Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 18

Mad Dogs & Average Men

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2001 on NBC

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  • Will goes crazy over a dog while Grace chases Karen for an answer.

    The best storyline is the one between Grace and Karen - in regards to why Karen is lying about the availability / suitability of her nephew Sumner. The scene where Karen admits to Grace that she is too good for Sumner - and Grace's facial expression afterwards - is a great Grace/Karen moment. Very funny scene. Will's infatuation with a dog seems very real (remember another episode during Series 1 where the same thing happened) and initially funny - especially as Grace asks Will why is he cooking for a dog. However, constant jokes about 'dogs' become a bit boring and like Jack, we wonder how Will ever got together with Paul.
  • You've got a heart as big as your feet.

    Grace meets Karen's highly attractive nephew, Sumner. Karen lets Grace know that Sumner is married, before Grace can date him. Will is trying to break up with this guy but can't because he loves his dog. Sumner comes by Grace's work and asks Grace out to dinner. Turns out that Karen lied to Grace. Sumner is not married. Then Karen lets Grace know that Sumner is con artist. Grace eats dog food. haha. Grace calls Sumner and she finds out that he wasn't a con artist either. For some reason Karen is keeping them apart. Jack comes back from walking the dog and brings back a completely different dog. Paul comes by to get Pepper and Will lets him know that he lost it. Instead of being pissed, Paul hugs him. Karen then tells Grace that Sumner is a hired assassin, a robot, and a woman. Turns out that Karen just thinks that Sumner isn't good enough for Grace. Will finds out that Paul already had his dog. He dumps Paul.
  • Great episode, as always.

    Stan’s nephew, Sumner is visiting. He and Grace are very attracted to each other, but Karen does not want them to go out with each other. She tells Grace he is married, a killer, a woman and so on. Grace is determined to find out why Karen does not want her to date Sumner. Will is trying to break up with Paul, but is having difficulties trying to do so, because he is in love with his dog. Paul asks Will to watch the dog for the weekend. Jack loses him while taking him for a walk and tries to cover up by bringing back a slightly smaller dog.