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  • cheap shot city

    I wanted to laugh and didn't. Show was irritating, negative, not funny and a terrible disappointment. Hoped for a good, creative, funny show. Total disappointment. So sad. So sick of politics and everyone thinking they are the true disciple of truth. Truth is no one really cares about your sexual preference -- only theirs. Get over it. Can you really not find any creative & talented writers?? Actors just read lines - find some good lines, please.
  • Very disappointed

    We were looking forward to the return of Will & Grace because we enjoyed the original series. Once the show took the very biased political turn we changed the channel. Television is supposed to be entertaining this was not!!!! We will not be giving Will & Grace a second chance and I hope others follow!
  • Grow up already

    It was just horrid. Only saving grace was "Karen"-- she still has :) Doubt I'll be watching another episode. What a disappointment.
  • Two best friends help each other look for love, deal with their families and get into hijinks with their eccentric pals.

    Will is a gay lawyer whose longtime boyfriend has just left him. Grace is an interior decorator that has just left her fiance at the alter. To help each other, they move in together. As best friends since college they both encourage the best in each other while also enabling their worst habits. The flamboyantly gay wannabe performer Jack and wealthy socialite Karen (who has never met an alcoholic beverage or pharmaceutical pill she didn't like) to counterbalance their steadier friends with their outrageous and outlandish antics. Recurring cast included Harlin (during season 1) as Will's wealthy Texan client, Rosario (from season 2 onward) as Karen's long suffering maid and Elliot (from season 4 onward) as Jack's son Elliot.

    This sitcom followed many traditional sitcom tropes of co-dependent friends, looking for love in the big city and wacky neighbors. The fact that two of the primary characters were gay (and another was straight but fluently open) was big for network television when it debuted. While the characters were not above poking fun at homosexuality, it was never treated as a negative trait. Same with Grace's Jewish heritage, Karen's functioning addictions, Will's repressed upbringing, or Jack's leeching tendencies. As friends, they mocked each other and poke fun.

    Lots of shows try to get big name cameos, but the amount of talent that appeared on the show is staggering. From old school Hollywood to Broadway, performers of every background joined in as recurring or one off characters. Their families included Blythe Danner & Sydney Pollack as Will's parents, Debbie Reynolds & Alan Arkin as Grace's parents, Suzanne Pleshette as Karen's mom, Beau Bridges as Jack's stepfather, John Slattery & Steven Weber took turns playing Will's brother Sam, Sara Rue & Geena Davis as Grace's sisters, and Bernadette Peters as Karen's sister. Rosie O'Donnell as the mother of Jack's son. Will's bosses at his law firm included Gregory Hines, Gene Wilder & Lily Tomlin. Grace's love life included Woody Harrelson, Ed Burns, Ken Marino, Tom Everett Scott, Andy Richter, Julian McMahon, Eric Stoltz, Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven and Harry Connick Jr as Leo. Will's love interests included Taye Diggs, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Douglas, Dylan McDermott, Chris Penn, Jim Rash and Bobby Cannavale as Vince. Karen's loves included John Cleese, Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum, Andy Garcia and Nick Offerman. Jack's love interests included Dave Foley, Neil Patrick Harris, Luke Perry and Clark Gregg. Molly Shannon was crazy neighbor and antagonist Val. Karen's antagonists included Minnie Driver and Joan Collins. Will's antagonists included Adam Goldberg and Macauley Culkin. Jack's antagonists included Matt Damon, Britney Spears and Will Arnett. Other noticeable performers included Rip Torn, Parker Posey, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Rosanna Arquette, Tim Curry, Natasha Lyonne, Camryn Manheim, Glenn Close, Madonna, Mira Sorvino, Victor Garber, Richard Chamberlain, Ellen Degeneres, Tom Skerritt, Demi Moore, Kristin Davis, Edie Falco, Seth Green, Traci Lords, Sharon Stone, Piper Laurie, Sara Gilbert, Nicollette Sheridan, Sharon Osbourne, Jason Biggs, Lee Majors, Chita Rivera, Wanda Sykes, Brandon Routh and Jack Black. These are just the ones I can remember.

    Many people came on the show as themselves, often to poke fun at their own celebrity including Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bernhard, Katie Couric, Kevin Bacon, Cher, Al Roker, Candice Bergen, Jame Earl Jones, Barry Manilow, Bebe Neuwirth, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Patti Lupone, Matt Lauer, George Takei, Rip Taylor, Hall & Oates and Josh Lucas.

    The show had few real problems. The first couple of seasons are a little rough as they make numerous pop culture reference from the 1990's that really date the show. And even though it has not been off the air that long, it already feels out of date by certain issues gay marriage) have made strides to where it isn't such a hot topic of controversy anymore. The worst two moments of the show revolved around when Will and Grace debated having a child together. It is possible for a comedy to handle dramatic stories, but both instances the characters shifted to drama for the sake of conflict and contradicts the traditional flow of the series.

