Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 18

Mad Dogs & Average Men

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Writer Ellen Idelson makes another cameo in the show as the usherette. She had previously provided the voice of Will's secretary (ironically enough named Ellen) when he had his basement office.

    • Sumner is Stan's nephew through his sister, which makes Karen a step-aunt.

    • Jacks food keeps vanishing quicker and quicker. You can tell it took them a few takes on the opening shot since they're eating food as they go.

    • After Karen sends her nephew away to go with Stan, Grace confronts Karen about being lied to. We see her hand go down in the shot next to Karen sitting at her desk, but in the next one her hands are near her chest clasped together.

    • When Grace eats the dogfood, we hear the sound of it sizzling, but we see no steam coming from the plate. Bad props people... get a real stove.

    • When megan makes the sign that Stan's sister is a "big bitch" you can see Debra start to crack up and then get over it.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: (About Karen's nephew) So I asked him if the guys in the joint are as hot as they are in Oz-
      Will: Are they?
      Grace: I wouldn't know! He's not an ex-con, Karen lied about that too! When I asked him why she was doing this, you know what he said? 'She doesn't want me going out with you.' Can you believe that? She doesn't think I'm good enough for him.
      Will: He told you that?
      Grace: He didn't have to. I mean, can you believe her? As if I'm not good enough or classy enough to be in her family. I gotta be honest, that is damn good dog food. (Reaches for some more, Will slaps her hand with the skillet)

    • Sumner: Hey Grace.
      Grace: Sumner, hi. If you're looking for your aunt Karen she's not here. She doesn't work on days that end with....day.

    • (Grace enters)
      Grace: Morning...
      Will: Morning!
      Grace: (to Jack) Really, I'm not going to ask you again, stay out of my underwear draw, nothing fits me anymore!

    • Will: He has this amazing dog.
      Jack: Oh, his dog. I gotcha. I stayed with many a guy because he had a nice big dog.
      Will: It's so well trained.
      Jack: I'm sure it is.
      Will: Totally kissable.
      Jack: Aren't they all?
      Will: You do realize I'm talking about an actual dog, don't you?
      Jack: I do now.

    • Karen: Honey, be a love and move that filthy goat pelt off my husband's seat. Thank you. It's nice to see you two, the lazy eye's getting better.
      Lois: Mrs Walker, you're awful.
      Karen: (smiling) Oh Lois, you have no idea...

    • Grace: You probably keep your wedding band in your pocket.
      Sumner: No I don't. Wanna check?
      Grace: Kind a…

    • Grace (to Sumner when she first meets him): Is it me, or are you hot in here?

    • Will: Enjoy your hotdog 'cause you'll be having none of mine.

    • Jack: (entering after losing the dog of Will's boyfriend) That's Pepper, your lover's dog. His tag said dry clean only but I washed him in warm.
      Will: Jack!
      Jack: It wasn't my fault.
      Will: Oh no, you lost the dog?
      Jack: What can I say, we were playing fetch and when I brought back the stick he was gone.

    • Grace: You think I'm special!
      Karen: Well don't let it go to your head. Your hair's already such a disaster that the Red Cross wouldn't give it coffee.

    • Jack: We still have plenty of time to figure something out before Paul gets here. (hears knocking on the door) Maybe it's not Paul.
      Paul: (Outside the door) Will, it's Paul!
      Jack: Maybe it's another Paul.
      Paul: Paul Budnik.
      Jack: Maybe he forgot about the dog.
      Paul: I'm here to pick up the dog.
      Jack: Maybe he's over you.
      Paul: I missed you.
      Jack: Well, my work here's done.

    • Karen: (About her nephew Sumner, to Grace) Now, don't get me wrong. He's my nephew, and I love him like a son of a bitch. And I mean that literally. Stan's sister's a bitch.

    • Usherette: Ma'am, I'm gonna need to see your ticket.
      Grace: I don't have a ticket.
      Usherette: Well, then, you can't go in.
      Grace: Look, it's no problem. Just two minutes. Ok?
      Usherette: Miss, I'm sorry. You're gonna have to leave.
      (The usherette puts her hand on Grace, to stop her from going in)
      Grace: Excuse me. Would you just take your hands off me? It's an opera. How about a little decorum?
      (Grace shoves the usherette to the ground)

    • Grace: You tell me why I can't see Sumner.
      Karen: All right, you wanna know why? I will tell you! He's a hired assassin. He'd just as soon kill ya as look at ya.
      Grace: No, he is not.
      Karen: Okay, he's a woman.
      Grace: Karen!
      Karen: A robot?
      Grace: Stop it!

    • Grace: Yeah! How come you never make this for me?
      Will: Because it's dog food.
      Grace: Needs a little salt.

    • Grace: The best part is that I know that this one is not gay. Please tell me that I'm right.
      Karen: Yes, you are.
      Grace: Yes!
      Karen: He's not gay.
      Grace: Yes! You see? You see all those years of datin' losers and closeted gay guys and that drag queen and that one masculine-looking girl is not for nothing. I have honed my instincts. And my instincts are telling me that, uh... your nephew is one quality prospect.
      Karen: He's married.
      Grace: Really? He seems gay.

    • Grace: Hold on a second. You are sautéing dog food in my best skillet.
      Will: Yeah, well, mine doesn't heat as evenly.
      Grace: I want you to say that again... And listen to yourself very carefully.
      Will: Mine doesn't heat as evenly.
      Grace: For the purpose of...
      Will: Making a farewell dinner.
      Grace: For...
      Will: A dog. Ok, I get it.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: Mad Dogs & Average Men

      This is a reference to and a play on words of the famous 1932 song by Noel Coward "Mad Dogs and Englishmen". Though the song title has been used in other circumstances and by other people since, Coward was the first to coin the phrase.

    • Grace:I don't date married men, well, at least not once I know they're merried.

      Grace could be referring to the time she dated 'Frankenstein' in Cheaters where he fled when she mentions she does not date merried men.

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