Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 8

Lows In The Mid-Eighties

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2000 on NBC

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  • Hands down the best episode in the series.

    This is without reasonable doubt my favorites Will & Grace episode of all-time. Flashback episodes can either be great or dreadful and this is certainly an example of the former. We learn so much that previously we had been wondering about. Most notably, Will and Grace's past. It is a very funny, emotional and just overall great story. The writing and acting in this episode are flawless. The writers know the actors so well and the chemistry between the ensemble just clicks in this episode. It sucks that Karen is not in the same flashback sequence, but since she did not know the other characters then she couldn't be. Still though, this is a series classic and an absolute must-see.
  • Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen go to a restaraunt and meet a girl in a relationship with a closeted homosexual. Will and Grace then share with her the story of how they met and went through Will\'s coming out of the closet.

    This is one of my favorite episiodes. It is very well written, very comical, and very emotional. My favorite part of this episode was the very end, where we see the present Will and Grace make up, then the 1985 Will and Grace make up. Of course, I love any episode with Bobbie Adler. And Jack in the 80s is something no Will and Grace fan should miss. And then, of course, Karen in the 80sis also unmissable. I loved Karen\\\'s dillema over marryinga married man. And I love the way Karen and Rosario\\\'s relationship started off. I believe that any Will and Grace fan would enjoy this episode.
  • "Lows in the Mid-Eighties" is a moving flashback to the early friendship of the two leads and their inner circle.

    Sweet and funny look back on the college days of the title characters. Will struggles with his identity, trying to keep it secret from Grace. He makes a promise he won’t be able to keep.

    We also get to meet the other mainstays: Jack, the carefree partygoer (now there’s a shock); Karen, the danger to herself and others; Rosario, who is not to be messed with; and Will’s friends Rob and Ellen.

    Will wants to keep Grace’s friendship, but lets some important words fly during a close moment and has to consider living a lie. How can he stay on track without breaking her heart, and his own?
  • A hilarious and touching glimpse into the past of our four favorite friends...

    By far one of the best episodes in the series, \"Lows in the Mid-Eighties\" is a two-part Thanksgiving Will & Grace with a lot of heart.

    The fab four try to help a weeping girlfriend at the bar by telling her the story of Will & Grace\'s short-lived engagement through long and hilarious flashbacks to the eighties.

    Will in the closet? Will and Jack\'s first meeting -- Karen and Martina?! It\'s all here.

    Funny, sharp writing, standout performances, and one of the most touching endings to a W&G episode, this is a definate gem in the best season of a great show.
  • About the episode

    It has great art direction.