Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 5

Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on NBC



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    • Grace: (to Will about why they took HIV tests) Well, we figured since we're not sleeping with anyone else--
      Nathan: We're not? When did that start?
      Grace: Love the jokes about you not being faithful, sweetie. They slay me.

    • Karen: Well, Grace, you have to work to keep men interested in sex.
      Grace: How do you keep Stan interested?
      Karen: Oh, I exercise.
      Grace: I've never once seen you exercise.
      Karen: Oh, it's not in any place you can see.
      Grace: What? I mean, what kind of exercise..(Realising from Karen's facial expression)..Ohh!
      Karen: Yeah. I'm doing 'em right now.

    • Nathan: Do you think it says something about me that I like to have sex that much? I mean, do you think it's weird?
      Karen: Honey, of course not. It's not weird. It just means that you're not that interesting and sex is really all you have to offer.
      Nathan: What?
      Karen: Come on, oh wait a minute, don't take it like that! Come here, come here. Listen to me. I just meant that sex is all you have to offer. Ok, better? Ok?

    • Will: What happened to the job at Banana Republic? Have you abandoned the banana? That's so unlike you.
      Jack: The banana is dead to me. Too gay – bad for my image.
      Will: Got fired?
      Jack: Little bit!

    • Grace: Karen? I wanna ask you something, but it's really personal and I'm afraid you're going to be insensitive.
      Karen: Oh honey. That makes me feel bad. Try me.
      Grace: Ok. Do you think it's weird, that I've had more partners but less actual sex than Nathan?
      Karen: No! No honey. That just means that people like having sex with Nathan, and they don't like having sex with you.
      Grace: I can't believe I hesitated to ask you about that.
      Karen: Oh relax, honey, I didn't mean it like that. Of course I didn't. Listen to me! I just meant that people don't like having sex with you, ok?

    • Will: Yeah? Well Karen told me that Christmas celebrates the birth of our Lord Cartier!

    • Will: Straight people are so crazy...

    • Grace: Take me.
      Nathan: I am not a piece of meat, talk to me.
      Grace: I don't want to talk!
      Nathan: I don't want to have sex!
      Will: I don't want you in my livingroom!

    • (Will, Jack, and Karen are playing cards.)
      Will: It's to you Karen.
      Karen: Gin!
      Will: We're playing poker.
      Karen: I know what we're playing. I was ordering. Now come on, mama's dry!

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    • Title: The title is an allusion to a poster used during WWII "Loose lips sink ships", which warned people to watch what they said in case there were German sabateurs present. This was one of the many slogans used during wartime.

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