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  • best show ever !!!!!!!!!!

    Two gay boys, two straight women , that's it will and grace.
    Fabulous characters!! Hilarious ! I cant's stop watching it over and over!
    Karen and jack are just so funny living a life so "not" real in wich money is the king and liquor is the queen besides jack
    The friendship between will and grace is soooo amazing!!
    I love all about the show, the design, the fashion, the singing wich are "unforgettable" and of course the actors who are all (even the maid rosario in her way...) so beautiful and talented!!!!!!
    The episodes where stars play in it are fantastic ( demi more, cher, kevin bacon, barry manilow, madonna etc....)

    I miss them!!!
  • Great show. Now one of my favorites.

    It SHOULD be hard for me to laugh at a show about homosexuals since I do have a brother who is gay himself. But this show isn't being racist against them. This is a very funny show and all the actors and actresses are very good. My personal favorite role is Karen, because her voice is extremely annoying but it gives her a personalty. Even my brother who's gay finds this funny. Homosexuals shouldn't be offended by this, because in a way, it's supporting them. I suggest watching it from the beginning like I did, because if you watch a random episode that's far in the series, it's pretty hard to understand.
  • "Will and Grace" is a show mainly about the realtionships between a straight woman and her gay ex boyfriend. A show that I wished ended homosexual streotypes, but it just continued it.

    "Will and Grace" is a show about a straight woman and her realationship with her gay ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend has a roomate Jack who is a struggling gay actor. There is also a fourth character Karen who is married to a rich man who is never seen.

    "Will and Grace" is a very intersting show because of its theme of homosexuallity. But, it doesn't use that theme to its advantage. "Will and Grace" just reuses the same streotype of a gay man. I tell myself to just get joke and not be too serious. Boy, thats hard to do. "Will and Grace" is funny but, when I'am laughing I feel bad because it just uses streotypes. "Will and Grace" also is very good performance wise. It has great preformances by Eric McCormack and Debra Messing. "Will and Grace" reuses streotypes but, has great preformances. I forgot to mention that its also well-written.
  • Hilarious!

    Great jokes, great characters. There is not much drama in this show, but that does not matter. However, there is somekind of a storyline and it is great. Who does not love when Jack enters the room with his self-absorbed humour? Or what about Karen's even more selfish comments and remarks about Grace's hair, body or clothes? The serious Will and wild Grace. The two of them go perfectly together and the actors playing them are great. The show repeats its jokes sometimes and it might get too boring with all those gay jokes. But most of the jokes are very funny. Other than that, Will and Grace is a wonderful show.
  • Gay and strait twists

    Nice show, really funny. I know i used to watch them and the friends all the time. But, for me The Friends are better... Will and Grace, two friends, share their lives, apartment, loves(??). I almost forgot Karen and Jack, one of the most hilarious characters of all TV show!! Who knew that this show will last for so long. At the beginning it has some minor problems for adjusting to the viewers, but everything turns out OK. I loved it, and i happily remember those funny scenes from the episodes. Four characters, totally different, but on the other hand so similar are brought up together. Two of them are gay ( man) and other two are straight, but i think that Karen sometimes shows bisexual interests...:) So, it's a great show, funny, it has a special charisma that appeals viewers all over the world. This show found it's way to be different and to make it's way through rough way of glory, and they are really great! YAY, for them:)
  • why i love will and grace

    i fell in love with will & grace from the first time it aired here in france. unfortunately for me, the airing was chaotic and stopped around the third season. i was so mad. i had bought the first season on tapes (yes tapes were still existing at that time lol) and watched it over and over. last summer i bought the rest of the series and my summer was spent watching the show. i was so happy to finally be able to indulge in one of my favorite shows.
    the characters are so funny and even if i love will and grace, jack and karen are my favorite. especially karen, i love her, she's hilarious!!! after i watched the finale, the song unforgettable was stuck in my head for days, that is one of my favorite scenes of the show for sure.
    i often watch it again and make up for all the time i couldn't watch. will & grace are part of history tv, i think!
  • A comdey show that managed to last a lot longer than what some people thought.

