Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 6

Love is in the Airplane

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • Grace's Leo is back...?

    When I saw the commercial that Grace would see Leo on the airplane, I just had to watch this episode. It was a pretty funny episode, and we got to see some "closure" for Grace. I didn't want them to get back together. I don't like Leo so much. He cheated on her, so that tells all. Karen and Rosario are finally back together, just like old times. The thing with banana, hilarious! It was a cool episode, can't wait for the next one.
  • The best episode of the season so far.

    I can not find anything bad about this episode at all. When I first saw the commercial for it showing Grace and Leo kissing, I was dreading that they would be getting back together. I loved how Grace was strong enough to let him go at the end of the episode. The Jack and Karen storyline in this episode was amazing in my opinion. Seeing Karen replace Rosario with Leni, I definitely had a feeling that that situation wouldn't last, and I was so glad when Karen re-hired Rosario, because it's just not the same without the two of them together. Hopefully this episode is a sign of extraordinary episodes to come so the series can end with a bang.
  • Why do i feel like they got the old writers back ?!

    After all this time, will and grace werent doing well.. i mean the writings were so bad before.. but Finnaly thanks to " love is in the airplane" we here finnaly got to laugh so hard.
    Well i think that they should just keep the show funny just like they did last week.
  • Finally the show is getting better. I was a bit tired of the characters all being so nasty to each other and themselves. I am a big fan of the relationship between Karen and Rosario.

    This show has consistantly been better this year. Perhaps the writers have realized you have to have characters to care about, for a while the characters were just too nasty. I hope Leo and Grace end up together. Please more episodes like this. Rosario rocks. She should be given more screen time.
  • After all the average episodes of "Will & Grace", this one has come as a medicine! Anyway, I always watch the series whether it's bad or not.

    After all the average episodes of "Will & Grace", this one has come as a medicine! Anyway, I always watch the series whether it's bad or not.

    We watched "slutty" Grace flirting with Leo, her sloppy outlook on red eye had changed as soon as she saw Leo but it is worth, she looks amazing! She is totally hot! And another "slutty" one, Will flirts with two hosts on the plane and later on he found out that they are lovers! In New York, Jack planned to get Rosario her job (Karen's "soul maid") and fire the new psycho British maid! They all got their old performances back and i hope they would keep it till the end.

    Be aware of "banona"!lol!
  • Not that bad!

    I recently attended two episodes of W&G, one of which was this one, where Grace runs into Leo. It's revealing because Grace reveals how she's no longer mad at Leo for cheating on her, but she decides that they should move on, because he's always going to be the guy who has to go off somewhere. And funny, she decided this after she slept with him.

    Meanwhile, Karen reveals she doesn't miss Rosie (hint: she really does), and in the end Rosie is hired back and that bitch maid got fired.

    However: the show still needs some fine-tuning if they want to keep the ratings up during their final season.
  • This episode was very cute, not enough Leo. I was too sad when they decided not to see london together!

    I loved all the flirting and all the flight attendant stuff, and the buh-naw-nuh part,all the little bits that made me laugh. I loved when Will got anyhting he wanted because if there was a \"Will\" there was way. What saddened me was there was not enough Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Harry Connick Jr, so I was utterly depressed when they didn\'t go see London, or anything. I know she had his baby and they got back together, but I was still sad. I wish more WAG episdoes could be mroe like this, unlike the worst episode ever, the stupid, plotless, and pathetic finale.