Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 12

My Fair Maid-y

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 1999 on NBC

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  • Who knew yelling could be so productive?

    Pressure gets the best of Grace and she is just cracking which was evident in the opening scene. It was great when she came out of her room and just started babbling. YOu could make some of it out but it was jumbled just enough to make it funny. THe problem is that she has never won the top prize at this designer event and she wants to win, but she sinks into a depression.

    Will feels the house is too cluttered and hires a maid to get her juices flowing. Theres a reference made to Grace trying on "lesbian" during college but it wasnt her. I am wondering was it her and Ellen?,lol. SO anyway the maid is this nice looking lady who for some reason doesnt carry cleaning supplies. She immediately slips into Graces world and tries to help her. How you ask? By yelling at her. WHen she first did that I couldnt stop laughing. It was so funny and the yell was funny and not annoying.

    JAcks plot was a decent one but didnt really offer anything for the episode. He said he was a lawyer to get the attention of some guy. He needs to takes Wills position while the guy is visiting the office. There are some funny scenes involving his plot like Jack banging his head intot he wondiw which was beyond hilarious but other than that his plot was bland.

    Over at Grace Adler Designs the maid is still screaming to get her juices flowing. Will thinks she has gone crazy and wants his maid to clean to clean the aprtment. Karen thinks the maid is trying to take Graces place and warns her.

    At the design event Karen suggests the rocks need some scotch. It looked like Megan was about to fall. Will tells Grace he told the maid not come in order to Grace to come to her senses. The meditation room actually looked fabulous and I wished I had one. ANyway she wins the event and realizes she does have talent.

    Overall a very funny episode and a lot of the humor was out of Graces plot.