    Will & Grace, Karen & Jack. Those names just speak volumes from a comdey stand point. Will & Grace were the main characters, Will being the gay one, while Grace was more staight. Some how, although you know what it was going to be like, you didn't know what it was going to be like. Will was a stereotypical gay man, not over the top, but the hint was there.
    Personally the show felt more like Karen and Jack, since those two managed to keep the laughs coming ragardless of if the scene was serious or what not. Karen is very much a spolit woman who lives in a mansion and is able to afford every luxury possible, she also loves her wine, among other things. Jack is more... Eccentric gay and that just keeps the laughs coming due to the eccentic-ness of him.
    The whole show was funny and warming and I was glad that when it left our screens it left on a high.
  • I'm straight and i love this show!!! :D :D :D

    Will & Grace is a great show and will continue to be so even after its gay theme loses its novelty. The writing is usually great, sometimes exceptional, the hour long flashback episode was the best thing I saw in the 2000/2001 TV season. But I would credit the cast most of all. Eric McCormack is (comparatively) subtle and nuanced as Will, Megan Mullally bizarre and sharp as Karen, but I reserve my highest praise for Debra Messing and Sean Hayes. Hayes' Jack is endlessly energetic, always plotting, and watching Hayes' performance is like watching a Van Halen guitar solo, almost too fast to follow but every note perfect. Debra Messing's Grace seems to be the character that everything happens to, and you can see every bit of it on her face. Her bio tells of her extensive arts education, and it shows. If there's ever been another Lucille Ball, it would have to be Debra Messing. Will & Grace has all the necessary sitcom ingredients: interesting situations, hilarious comedy, and characters you care about.
  • A comedy show about a Straight women, Grace and a Gay man,Will. The two best friends live together and are always hanging around with another two people, Jack who is also gay and their is Karen, Graces assistant.

    Will and Grace is one of the funniest shows known to television. I started watching it and i didnt think that I would like it because its not the sort of thing I like to watch and I thought it was a company who tried to copy friends but then the rest of my family started watching it and I gradually came to like it, but I think it should be called the Jack and Karen show and put more of them two in it because in my opinion it occasionally gets a bit boring with just Will and Grace. But I really love watching this and i turn over the channel when its on. I even have series 1-6 boxset on DVD and i watch them quite often or when i have time. Well done Will and Grace.
  • the cleverest and fasted jokes on tv !

    Well after just buying season 7 on DVD (I already have 1-6) its time to express my love for this show!
    Will & Grace is one of the funniest sit-coms ever.. the jokes are clever, witty and foremost very original !!
    You really have to pay attention especially if english is not your native language.. jokes are quick, they (especially Jack) speak fast en use a lot of references to modern pop culture.. So if you've never heard of Sarah Jesssica Parker or have seen Cold Case some jokes will be wasted on you..
    All 4 of these actors are fantastic..of course you have to love Karen Walker.. this woman is hilarious !! One of the best characters on tv at that time.. and deservingly winning 2 Emmys !!
    I think the secret of the show is that these 4 are such good friends in real life and have so much fun doing this show. The gag-reel/bloopers on the DVDs (which you can find as well on youtube) are a hoot ! In real life they are just as, if not, funnier than on the show !!
  • Cant get enough, shame its ending.

    This is the funniest show currently running, Karen (megan Mullally) just gets funnier each time. I think its great they managed to keep the main characters for the entire run. My favorite Karen moment has to be when the bartender told her it was time to settle her bar tab as she agreed one month or two thousand dollar whichever came first, and she said has it been a month already to which he replied NO!, classic Karen. The other characters are funny too but I dont think the show would have lasted this long without Karen. Looking forward to the re-runs

    Unfotunately it has ended and the re-runs havent started yet, why do they show all the other trash over and over but not this
  • Absolutely hilarious!

    Will and Grace is about the relationship of two best friends. The two characters Will and Grace are great and the natural chemistry between the two is just beautiful. Will is the gay best friend every girl wants. But my personal two favorite characters are Karen and Jack. Karen is a pill popping, always drunk, over-opinionated millionaire. Her sarcastic remarks always crack me up. Jack on the other hand is a selfish, over-the-top flamboyant "actor" who gets along famously with Karen. He thinks he is gods gift to men and its excellent. I could watch his scenes over and over again! OMG how great would it be if "JACK TALK" was a real show?? Lol. Every episode cracks me up!
  • Will & Grace is one of the best NBC shows.