    Some shows might have a clip show or an off episode, not this one. This show was always, and consistently, funny; especially from Megan Mullaly as Karen. Pair her with any of the characters for any situation and it was guaranteed to steal the show. It was so popular it eventually replaced 'Friends' as the lead for the once famous NBC Must See TV Thursday. 'Will & Grace' is one of the best sitcoms of the new millennium.
  • Whoa Nelly Season 4 Episode 13

    I love this Episode! How can I watch it online?
  • About the series

    It has great writing episode in season 2, acting for Megan Mullally in season 2 & 8, sean hayes in season 2, Eric McCormack in season 3, Gene Wilder in season 5, Debra Messing in season 5, Bobby Cannavale in season 7 and Leslie Jordan in season 8.
  • Grace asks Will to 'save her' from a date if necessary

    hope someone can help me find an episode I saw last week that made me laugh hysterically and now I want to share it! Grace is meeting a new 'guy' and since she typically ends up overdoing it with the new ones, she gets Will to be at a restaurant where she is meeting the man and sitting at a table with him. If things aren't working well, she will signal Will to save her. Will wants to go home but keeps his promise and stays at the restaurant interrupting them frequently. Hisi table is beside a gets hotter and hotter and starts removing his clothing bit by bit, exposing drenched armpits on his sweater and eventually sits in his undershirt dousing himself with Perrier. omg loved it. Need to find it! HELP!!
  • Question

    I love this sitcom, watch it every day... And my question. Do anybody know, what is the song in season 5, episode 8, when Will brings Grace to Leo? I cannot find it... Many thanx!
  • will & grace

  • Will & Grace

    This is one hilarious show and I've just purchased the Complete Box Set on DVD, just finsihed episode #114 and I must say I already love the characters. Took me years to get to this amazing sitcom, because I was practically a child when the show first ran (born in 1991).

    It also makes up for an interesting viewing experience to watch two of the leading guys being gay which is something not many of the shows would do / dare. The characters are just so colorful, insightful, extremely funny (looking at you Karen). And I am proud to be a viewer to say the least. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this brilliant piece of television. 90's rocked :) 9,0/10
  • Loved how the writers treated gays.

    I mean nothing bad. I thought this show was funny and awesome.GREAT SHOW!!!

    This was the funniest damn sitcom to ever grace the airwaves. I said many times, "I don't want to meet the cast. I wanna meet the writers!" The writers are absolutely certifiable. Such off the wall terrific wit pulled from every genre known to man. I don't care what your interests are - politics - theater or basket weaving - there's a joke for you and it's a highbrow joke and not just toilet humor. The sight gags are hilarious as well. It was VERY well written by brilliantly insane writers and all the regular cast had absolute perfect timing. Just funny, funny, funny. It was very "out there" for it's time in an era where if you were gay you still needed to be in the closet and shut up. The only other "sitcom" type program that I remember really comparing to Will & Grace's non-stop humor was Jack Benny's radio program in the 40's.
  • Will & Grace

    "Will & Grace" was a reminder that television could survive in a post-"Seinfeld" world.
  • Living With Your Best Friend...

    turned out great for WIll and Grace! I love the random wittiness, Karen's bubbly and snotty personality, and the roleplaying here is superb! Everyone's so dramatically humorous on this show... I never got enough of it!
  • A once great, groudbreaking show that is ever rapidly sinking to mediocrity.

    Will & Grace was once upon a time a groundbreaking show. Not one, but two male, homosexual main characters, complimented by two straight female women. The show was never too "stereotypish" with its leads, and really used Will and Grace to show that gay and straight people have the exact same romantic dreams and difficulties. Thrown into the mix were Jack, Will's man-crazy best friend, and Karen, Grace's über-rich assistant who was clueless to how normal people lived and was very liberal with her useage of alcohol and medications. For a good 5 years, this one one of the finest half-hours on television.
    Sadly, the writers painted themselves into some corners with Grace's nuptuals and the ill-conceived concept to have Will and Grace nearly end their friendship over a ditched plan to share a child together. The plots were not well-received, and then they had to scramble to get the characters out of those plot threads. They also started to rely more and more on guest stars as comedic crutches, and even worse, Jack and Karen's quirks, once used to slam home jokes to great effect, became jokes on their own. Eventually, they became charicatures of themselves, to the point where nearly every line from Karen's mouth was somehow related to boozing and popping pills. This overkill has greatly dulled their effectiveness as supporting characters of late. Will and Grace themselves have also crossed the line from "romantically unlucky/picky" to "slightly pathetic and mildly unbelievable."
    Sadly, the audience, including myself, have pretty much abandoned this show, and the network rerun I saw last week did nothing to win me back. I can't grade this show too harshly due to several years of excellence, but they've been no better than a 6/10 the past two years. 2005/06 will be their final year. Here's hoping they can find a way to recapture the magic of the first years, and not leave us with a bad taste in our mouths.
  • One of the last great sitcoms

