Will & Grace

Season 6 Episode 7

Nice In White Satin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will and Jack are in Will's apartment, just after finishing a meal. Will pulls out his new "crummer" and begins to clean up. The phone rings. It's Grace calls from Cambodia. Will tells Jack that it's Grace on the phone. Jack says "I'm not here." Will asks if she is near the jungle, Grace Replies "Pretty near the jungle" but she's actually in KFC. Grace hangs up because her order is ready. Karen walks in. Will asks if she went to her physical. Karen lies saying she did. Will says "Don't lie to me, you are on the board of Walker Inc. now you have to prove your in good health or at least the black-market organs that make you up are in good health." Karen says that she did go to her physical and shows Will an x-ray. Will takes it and says "this is the x-ray of a cat." Karen says "Meow?" Jack says "She said the same thing to me when I caught her with a bird in her mouth." Will says that he and Jack will take Karen to the doctor's tomorrow.

Will, Jack and Karen are in the waiting room at the hospital. Will says to the receptionist "Excuse me, do you know how long we have to wait, I'm with Karen Walker. The receptionist replies "There's no way of telling Sir, Karen Walker, is there a Karen Walker here?" Will then says "Do you know how much longer now?" Karen and Will leave the waiting room. A male student nurse walks out, which makes Jack spring up. He asks the student nurse it hurts when he does a certain dance move, while he shows him the particular dance move. After student nurse Clark tells Jack that he is only a student nurse, Jack lies and says "What a coincidence, I'm a student nurse too."

In the doctor's room Karen and Will are waiting. Will is reassuring Karen that everything is all right and says "Take a deep breath and hallucinate pleasant thoughts." The doctor walks in and introduces himself as Dr. Isaac Hershberg. He then asks for a minute as he has just given bad news to people in the other room. He turns away and begins sobbing saying "Damn you God, Why?" He then turns around stops crying immediately and asks Karen how she is feeling. He then asks Will to leave. Will says Karen asked that he be there. Karen asks "Doctor, since I have you here, true or false: Milk, Milk, Lemonade, around the corner fudge is made?" Dr. Hershberg replies "Yes, that would be true." Dr. Hershberg looks through her file then asks her to sit on the examination table. He tries to examine her but every time he puts his hand near Karen, she screams. Will suggests that Dr. Hershberg should examine him first to show Karen there is nothing to be afraid of. Dr. Hershberg does then pages a nurse for some more instruments. Nurse Sheila (Will's old nurse at the sperm bank) walks in carrying the requested instruments. Dr. Hershberg and Nurse Sheila start making moaning sounds to each other. Will interrupts and Dr. Hershberg says to Nurse Sheila that she better get going. She leaves but not before spanking him. Karen says to the doctor that his professionalism has won her over and that she will consent to an examination. Dr. Hershberg says that's great but he is going to get stoned first.

Will and Karen are in Will's apartment, Jack walks in saying he has met someone and that he has enrolled in nursing school. He then says he needs money. Jack and Karen refuse. He gets angry and leaves. Will says to Karen that they are going to have to give him the money. She says "we have to, we're Will and Grace."

Will is in his apartment testing his new crummer when Karen runs in saying she got the results of her physical and that she is scared to open them. Will says "Are you afraid they're gonna find some blood in your alcohol?" then opens them for her revealing that she is fine, but that she is to start taking calcium. Karen is relieved but wants to know why she has to take calcium. Will says rich people need calcium. He puts a calcium tablet in her mouth, but she spits it back out saying "I don't like it." Will tries to put a new tablet in but she spits it back out. They repeat this process several times before Will gets angry. Will gives up and Jack walks in saying "Hello you gorgeous gay man, hello Will." Will and Karen tell him that they have paid his nursing school fees for the whole semester. Jack reveals that he is through with nursing and now wants to do surfing. Will and Karen get angry and say he's not getting any money for surfing. He turns around and storms out of the apartment.

At the hospital Will and Karen are debating on how to get the money back. When they ask the receptionist whether it's possible to get a refund on Jack's tuition fee, the receptionist is shocked that Jack is dropping out and reveals that he is their most promising student. She tells student nurse Derek who is passing by that Jack is dropping out. He bursts into tears and runs out of the room. Will and Karen are puzzled that Jack is so good.

Karen and Will walk into Will's apartment, where Jack is waxing his surf board. Karen suggests that Jack should go back to nursing school. Jack says that Karen doesn't get him and his surfer friends do. Karen says that the people at nursing school loved him. Will tells Jack that this could be a big opportunity for him and that he may be really good at it. Jack says "Don't you think I know that, don't you think I know I'm good." Karen tells him that when she started working at Grace Adler designs she was terrified but now she is one of the richest women in the world. Jack is still unsure. Will's watch beep and he announces to Karen "Oh, Karen, time for your calcium." She resists, Jack forces her to take it in a careful manner. Will tells Jack how impressed he is and how he should do nursing as he is a natural.

Will and Karen are sitting in the hall outside Jacks apartment. Karen is telling Will how much better her bones are feeling. Will shouts, "Come on Jack, are you ready or what?" Jack walks out of Will's apartment dressed in his nurse uniform. Jack says he thinks he's going to like student nursing, and closes by saying, "finally, a legitimate reason to wear white hose."