They're all good actors but their familiar faces are distracting, along with the fact that we know they're not going to be around long. Hollywood must be loaded with talented comic actors that need the work and the exposure more. And if it's guest stars they want, here's the list they should be working from - Woody Harrelson, Parker Posey, and Molly Shannon. Especially since the next season may be its last. Why not bring back some of the characters that were so fun the first time around.

    As for the storyline, the cliffhanger was a good one, and very unexpected. How they'll pull it off in the next season will be worth watching. It's also been good to see Grace getting back to work in her studio. But if she has to be set up with someone I would prefer to see a second chance given to Woody Harrelson, if he'd even do it. As for Jack, they should slip Parker Posey back in as a boss or co-worker at his tv job.
  • Definitely not the best season finale

    This was an alright episode, it wasn't really that good or funny and I felt that there were a few problems and it will be difficult to bring the story back to 'normal' for season 8.
    The Jack and Karen storyline was nice. They would've been very funny presenting together and it was understandable how Jack reacted to this idea. I felt the end was a little too sugary sweet and didn't really make an impression on me. Will's storyline was a little strange. His delay in working out that this job was a scam, shows how much of a parody the character has become. The cliffhanger was interesting but a little bit desperate I feel.
    Graces storyline was a little out of character especially as what she did was how her marriage ended and I didn't feel that the writers did enough to emphasise this. It was nice however to see her actually working again.

    Overall it was a disappointing season finale from W&G but not the worst episode this season.
  • oh my gahh...

    oh my gahhh.... i can not believe this episode its just amazing and when i say episode i do actualy mean the end cliff hanger the episode as a whole has classic will and grace humer but the end is outta this world the script writters must of had a massive brain wave coz its so unexpected.
  • Alec Baldwin as Malcolm

    Malcom: I work for the government. We are protecting a very important individual who has requested your services. He wants your help.
    Will: Who?
    Malcom: Open that door and find out.
    Will: Why don't you just tell me?
    Malcom: Well that wouldn't be very dramatic now, would it?
    Will: Ahh you make a good point.