    These days there are some terrible sitcoms being produced. It seems that Will & Grace was one of the last few truly great TV sitcoms.
    The cast had great chemistry and director James Burrows continuously drew terrific performances from Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes over an incredible 8-year run. Statistics speak for themselves - between this talented foursome they garnered 5 Emmy Awards and 23 nominations. Not to mention the 2000 Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. The plot lines were simplistic, but the clever jokes and the sheer enthusiastic guest stars (Debbie Reynolds, Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Cher and Madonna, to name a few) were second to none.
    Sure, Season 6 was a bit of a downer, but apart from that this series was almost always spot on.
  • I still can't believe it's over...

    Probably my third or second favorite show. It's just so addicting to watch! Once I started I couldn't stop watching it. The plots are always to absorbing and all the characters are hilarious. That's enough to be a good show.

    But I think the main concept that makes it so good is the creativity. It's not just another show of two friends who will end up falling in love at the end. The thing is, is that they can't! That's just a creative twist so it's always addicting to find out how their relation will end up.

    Totally a show to see!
  • Amazingly funny show!

    Will and Grace was such a good show. and i love that i can still watch it everyday. i watch it on Lifetime and sometimes on the CW. plus i have some season dvds. this show was so funny. i loved it because it wasnt just a show about gay people. its about friendships. a lot of my guy friends are gay and we act just like that. just love this show. JUST JACK!!!
  • Great show, Morally right and Funny

    I love this show, it's funny great and smart. They took a brave step of making this show because it had Gay Characters and at the Time America didn't like it or wasn't ready. They opened Americas eyes and People understand these things now. They are Gay Characters on some shows. Loved most of the episode, wish it hadn't ended, would love to get all of the season DVD. The Characters and The story line was great and never went of track, maybe only once, at the ending, but got a little bit on track. Miss the whole show, wish they never ended it, with just eight season and 202 episodes...
  • A wonderfully written show about a gay man named Will who lives with his best friend named Grace. Karen Walker "works" as Grace's assistant at Grace Adler Designs. She loves her booze n' pills. Jack Mcfarland is Karen's flamboyantly gay poodle.

    my all time favorite show. wonderful acting/writing and loveable witty characters. i've never seen a show that had such sophistocated humor in it and is so well written. it was ahead of its time and made such an impact in the gay/lesbian community. i have all the dvds and i still watch all the episodes continueously. its one of those shows that you could never get tierd of no matter how many times you watch. each and every episode is so memorable. i still laugh at all the right places even if i know what comes next its so good that its just as funny even if ive seen it a gajillion times. thats what makes this show stand out from many other sitcoms. its one of a kind and i dont think that theres ever going to be another one like it.
  • Snappy hit about a straight woman and a gay man, nnd jack and karen =]

    Fab-U-louss!! it's amazing you'll never find a funnier show on tv, the characters are so in the role and they're so good at playing their roles in the series. It's so so so so so amazing that after all these years it's bin on air these characters have stayed so strong and true to the role. Megan Mullally's character karen is by far my favourite she's sometimes so awkwardly innapropriate it's amazing to watch the things she gets away with on that show. Grace is also my favorite she is crazy and loopy but she's sweet and fun to watch. Will is so stuck up but it totally works for his character and i lovee him. jack is so gay it's amazing sean hayes hasn't turned playing that rolee. =P
  • Love it!!! Hilarious!!!

    Love it!!! Hilarious!!! This show has been so funny every time i watch it. I love all the characters; Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. Every time i watched it i laugh and that is some thing in my book. The whole plot was great and the actors playing the characters. I love it all and i wish they would bring it back.....hint hint...... for anyone out there who agrees you know what i am talking about. I think the dynamics between the characters made the show what it was. All there is left to say is that this show was and still is my guilty pleasure and its hilarious.
  • Great!

    I love this show ! I can watch it all the time . Mostly because of Karen ! The casting was perfect for everyone , don't get me wrong , but to me Karen is the best . And that voice ! I sometimes start laughin without even hearing the joke ! But there is one episode that I'll never forget when she was scared of cockies and heard them talk but then she realised it was the pencil sharpener and felt relived . I laughed so hard I think people on the street heard me . Thank God someone didn't call 911 thinking I had a seasure .
  • Well, for six and a half years...

    This show definitely tops any sitcom I've ever seen, and maybe even any live action show. Each of the four characters has their own distinct personality. Both Will and Jack are gay but Jack seems more like an effeminate gay stereotype than Will does. Karen is so mean to be so nice, and Grace... well, the show's not called "Will & Grace" for nothing!

