Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 2

Past & Presents

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Response: If you notice, Karen says "Good morning" often regardless of the time of day. Usually it means SHE just woke up from one of her drunken moments.

    • When Karen walks into the office with her bodyguard, she says "Good Morning", and when Nathan drops by during the same scene he asks Grace if she's ready to go to dinner.

    • Editor's note: Regarding the above goof, it is very possible that Karen was just confused.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: Sweetie, you sure you don't want me to stick around? You know I'm a good bite. I once bit a jump rope in half.
      Will: Why?
      Grace: What do you mean, why?

    • Grace: (to Karen) I got him a watch, a really expensive diving watch. So the next time he happens to find himself two thousand feet underwater and wants to know what time it is; he ain't going to be looking at a motorcycle!

    • Grace: Karen, tell Bodyguard he can go. I no longer plan to kick your ass.
      Karen: OK. Down, number five! Listen, uh, why don't you head home and stand guard over the prime rib. This morning I saw Rosario giving it the glad eye.
      (Bodyguard leaves.)
      Grace: Little tip for Bodyguard... Someone needs to reunite him with his estranged brother... 'Right' Guard.

    • Jack: Well, I, too, was bullied as a child. I went through a lot, but I'm proud to say no one ever forced me to do their homework.
      Will: That was probably because they never assigned a history paper on the rise of the leg warmer.

    • Grace: Will, I can't believe how casual you're being about this. I mean, this is the guy who changed the name on your locker from "Will Truman" to "Will Woman."

      Jack: Wow, that's brill. The best I ever came up with was "Will Trumpetman." Hm. I gotta go back to the drawing board. I'll give you a little sample of what I'm working on. How about "Dill Truman"? Ha ha ha. It's supposed to be "Will."

    • (Jack finds Will on the couch under a blanket)
      Jack: Oh, dear. I think you may have a touch of S.C.S.
      Will: What's that?
      Jack: That would be "scaredy-cat syndrome." It's a strain of the fraidy-cat virus was going around last summer.
      Will: Jack...
      Jack: You may need a Kevin-Wolchek-oscopy.

    • [Nathan drops his pants and walks out the door]
      Grace: You gotta admit, that is a cute guy.
      Karen: Yeah. I would do him nice and good.
      Grace: [Laughs] Ha ha ha... It's funny 'cause it'll never happen.

    • (Grace and Karen are talking about Nathan's birthday.)
      Grace: I am so excited to give Nathan his birthday present. He's gonna freak-- wait for it-- out.
      Karen: Oh, honey, come on. He doesn't care about a present. He's a man. Just flash him a little boob.
      KAREN: [Gasps] Oh, I'm sorry, honey. That was mean. [Karen looks at Grace's chest and pokes at it a little.]
      Grace: Congratulations. [Grace points to Karen's pin/brooche] I see they're finally giving out medals for evil.

    • Karen: Why, Grace Aulden, I can't believe what I'm hearing!
      Grace: Adler. My last name is Adler!
      Karen: Oh, that's pretty!

    • Nathan: I tore the place apart. I even looked through your underwear drawer. I found where you hide my competition.
      Karen: (Laughs) It's funny cos it's sad!

    • Grace: Oh come on Kar. Like you never got a little at the office!
      Nathan: Well at least she had the decency to be by herself!
      Karen: (Laughs) It's funny cos it's true!

    • Jack: Then why don't you do something about it? Fight back! Put on your pink boxing gloves and start crying!
      Will: I'm not a fighter, okay? I-I-I bruise like a summer fruit.
      Jack: Well if you're not going to do it for yourself, then do it for me. And Will, do it for every loser geek weakling homo ethnic fatty smarty sittin' alone under the jungle-gym petrified that they're gonna get beat up for being different.
      Will: You're right, why am I putting up with this? I'm not a boy, I'm a man!
      Jack: Atta boy!

    • (Grace stands nose to nose with Karen)
      Karen: Honey, you're a little close.
      Grace: I'm going to kick...your...ass.
      Karen: Well, why honey? What'd I do?
      Grace: You trumped my gift. The first gift. The gift he'll always remember. And because of that I'm going to kick...your...ass.
      Karen: Honey, you're scaring me a little bit.
      Grace: I'm a little scared too, Karen, cause I've never been so overwhelmed with the desire to kick...your...ass!
      (long pause)
      Karen: (pointing) Look honey, it's an attractive gay man!
      (Karen turns and runs out of the room)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Karen: Why, Grace Alden, I can't believe what I'm hearing.

      This is probably a reference to producer Bruce Alden.

    • Kevin: Do you actually have your dukes up?
      Will: Oh, yeah. Let me tell you something, these dukes are your hazard.

      A reference to the TV show Dukes of Hazzard