Will & Grace

Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2005 on NBC



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    • Karen: (to Jack about Rosario) You can tell that package of assorted chicken parts she better get her thighs and her giblets back to work or she can find another coop to sleep in.

    • Will: Thank God, you're here! If you were any later, you'd have really embarrassed me.
      Vince:(crying) I got fired!
      Will: What? What happened?
      Vince:(sobbing) They had these diamond covered gloves and I was trying them on...
      Will: What the hell is with you and gloves!?

    • Karen: Listen honey I gotta get going. Gotta go to my Christian book-club meeting. Today we're burning "Catcher In The Rye."

    • Vince: I'm gonna tell him, alright. I'm just waiting for the perfect time.
      Will: Unbelieveable news. I'm up for partner! (Grace screams) And you mister, are taking me out to celebrate, I'm talking about the most expensive restaurant in the city
      Vince: I can't, I got fired.

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