Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 12

My Fair Maid-y

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • A boom mic can be seen when Will walks through the door and Grace picks up a ball of paper and hits it over to him with a racket.

    • Grace admitts that she ventured into being a lesbian in college, but it wasn't "her thing."

    • We finally get to see the back room of Grace's office.

    • In the scene where Will brings Grace chocolate covered espresso beans, the colors and positions of the pencils in Grace's hair change from shot to shot.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: Karen, why don't you go to lunch?
      Karen: Well, honey, it's 10:00 in the morning.
      Grace: In Boston.
      Karen: Oh, ha ha ha ha ha. Honey, that is so... Eh... ok.

    • Will: Grace, this is gonna cheer you up.
      Grace: A short brunette woman? Come on, Will, I tried that in college, remember? It really wasn't my thing.

    • Grace: (About her work) I hate myself.
      Karen: Of course you do, honey. How could anybody be happy in bat mizvah ruffles? Why don't you run home and change, hmm? I think we'll both feel better.
      Grace: I'm gonna have a quick cry in the swatch room.
      (Grace leaves.)
      Karen: Honey, you still test-driving those anti-depressants? 'Cause I think it's time to buy.

    • (Will is leaving, but has arranged a cleaning lady for Grace, while she works on her Sublime Design submission.)
      Will: All right, look. I've gotta go. She'll do her thing, she'll stay out of your way. You do yours and if you hit a rough spot, just-- it's easy, just think of your mother's taste, you know, and then go the other way.

    • Grace: You were probably riding up in the elevator, thinking 'What died?'. Well don't worry, it's just my creativity rotting and stinking in my skull.
      Will: So you've had coffee?

    • Will: Well maybe during lunch, you know when he finds out that McFarland can't afford the McNuggets...because he's a McLiar.

    • Alex: So... what kind of law do you practice?
      Jack: I don't practice... I just do.

    • (Karen and Grace are setting up Grace's Exhibit at the Sublime Design Showcase)
      Karen: Well, I... (Tripping on rocks) You know what those rocks need? A little scotch.

    • Will: Look, you're being ridiculous. She didn't do anything, except go "aah!"
      Grace: Oh, don't you dare mock the "aah!"
      Will: I have no connection to the "aah!"
      Grace: You resent the "aah!" You fear the "aah!"

    • Will: Peace, oneness. Ohmmmmmmm!
      Grace: Thank you. Ohmmmmmmm!
      Will: Let's go hommmmmme.
      Grace: Why hommmmmmme?
      Will: There's a rock in my bummmmmmm!
      Grace: At least it's not your thummmmmmb!
      Will: Now it's going nummmmmmmb!

    • Grace: You know, Mary Poppins got the same message across, but she did it in a nice little musical number. You're like... you're like a spoonful of whup-ass.

    • Grace: You know, I can't... There's no... It won't... I'm sleeping... Wake me... NEVER!

  • Notes

    • Cyndi Lauper was originally cast as April, but was fired because she "just didn't work out," and was replaced by Wendie Jo Sperber.

  • Allusions

    • Grace: You know, Mary Poppins got the same message across, but she did it in a nice little musical number. You're like... you're like a spoonful of whup-ass.

      Mary Poppins is a magical nanny who stars in a series of books by P.L. Travers. 'A Spoonful of Sugar' is a song from the 1964 musical adaption starring Julie Andrews.

    • Episode Title: My Fair Maid-y

      This is a clear reference to the classic 1964 musical "My Fair Lady," starring Audrey Hepburn.

    • Will: Talking to pillows, Grace? Wow! You're like the Dr. Dolittle of furniture.
      Doctor Dolittle was a 1960's film (later remade) about a doctor who could speak to any animal in their native tongue.

    • Will: I mean, d-d-d-did Mr. Brady ask Alice to help with the architecture?
      Quick joke about the famous ABC comedy The Brady Bunch.

    • Will: They'll explain it all to you in the nervous hospital, Blanche.
      A reference to the character Blanche DuBois from the play A Streetcar Named Desire.

    • Karen: I've got your number, sister. I've seen "All About Eve."
      Reference to the Bette Davis film about a woman who gets involved with another woman's life and tries to take it over.

    • Will: I've heard about this. It's called the Hazel syndrome.
      A cheap shot at the 1960's NBC comedy Hazel, which was about a maid who did more than clean the house, she became head of it.

    • Will: Yeah, amazing, isn't it? You can practically feel the presence of Fred Sanford hovering above us.
      This line (including the tune they sing walking in) is a reference to the 1970's comedy Sanford and Son.

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