    As decent and amusing as it, Will & Grace can be dissapointing. I mean, I've only watched about twenty episodes, but it can become a bit too boring after a while. I only started watching it about three years ago and I am currentlty watching the final season on Channel 4 every Wednesday. I just cannot wait until the finale, and when it ends I will buy the first season and work it up from there. Great show, it should not be forgotten. The best character is Grace as she is down-to-earth, pretty and funny. Karen comes next, she is feisty and funny. Jack, Will and all the others come close, but you just cannot beat this show and Grace herself...
  • Brilliantly funny!

    There was something about Will & Grace! Yes, it was a so called gay tv show" and yes, it was sometimes over the top but personally, Ï've rarely laughed as much as in the 25 odd minutes the show was on - every week! It was cliche after cliche but that was okay 'cause it was never boring! After Will & Grace everybody seemed to have a gay man/woman in their show, so it has moved some barriers! The two side kicks Karen & Jack was more than often more funny than Will & Grace themselves and it was the dynamic of the foursome that made it through season after season
  • i love will and grace it is the best

    will and grace is the best show in the world jack is so cute and him and caren are so funny i like the way that jack awalys makes fun of will, grace is a good chartcer too! all and all a great show to watch every one i know watches this show i think that it is a trend setter i whatch it on you tube its a great show plus i think that will is hot along with nat wolff so funny and cute and cool to it is so good i cant think of any thing eles to say about it
  • Will & Grace was and to me still is a fantastic show that should never be forgotten.

    I remember the first time I saw a Will & Grace episode, I must of been 15 at the time, I had just got back from a family party and I jumped into bed and switched on the TV and started looking for a show that would send me to sleep. During my channel hopping I stopped on a show that featured a woman with a high-pitched voice with a drink in her hand insulting another woman, I was immaediately drawn in. Line after line, I found myself starting to love the show, almost every joke had me cracking up with laughter, a feat which many shows cannot do. There was something about the show that seemed so wrong, the tone of the jokes and the conversations, the characters crazy personalities and the fact that one of the main characters was gay But at the same time it all seemed so right, everything went together perfectly, I knew I wanted see more of this show and so my love of Will & Grace began.

    Will & Grace is one of those shows that you either love or hate, there's no in-between. It's one of those rare shows, to me anyway, that had such a fantastic writing team, every episode has a least one line that is hilarious. Another sitcom I like, Friends, had a great cast, but the writing for it is nothing compared to Will & Grace. I love shows with intelligent scripts, they make you appreciate the show in so many ways and grateful that you had the chance to watch them. Other than scripts every show needs a cast, and Will & Grace's is one of few that has original and memorable members.

    Will is a gay lawyer who lives with his best friend Grace, who is a straight designer, doesn't sound very special right? But both of these characters have so much more depth to them. Will's constant insecurity and controlling nature and Grace's poor fashion sense and obsession with food make both of them relatable and much more complex than most dud TV character's nowadays. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing bring both characters to life fantastically, their on-screen chemistry is fantastic and it is rare to find such talented actors. I'll admit that in the later seasons both characters seemed to become a bit more....'Jack-and-Karen-like' if you will, but I will always remember them as the best non-romantic couple of all time. Ever show needs their side-kicks, but for some people these 2 'side-kicks' are the show for them.

    Jack, who is also gay is Will's best friend. To be honest, I didn't really like Jack at first, his major flamboyancy and over the top acting was a turn off to me. Looking back I think my 'fear' of becoming gay as a teenager was what made me dislike his character, but as I watched the show more and got to understand gay culture alot better I realised they're human just like the rest of us, which in turn made me see Jack in a different light, under all the attitude and fake tan he's just a regular guy. That's what I love about Will & Grace, it took away my narrow mindedness about gay people and changed my attitude for the better. Jack, although probably my least favourite of the four, is so loveable and definitely someone who will be difficult to forget, just like my favourite character.....

    Where do I start? Karen Walker to some is evil-personified, to some she's an alcoholic maniac, but to me she's all that and more. Karen is, to me, one of a few characters who you can love no matter what she does or says, she is who she is and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Aslong as there's a drink in her hand and pills in her pocket she can take on anyone. The writing team were very kind to Karen, she had some of the series best lines and would often steal the show. Megan Mullally manages to bring Karen to life so scarily well that I was totally shocked to find in real life that she was so demure and intelligent, that just shows you what a bloody good actress she is. Personally I wouldn't of even known Will & Grace if it wasn't for Karen, she could well be my favourite character of all time.

