Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 5

Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Grace: Karen? I wanna ask you something, but it's really personal and I'm afraid you're going to be insensitive.
      Karen: Oh honey. That makes me feel bad. Try me.
      Grace: Ok. Do you think it's weird, that I've had more partners but less actual sex than Nathan?
      Karen: No! No honey. That just means that people like having sex with Nathan, and they don't like having sex with you.
      Grace: I can't believe I hesitated to ask you about that.
      Karen: Oh relax, honey, I didn't mean it like that. Of course I didn't. Listen to me! I just meant that people don't like having sex with you, ok?