Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 8

Marry Me A Little, Marry Me A Little More

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Music featured in this episode:
      "Fire" by Ohio Players
      Theme from "Brideshead Revisited"
      "Time of the Season" by The Zombies

    • Jack throws a perfect spiral pass in the park. But in the season 4 episode "Moveable Feast" Jack tries to throw a football his stepfather gave to Elliott just a couple feet and it ended up behind him.

    • The song that Grace butchers at her wedding reception is "Through The Eyes Of Love", the theme from the movie Ice Castles.

    • Goof: During the scene just after Leo and Grace have announced their marriage, Will's picnic basket is on his dining table. As the scene progresses in different shots, the basket sometimes has both sides open and sometimes just one. This continues right up until the end of the scene.

    • The episode was the show's official 100th episode and was followed by a special clip show.

    • We learn that Leo's real name is Marvin.

    • The music played while Will walks Grace down the aisle is the theme tune from the 1981 television adaption of Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead Revisited.

    • Near the end of the first scene in the park, Jack throws a beautiful, spiraling pass. Unfortunately for right-handed Jack, the football is spinning in the wrong direction for him to have thrown it.

  • Quotes

    • Karen: Honey, have Will walk you down the aisle! Out with the mo, in with the Jew!
      Grace: Will will love that. He looks so beautiful in his tux. He's not gonna be the prettiest one there, is he?
      Karen: Oh honey, come on! That's crazy talk! I'll be there.

    • Jack: Poor Will. You're not just losing a best friend. You're losing a hag.
      Will: She's not my hag, all right? She's just my best friend who used to be in love with me and for the last fifteen years hasn't left my side. (Voice breaking) She was a hell of a hag.

    • Will: I'm sorry if I'm coming off as being really masculine right now but- Aww no! This flower arrangement is atrocious!

    • Will: Jack, Jack. Hey. It's almost time for my toast, so give me a really good introduction, OK?
      Jack: OK, I got it.
      Will: It should not include the words 'bald,' 'fat,' or 'impotent.'
      Jack: OK, give me five minutes.

    • Karen: What was that?
      Leo: I was just taking a mini quiche.
      Karen: I know what you were doing! You were checking out that hussy, yeah. Well, let me tell you something. Now that you're married, the only mini quiches you should be paying attention to are Grace's.

    • Rob: Wanna dance?
      Ellen: Well, let's see about that, Rob. I'm carrying a boulder on my groin and my feet have swollen to twice their natural size. Yeah, let's cut a rug, honey!

    • Ellen: Eight months pregnant and look at the dress she picks for me. I hate that skinny bitch!
      Will: Maybe you wanna skip the guest book.

    • (Grace and Leo walk into Will's apartment).
      Grace: Are you gonna tell them or should I?
      Leo: Well, if you don't mind, I kinda want to!
      Grace: Okay go ahead.
      Leo: Okay. We met Katie Couric!

    • Grace: The question was rhetorical that means you're supposed to say yes!
      Will: That's not what rhetorical means!
      Grace: Are we talking about what rhetorical means or are we talking about how you are freaking me out right now?!
      Will: Am I supposed to answer that or is that rhetorical, too?

    • Karen: Honey, this is me you're talking to, Carol!
      Grace: Karen!
      Karen: Oh, that's pretty!

    • Karen: Honey, have Will walk you down the aisle. Yeah, it'll be perfect...out with the 'mo, in with the Jew.
      Grace: Will will love that, he looks so beautiful in his tux. He's not gonna be the most beautiful one there, is he?
      Karen: Oh honey, don't be silly, that's crazy talk. I'll be there!

    • Leo: And my deepest, darkest secret is that I don't like any food with raisins in but I do like raisins.
      Grace: See we already have a problem. I love raisins in everything. I even went to see A Raisin In The Sun because I thought there would be raisins in it!

