Will & Grace

Season 7 Episode 3

One Gay At A Time

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The idea of the gay network was to parody rival conmpany Viacom's idea of a gay network, which at the time of this episode is planned for 2005.

    • Writer/Producer Jon Kinnally was uncredited for his role as Mitchell, even though he has more lines than the rest of the speaking guest actors in the show.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: Hey do we have any beer?
      Will: No, I drank it after I mowed the lawn.

    • Karen: Attention, weaklings! This woman [Grace] is a fraud. She is not an alcoholic.
      Val: Nonsense! That's a booze face if I've ever seen one!
      Grace: Karen, what are you doing here?
      Karen: Grace, I'm here to help you. And the first step is admitting you do not have a problem!

    • Grace: (attending an AA meeting for the food) Um.  Hi.  I'm Grace, and I'm actually not--
      Director: Sorry I'm late.  I just had to finish making my hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows.
      Grace(quickly) I'm Grace and I'm an alcoholic.

    • Val: I know we've had some harsh words in the past. I hope you'll forgive me. It was the drink talking.
      Karen: Yeah, well now my drink's talking. And you know what it's saying? 'Drink me! I make life more fun! Everyone from a high school kid to a bum on the street knows that!'

    • Karen: The only thing that's horrible about Grace is her hair and her clothes.
      Val: I know, it's like there's no safe place to rest your eyes.

    • Jack: You read funny, Will. Your lips don't move.
      Will: Yeah, you'll notice I don't have to sound out the words, either.
      Jack: I don't think you're really reading.

    • Will: (to Grace who's craving beer and rum) Something's up. You're rambling, you're chirpy, you're looking for booze in the middle of the day. If you were picking me up from school, naked under a mink, this would be my childhood.
      Grace: I'm just in a really good mood. I found a therapy group that I really like.
      Will: Oh, great. Where?
      Grace: Alcoholics Anonymous. It's fantastic, and, you know, not just for alcoholics anymore.
      Will: Uh, yes, it is.
      Grace: No. No, no, no. You don't know, Will. No, the program's for anyone with a problem.
      Will: Noooo, it's not.

    • Grace: Maybe I should start doing yoga. You know, get rid of all of these negative feelings and open up. Nah, maybe I'll just start gettin' high again.

    • Will: I'll have you know that "Jane Magazine" is the thinking man's "Seventeen."

    • Karen: (to Rosario) Dammit woman, after my body accepts your liver, I am through with you!

    • Grace: Don't get so worked up, Karen. Just take it one day at a time.
      Karen: What did you say?
      Grace: I said take it one day at a time.
      Karen: One hoo at a ha?
      Grace: You know, easy does it. Let go and let God.
      Karen: Where did you hear that? Who taught you that hate speech?

  • Notes

    • This episode followed one of the 2004 Presidential Debates on NBC. Due to the fact that the debate went on for longer than scheduled, there were no commercials between the opening and the first act so the show could end on time.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: One Gay At A Time

      This is a pun on the Alcoholics Anonymous mantra, "One Day At A Time".

    • Jack: Just be grateful you have a divorce to talk about. Gays aren't even allowed that right. That's why I'm voting for Jim Carrey.
      Will: I'm sure as leader of the free world his pet detective skills will come in handy.

      This is a pun on the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry, who supported gay marriage, and on actor Jim Carrey and his debut film, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

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