    For six and a half years this was a barrel of laughs, but not only of laughs, of an everlasting bond between Will and Grace. Most people say Jack and Karen are the show, but there's a reason it's called Will & Grace. For example, imagine Rocky & Bullwinkle being about Boris and Natasha. Also, remember Joey. I don't really like how Will interferes in Grace's life all the time, but hey, it makes story.

    Anyway, I highly recommend this sitcom, but be warned. In my opinion, after "Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine", the show just became not even close to what it used to be. The eighth season was just terrible IMO, and I didn't like the finale that much, but I guess it was a better finale than the season 6 or 7 finales would have been.
  • will and grace is one of the shows that make you want to live life to the fullest and have fun all the time

    i started watching will and grace about 2 years ago and i watch almost every night the episodes are so funny and i absolutely love love love jack and will when they are together i think that if i had to friends like that in my life i would have it pretty good bc i could laugh non stop forever its so fun to watch them i think that a show like will and grace is one that you cant copy bc it is so ahead of its time its funny but interesting and intriguing its a show that my mom and i make a point to watch together bc all we do is laugh!!

  • Now this is something I can't stop laughing at when I watch it. Long live Will & Grace!!!!!

    Gotta be the funniest comedy show ever thought of. It's actually a gay show, but WHO CARES!!! Even my mom laughed at it VERY HARDLY when she watched it with me once, and every other time after that! It's just too funny! The best and funniest character is definitely the crazy drunk, Karen! But Rosario is EXTREMELY close behind her! The show's about two best friends, Will & Grace. Will's a gay lawyer, and Grace is an interior designer. Will's gay friend's called Jack (they're NOT together, but there was an episode when they wound up in the same bed when they woke up...), and Grace's always-crazy-and-drunk assistant is Karen, who's also Jack's best friend. And Rosario is Karen's maid who hates her the most in the whole world.
    Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen are the quatro that always wound up in trouble within every episode, but they always watch out for each other, and they will ALWAYS make you laugh, whether you're in a good mood or a bad. Honestly, the best comedy in the world, in my opinion! You've just gotta watch it!
  • One of my favorite Tv shows!

    I love Will and Grace i think this show is so funny! It makes me laugh my favorite charactors are Jack, Karen, Will and Grace i mostly like jack his the funniest to me.

    Will and Grace used to date but then Grace found out he was gay cause Will told her but then they became great friends, jack made will believe he was gay and then Will didn't believe he was gay at first when Grace wanted to have sex but he discovered he was gay after jack said he was gay and then he told grace that he was gay at first Grace was upset then they became the best of friends.
  • Will & Grace is a hilarious sitcom about two straight women and two gay men. They're the best of friends. This TV show was hilarious I miss it so much.

    Will & Grace is amazingly funny. It always had a good story line, it always had good jokes and punch lines and it always made you laugh out loud. The actors and actresses did a great job in this T V show. I love how close Will and Grace were friends. I also love how clueless and funny Jack and Karen are. I think this was a real great show that was funny and I miss it. There could never be a show like this thats quite as good because this show is fantastic. Everyone should tune in to the reruns.
  • This was one of the best comedy shows on TV

    Will & Grace is one of the best and i mean best TV shows that has ever been on television. it had style and taste (wow now i am starting to sound like Grace lol) i miss this show so much. i loved all the characters especially Karen and Jack they were so funny together i really wish that Will & Grace was still going on today. well my favorite episode would have to be: i don't know i loved every episode but i loved Karen's random outbursts and insults on graces fashion lol. Will & Grace may have finished but the memory of Will, Grace, Karen, Jack and Rosario will live for a long time.
  • Will and Grace is show about Will Truman, a New York City lawyer, and Grace Adler, a NEw York City designer with her very own company "Grace Adler Designs". The pair are perfect for each other in every way but one, Will is gay and Grace is straight!

    Before I really got into sitcoms, this was just another show on a fridsay night to skip past and ignore, I was so so so so wrong to do that. Will and Grace is an aboslute diamond in the golden crown of sitcoms. Throughout its eight seasons it continuously delivered gripping storylines and hilarious one liners, pairings and slapstick.
    However, to me this show seems under-rated. I was recently on Wikipedia looking at Will and Grace only to find that its ratings didn't hold a patch on sitcoms like Friends and Fraser while I was under the impression that it was up there with them! I was disappointed to find this but did not push myself away from it as I still enjoyed it. Jack and Karen are excellent "supporting characters" as they are sometimes referred but together they all make the show work, if you havn't seen it already, get out there and watch it!! In my opinion it is one of the best shows to be on T.V. and it is a shame it had to end.

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