    I love all of the cast, their respective pairings, Will & Grace and Jack & Karen, have such fantastic chemistry on screen, you sometimes have to step-back and remember you're watching a TV show. The cast and the writers of this show deserve to, and must, go on to do great things.

    It's such a shame that Will & Grace ended as it was, and still is, my favourite show of all time. I urge you to take a chance on this show if you have yet to watch it. Forget it's a show that takes alot from gay-culture, that does nothing but good for the show, this show will make you appreciate it so much and, if you're anything like I was, alter your opinions on gay people for the better.

    That's how groundbreaking this show was for me, and I hope in years to come it does the same for many others aswell.

    Here's to Will & Grace, a show that will be in my heart forever.
  • Great actors, and I always ROFL!!!!!

    What an awesome show everything from the cast to the story line is hilarious. All of them are hilarious... I luv how well Eric McCormick and Sean Hayes play gay guys... They ae so funny. Debra Messing is also really funny.. Megan Mullaly, is so funny. She and the rest of the cast are really convincing. I really have enjoyed all the seasons and was really sad when they took it off the air. I mean for it being such a great show and all!! Hopefully the four of them find other ways to live happily and fulfill their lives and careers!!!
  • Will & Grace!

    This is my favorite comedy show. I could watch the same episode over and over and still laugh at Karen's remarks about Grace's clothes, or Jack's show "Just Jack". The writers were remarkable for this series. Every character was unique and was funny in their own way. I would have to say that Karen is my absolute favorite character. She's witty and sarcastic. But I love Jack, Will, and Grace as well. I'm sorry that this show couldn't go on forever, because no matter what, it always made you laugh. I'm glad that channels play reruns because I love watching this comedy. Sucha classic!
  • why will and grace should come back.

    Will and Grace is a hysterical tv series where it doesn't matter if you haven't ever seen an episode of it, it still makes you laugh and enjoy the half hour. I love the crazy things that happen, and even though will is gay I've always been a bit of a Will and Grace Shipper :) haha.
    but anyways. my mom and i always sit down and watch this show together, and when its on we tell each other. this show is kinda like mother daughter time for us :)
    its pretty cool. i still like watching reruns but i'd rather have new episodes.
    that is why they should bring it back, it brings a steady environment and gaurenteed laughes.
  • This series was awesome.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Will & Grace for every season. Though in Australia it was difficult to keep up because the crazy broadcasters thought it was ok to chop and change all over the place. One week you were watching the new series and then bang - back to re-runs, then it wouldn't be on for months.

    I have now purchased the whole DVD set and am currently making my way through the whole lot again - in sequence :)

    Personally I think the show is brilliant, concept great and the writers really do have an awesome sense of humour. It certainly would not have been the same without Jack & Karen, in fact they are my favourite. I oftened wondered why it wasn't the Jack & Karen show.......

    Favourite parts that spring to mind usually contain Jack
    the oops I did it again dance....
    Micky D's Chucky Cheese KFCs
    Jack 2000 & Just Jack
  • Two best friends, one straight, one gay and their friends another gay and an alcoholic sarcastic assistant.

    This show ran for 8 seasons and finished in 2005, and followed the antics of gay Lawyer Will, and his friend/housemate, Grace. Sometimes the show would concentrate more on Karen and Jack. Karen was a high pitched alcoholic rich b***h and loved nothing more to criticise Grace and her maid Rosario, which often added to the humour as she reached for her pills of bottles to calm herself, excellent. It had lots of famous cameos, from Sandra Bernhadt, Kevin Bacon, Gene Wilder and Harry Connick jr, to name a few, it went at the right time before one could get bored of it, but W&G would always be funny, even if Karen often stole the limelight.
  • A completely hysterical series about 2 best friends who dated until one admitted he was gay!Will and Grace are still very close and have many laughs with their 2 friends Karen and Jack.This will have you rolling on the floor in laughter.

