Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 22

Object Of My Rejection

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 13, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The man playing the Justice Of The Peace is Franklin Cover, best known for his role of Tom Willis in The Jeffersons. Unfortunately, this role would be his last before his death in February 2006.

    • This is the first appearance of Rosario. Her full name is Rosario Inez Consuela Yolanda Salazar.

    • Jack's full name is John Phillip McFarland.

    • Steve Sandoval, who appeared as a janitor, is the Stage Manager for "Will & Grace."

    • Jack's "Maids Of Honour" keep switching places even though they're seen standing still at the back.

  • Quotes

    • Will: You told me to butt out.
      Grace: Don't play that game with me. You know 'butt out' means 'butt out temporarily until the right moment presents itself to butt back in again'.
      Will: Forgive me, I left my Grace-to-English dictionary at home. Next time, just tell me when to butt in and when to butt out and when to do the hokey pokey and when to turn myself around!
      Grace: Don't make me seem like the unhealthy crazy one when you're the one who wouldn't tell me what to do!

    • Grace: I knew it. I knew you thought it was a bad idea. That's why I broke up with Danny yesterday.
      Will: You...then why have you been baiting me for the last ten minutes?
      Grace: Cause I needed to make sure you thought Danny was still a mistake.
      Will: Of I still think Danny's a mistake!
      Grace: Well, why couldn't you have expressed that earlier, saving me the agony of having to make my own decision?
      Will: Believe me, Grace, I don't want you making your own decisions any more than you do.

    • Grace: (About her outfit) What do you think of this? Too cute?
      Will: No, not at all. I just worry that the rag-tag group of French pirates you stole it from are gonna riddle our home with cannon fire.
      Grace: Will, don't you know the old adage? Guys who wore jellies shouldn't throw stones?
      Will: Touché.

    • (Will smelling Grace's pencils)
      Karen: Honey, what... what's this... what's happening? What's going on?
      Will: Nothing.
      Karen: You're smelling her pencils!
      Will: I just wanted to... make sure they're fresh.

    • Rosario (commenting about her wedding dress): This is SO stupid! I look like a pinata.
      Karen: Yeah, and if I beat you with a stick, I could watch all my money fall out!

    • Danny: All right. I'm all right. How about you? You, uh ... you know, you still into guys and all that?
      Will: Yeah, I'm afraid so. The antibiotics just didn't seem to work.
      (Danny exits to Grace's room to et dressed)

    • Grace: (Stands up) Gotcha! (Everyone at the wedding looks at her) A toaster. Gotcha a toaster! You registered for that, right?

    • Rosario: (While walking down the aisle, looking at her dress) Something's ripped.
      Karen: Yeah, me.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Object of My Rejection

      This is a pun on the saying "Object of My Affection."

    • Will: I know. I haven't seen a kiss that uncomfortable since Richard Gere and Jodie Foster in Sommersby.

      This is a reference to the 1993 film Sommersby, starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster, both of whom have been plagued by long-standing rumors about their sexuality.

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