Will & Grace

Season 6 Episode 19

No Sex 'N' The City

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sharon Osbourne got her role by bidding on it at a charity auction for the Trevor Project in December, 2003.

    • This episode spoofs the ending of Frasier, Friends and Sex and the City.

    • The song playing at the club is "Baby Boy" by Beyoncé featuring Sean Paul.

    • When Will and Vince are in the coffee shop near the middle of the episode, Will's inner monologue says that he's 40. However, in the episode 'Lows in the Mid-Eighties' we learn that Will comes out in 1985 at age 18, this would mean that Will is 37 in 2004.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: Why do you do that, Jack? Will's your friend, why do you like to see him in pain?
      Jack: Remember that time his date went so bad he came home and started writing a play?
      Grace: You mean 'If Gay Means Happy, Why Am I So Sad?' (Both start laughing)

    • Grace: Who are you calling?
      : Vince.  Even though I'm going to see him in the morning for coffee I thought it might be nice to leave him a message telling how much I like him and how I can't wait to see him again.  It's what I do after a first date...it's kinda my thang.
      Grace: Yeah, you know what else is your thang?  Not having a second date, put the phone down.

    • Bebe: (to Jack & Karen) Well, it's always nice to meet fans. Especially in a public place with lots of witnesses and clearly marked exits.

    • Jack: Is Will back from his date with that cop guy?
      Grace: No, still out.
      Jack: He is? I figured by now he'd be curled up in his bed crying himself into a Snickers bar.

    • Bebe: So don't you worry about Lillith.
      Karen: You mean BeBe.
      Bebe: No, I mean Lillith, I wanna play that bitch forever!

    • (Jack and Karen are sitting on the couch watching TV)
      Jack:  Ugh, the stock dumb character.  When are they going to stop insulting our intelligence with these morons?
      Karen: (sighs) Jackie, you accidentally turned it off. You're looking at your reflection.

    • Nonny: Men are such bitches! Why do I work here?

    • Will: Before I do that, is there any chance that your advice could be wrong?
      Grace: Chance? Of course. Good chance. Just look at my love life before I met Leo. Look at my love life after I met Leo. Really, when I you give advice, I'm just talking out of my ass.

    • Nonny:  Hey, he's a nice guy. Why are you being such an ass to him?
      Will:  I'm not being an ass to him, ok?  I'm playing it cool.  Guys like that.
      Nonny:  Really? Then why is he dancing with that guy that looks like Gwyneth Paltrow?

    • Jack: I'll meet you at Central Perk in an hour.
      Karen: Jack, that place is ficticious.
      Jack: Ok, two hours.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Vince: People never believe I'm a cop. They're always asking me where the Indian and the construction worker is.

      This is a reference to the '70's disco band The Village People. which consisted of an Indian chief, a construction worker, a military guy, a police officer, a biker dressed in leather and a cowboy.

    • Episode Title: No Sex 'N' The City

      This is an obvious reference to the recently departed HBO comedy Sex and the City.

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