Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 6

Love Plus One

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2000 on NBC

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  • Grace wrestles with the idea of a three-some and Will anonomously helps Jack make the move on an unsuspected customer.

    This was the best of the whole series. Both skits were hilarious. I taped them and watched them over and over. Not only the skits were great but the guest stars, Jeremy Privin and Patrick Dempsey, were great. I sometimes wonder if this particular show was responsible for propelling those two stars into the success they now enjoy. I will admit that Will and Grace lost their lustre toward the end but most of their shows were too good not to watch. I still catch all the reruns that I can. And if I can not, then I record them.
  • grace's ex-boyfriend is back in town for a booty call, but this isn't the booty call she was expecting; meanwhile jack has a new job and there is a very hot guy that keeps coming in that jack likes but he cant speak around

    oh my gosh how fabulously perfect (i know im making up words)..was this ep..it was so awesome..patrick dempsey was in it and he played a gay guy which was fab..so funny seeing him in that role..and then the whole jack being nervous around guys? that was a weird thing..i mean hes so energetic and everything and always out there..so when will helps and the guy turns out to like will..that was funny and jack didnt care b/c she moved on..and grace w/ the three-way thing was so funny..she was nervous and it was funny what karen and will brought up and laughed about her doing it..i was laughing too and then she was totally nervous about the whole thing and it didnt even work out lol
  • One of the best episodes in the series!

    This episode had me laughing out loud one multiple occasions. The scene in Jack's work where he is trying to hit on Patrick Dempsey's character is sheer brilliance. I could not stop laughing during that. Jack made a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference which I found hilarious being an enormous fan of the show. In a series that is full of many stand-out episodes this one stands out even further than most of the rest. It is one of my ten favorite Will & Grace episode without a doubt and seems to have gotten a good response from the average viewer as well. Check this one out for sure, you will not regret doing so.
  • Grace becomes involved in a threesome while Jack chases a guy in his store...

    Fantastic episode that keeps everyone laughing. Jack is after some smart guy (played by Patrick Dempsey) but he needs help from Will. This leads to a great scene where Jack repeats what Will is saying on his microphone to the Dempsey character - and many mistakes are made...great acting by all! The other story with Grace being invited by her ex-boyfriend (played by Jeremy Piven) to participate in a threesome is also a riot. Grace also has a few good scenes with Karen/Will about the whole affair - the best is when Karen tells her she's leaving "because the room is ripe with filth". Very funny episode with everyone at their best - including the guest stars.