Will & Grace

Season 6 Episode 2

Last Ex To Brooklyn

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • Chompers, the Earl of Puppydom.

    I absolutely loved that little dog...or what looked like something a dog threw up. He was adorable!

    Grace: I'm not mad. And I'll tell you why I'm mad. Because I'm not mad.
    Will: You're not making any sense.
    Grace: Oh! And all of the sudden, you're the Vice President of "Things That Make Sense"?
    Will: Why vice president?
    Grace: Because Leo's president. Deal with it.
  • Leo's ex shows up - but Grace becomes jealous of Will...

    This episode is fantastic. Diane (played by Mira) is a great character. She is Leo's ex but also slept with Will! Grace goes bonkers when she hears this - and there are many great scenes with Grace, Diane, Will and Leo. The best scene is Diane telling Will that she only ever had an orgasm with him - and Leo is shocked! Hysterical scene!!! Even Karen gets into the picture - making sure to top up Diane's glass of wine - so maybe she can get some action herself - and pass on the little dog too...
  • Hilarious! :D

    This is one of the funniest episodes of Will & Grace that I have ever seen. It is just so hilarious to think that Will actually had sex with a woman and it wasn't Grace. I just love how jealous and mad Grace gets but just won't admit to Will or Leo: Leo:Grace are you jealous?
    Grace:No I'm not jealous and I'll tell you why I'm jealous because I'm not jealous.
    Leo:You're not making any sense.
    Grace:oh and suddenly you're the president of things that make sense now?
    Will:"Are you mad?"
    Grace:"No I'm not mad and I'll tell you why I'm mad because I'm not mad."
    Will:"That doesn't make any sense."
    Grace:"Oh and suddenly you're the vice president of things that make sense?"
    Will:"Why vice president?"
    Grace:"Because Leo's the president,deal with it!"
    Will:"What's wrong with you?"
    Grace:"Oh I don't know,maybe I should just sleep with Diane,that seems to be the cure for everything.DINNER!"

    I just love all of those lines so much.Everytime I see that episode,those parts just make me crack up.
  • Great Episode

    Will and Grace, yet another great episode. This episode had lots of unexpected twists and turns. I would have never guessed that Diane was the only girl Will has ever slept with. Also that Grace was more jealous of Will and Diane then Leo and Diane. Karen and Jack as always were hilarious too with their little chompers. When Leo states that Will couldn’t find a g-spot with Yahoo maps and Jack and Karen respond with Yahooooo!.... Also how Grace wasn't salting she was assaulting because she was so mad that Will slept with Diane rather than her...This show is just the best there is on Tv!!
  • Great episode!

    Leo invites his ex to a dinner with his wife, and all of her friends, when she arrives, Grace seems to like her very much, but later it turns out that Diane was the only woman that Will ever slept with. What a cool episode was this one, is one of my all time favorite of WIll and Grace.
  • Amazing acting, hilarious plot and just keeps getting better!

    This ep is one of my favorite, if not "the" fave one! Everybody is so natural on this episode. They're all funny, dramatic and what the hell of "cute little dog" is that??? Oh, i want one of those! Anyway, Will & Grace is always with specials guest, but Mira Sorvino just make this ep special! She was amazing, so much that even Karen couldn't hold herself. You don't know what's better, MIRA OR MEGAN... Maybe both, as Karen try many times! Only Jack was a little hiden... but it's ok, afterall, the show is called WILL & GRACE... so ...
  • Grace meeting the only girl Will\'s ever slept with! Watch out i smell laughter, i smell anger, i smell comedy gold and a series classic.

    Will and Grace are back again in comedy gold!! Could this episdoe be any funnier. I mean. It's my favourite episode in the entire show. I love it to bits. Will meeting Diane, the only girl he slept with, and Grace finding out. She was so funny getting all angry at Will. It was so funny i almost wet my pants watching it. I love Will and Grace forever. Also Jack and Karen when Leo said "Will couldn't find a g-spot with Yahoo maps" and then Jack and Karen say "Yahooooo!" I was laughing so hard my face went so red. And Karen giving off her creepy bisexual vibe was just amazing. Also when Jack said "And we'll be right back. We're talking with swings both ways Leo" as if he was a talk show host was just pure jenious. I'm amazed at how well this show is written. Also when Diane says "I know i don't have to drink to have sex but it just makes it better" and then we see Karen's arm lean across the screen and fill her glass is just why Will and Grace will forever be a classic amazing comedy!!! More! More! More!
  • Leo invites his ex to dinner and Grace turns into a not so friendly hostess.

    Leo invites his ex to dinner. All is going well until the arrival of Will, Jack and Karen. It is then revealed that Will slept with Leo's ex.

    This is a hilarious episode. Grace turns into the green-eyed monster at finally meeting the only woman that Will ever slept with.

    It gets even crazier when Will's ex reveals that the one night stand with Will was a night she can't forget.

  • When Leo invites his ex-girlfriend to a dinner party, Grace invites the gang to fill out the guest list and keep the night running smoothly. But once it comes out that Leo's ex is the one girl with whom Will had sex, Grace is consumed by jealousy.

    From the opening scene at the coffee shop, it’s evident that the actors are in synch and are working from each other’s energy to produce a maximum amount of laughs. By the time the opening credits roll, I’d already busted a gut laughing so hard. The quality continues when we get to the dinner party, and Grace meets Diane, Leo’s ex-girlfriend. The two women immediately connect:

    GRACE: Hi. You must be Diane. I'm Grace.
    DIANE: Hi. Uh-oh. Awkward moment. New wife meets the ex-girlfriend.
    GRACE: You think he traded down, I think he traded up.
    DIANE: You're a gorgeous redhead, I'm an adorable blonde. But we know we have something in common... brown hair.

    Even Leo gets some laughs in this scene (and throughout the episode, which is something his character rarely provided).

    The real fun begins when Will, Jack, and Karen arrive at the party and everyone begins having some wine and as soon as the introductions have been made, the bomb drops: Diane and Will had sex together, an encounter about which Grace Adler knew nothing! The episode becomes a web of jealousy and gloat—Grace is jealous of Diane for having had sex with Will, Diane is jealous of Grace because she has something meaningful with Will, Leo is jealous of Will because the two women are sparring over Will, Will gloats the fact that two straight women are sparring over him and not Leo—meanwhile Jack and Karen provide non-stop laughter throughout the "love quadrangle":

    WILL: I made these kabobs for Grace once. She totally fell in love with the recipe.
    GRACE: Liar! How could I fall in love with your kabobs? I've never had them. Diane had your kabobs. But apparently, I wasn't good enough for your kabobs.
    LEO: Wait. Why do you care that Diane's had Will's kabobs, but you don't care that she's had mine and I've had hers?
    JACK: Silly. Diane is a girl. She doesn't have kabobs. She has a kagina.
    KAREN: And nice katits.

    "Last Ex to Brooklyn" showcases how twisted romantic (or sexual) relationships can be in and of themselves, let alone when they begin to intermingle with other relationships. Also, this story invokes extreme cattiness from Grace because she’s confronted with another women who poses a threat to her relationship with Will. To me, this episode was far superior than "Dames at Sea," the season opener which aired the previous week, and it certainly was the highlight of the entire sixth season, which suffered from Debra Messing’s limited on-screen time due to her pregnancy. Every aspect of the episode—intriguing story, surprise plot twist, comedic timing, excellent writing—makes it a quintessential episode. And when I think about the best episodes of WILL & GRACE, this one comfortably rests amongst the top five. Its original airdate was back in Autumn 2003 and it’s still saved to my TiVo—I just can’t bring myself to part ways with it!