    • Grace: So I need you to walk me down the aisle.
      Will: I can't do that. I'm running this show. I've got a million things to attend to. Get Jack to do it.
      Grace: I'm not having Jack walk me down the aisle. He'll meet someone halfway down and ditch me!
      Will: Well, then get Karen to do it.
      Grace: Karen? When was the last time she could walk a straight line? Besides, I don't want them. I want you!
      Will: Well, I--I can't do it. All right?
      Grace: What do you mean, you can't do it? I need someone to give me away. You're my best friend. I want it to be you. It should be you.
      Will: I don't wanna.
      Grace: You don't "wanna"? Why not, Will?
      Will: Look, Grace, I'll do a lot of things for you. I'll plan your wedding. I'll pick the florist. I'll even let you have input on your dress. But to actually be the one that hands you off to another guy, that I can't do.

    • Grace: Will, I may be getting married today, but when I said I was going to spend the rest of my life with you, I wasn't wrong.
      Will: Well--
      Grace: Will...(takes his hand)...I wasn't wrong.

    • Karen: Hey, what happened to Grace and that foreign guy she's been hanging around with?

    • Will: Leo, great. And Grace, best of luck.
      Grace: Best of luck? Well thanks for coming to my Bat Mitzvah, Uncle Hochum! Have a safe drive back to Siaset!
      Karen: I don't know what half those words meant.
      Jack: (nods) Me either.

    • Grace: The first time was right here on this roof at Nancy Jacob's party.
      Will: Nancy Ja---no, that was across from a juice bar.
      Grace: (pointing) Paradise Juice. Right over there where that parking lot is.
      Will: Ugh, typical. They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.

    • Will: I think fall is finally here. I just saw the first drunk of the season turn yellow and tumble gently to the ground.
      Karen: I tripped okay?

    • Jack: Um, look, Leo, I know you're new here, and, um, we don't want you to think we're really cliquey and don't let anyone in our little group, but, um, well, we're really cliquey and we don't want anyone in our little group.
      Karen: So, if you want to break into the fag four, this symbol of gay oppression has got to go.

    • Karen: Oprah can be a lot of fun... and there's no one I'd rather have watching my back in a bar fight.

    • Karen: Honey, look at 'em. After all these years, Will and Grace are finally getting married. Am I crying yet?
      Jack: Still no.
      Karen: Now?
      Jack: Nuh uh.
      Karen: How about now?
      Jack: No.
      Karen: Stick a pin in my arm.
      Jack: I am.

    • Karen: (drunk again) It's Tuesday? How long have I been out?

    • Karen: (a little drunk while they're in the park) Am I outside?

    • Rosario: (to Karen while they're dancing) Stop trying to unhook my bra.

    • Grace: You're Katie Couric. I love you.
      Katie: Well, thank you. I'm sure if we spent more time together I'd love you too.

  • Notes

    • This episode originally aired as a one hour episode, though syndication will usually air them in two half hour episodes. NBC counts this as one episode, as they will with any one hour or "super-sized" episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Jack: ...one who's been there for her through sick and sin...

      It's possible Jack is referring to the 1984 TV movie Lace, starring Pheobe Cates. Three friends vow to stay together through thick and thin, but one is from France and the girls often make fun of how she pronounces "th" as "s".

    • Karen: The Fag Four

      This is an allusion to and play on words of "The Fab Four", which was became the accepted description of famous band The Beatles.

    • Will: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

      A nod to Joni Mitchell's song "Big Yellow Taxi."

    • Will: You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you.

      This is a reference to the Human League hit, "Don't You Want Me (Baby)."

    • Will: (Talking about the boutonnieres) Oh they're dead my friend. They've just made friends with John Edward.

      This is a reference to John Edward, an internationally acclaimed psychic medium who can communicate with the world beyond.

    • Grace: Now let's jump. Let's keep going Thelma.

      Grace is referring to the 1991 film, Thelma & Louise, starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, in which both of the lead characters drive off a cliff.

    • Title: Marry Me A Little

      The episode title is a song from Stephen Sondheim's Company.

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