    This show is so effortlessly funny and quirky it is pure comedy.When I first seen the show I was blown over and I can relate to it so much which sounds odd but the jokes are completely up my street.The makers of this show should be proud of this genius piece of work which reaches out to all ages.Some people have opinions of which character is the funniest and entertaining but there is no denying all of them are pure comedy and the script has been written excellently to create happiness and sadness in a funny and quirky way.Despite the characters clashing personalities they are so well suited and just click so much you have to love them!
  • The best show ever on tv

    This show is the best sit-com ever. Grace adler a 'smart' interior designer lives with will trueman, a smart lawyer. However there is a little twist, wills gay Together with their friends jack mcfarland an egotistical gay man and karen a rich big breasted woman who will insult anytthing that has feelings, they embark on wild adventures from dating to marrige over 8 vibrat season of pure unadulturated fun and laughter it really is to be watched
  • A show that meant so much to so many!

    Will and Grace was a groundbreaking show in so many areas that it almost impossible to name them all! Funny,witty,sarcastic,bathroom humor,Will and Grace was truly a series that had something for everyone in more ways than that could be counted. The acting,the directing, and the scripts were just about as perfect as you could get for a television show! It never failed to amaze me that this show was as fresh in the final episode as in the first! Something that very few shows with as long a run as Will and Grace had, could baost of. And finally,they ended this one with just the most wonderful note! It is a shame that a few other long running shows could not have gone into the sunset with such class and style!
  • Two friends, one being a gay man, going through life in New York City.

    I love this show! It is extremely funny with everything that is happening. The two main characters, Will and Grace, met in college. At first Grace falls for Will and begin dating until Will finally realizes that he is gay The show starts when they are roommates years later and Will had justed ended a long term relationship. Also, they showcase their friend Jack, who is also gay and Grace's bossy and booze drinker, Karen. They go through what adults do, which is finding the right partner and dealing with crazy older parents.Even though it ended, it is still one of my favorites.
  • Hilarious!!

    I don't think there will ever be another show quite like this silly, funny, outragously bold tv show. Each episode had me laughing at one of Jack's jokes or Karen's wit with Grace. The friendship, love and romance on this show brought me back each week to see what was going to happen next. The relationship the will and grace have is precious and doesn't happen everyday. Go find a frined and crawl up on the couch to watch this wonderful comedy togeter. My favotite line from this show was from Jack when he was trying to make is own show "Just Jack!"
  • Will and Grace is one of the greatest shows to air on tv. This show finds a way to combine friendship, love, care, humor, and life skills all in only 4 characters who are all totally different and are always there for each other-when needed or not at all!

    Will and Grace is a series about 4 friends who go through life. They are not always the greatest and sometimes get into life-altering fights. Will and Grace met in college- at Columbia and will came out to grace right after he proposed to her. Once they forgave each other, they were great friends. I could see this series as one of a kind. The cast, was also one of a kind.

    The cast includes Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and recurring role as the maid Rosario Salazar- Shelley Morrison. I think the writes are genius and the jokes always are funny, if it's the kind of laugh out loud or a smile kind of funny.

    This show shouldn't have ended that quick yet it was good that it didn't end horribly after too long where the ending isn't closing to people. Each cast member has moved on. Some, like Eric and Sean, took a break and just spent time with their family. Others, like Debra and Megan have continued acting and other shows. Debra stars in movies such as wedding date, Eric produced the show "Lovespring International" and Sean has done voice-overs and Megan has starred in movies like Stealing Harvard and Rebound and even produced a talk show, The Megan Mullally Show, which sadly was cancelled, and she is married. Will and Grace was cancelled in 2006- but let's keep will and grace alive forever!!!!!
  • Great chemistry. The interaction never got old. Loved the word play. And the way the characters fed off of each other. Classic.

    This was an original concept that blew the doors off the situation comedy genre, taking the limitations to the max. I credit this show with pumping life back into the situation comedy genre. Light at times and tastefully in depth when the story line called for it. This show single handedly changed society's viewpoint on gay people and their lifestyles. The gay "Cosby Show" so to speak. This has got to be one of my all time favorite shows. The truth is Jack, Will, Grace and Karen could have spin offs to thier own show. If written with as much talent as this show was, I am sure they could all be hits.
  • An awesome show about four best friends - two gay two straight

    I started watching this show at the beginning of 2006 - I was flicking through the channels late at night on my freeview in my bedroom, and stopped on LivingTV as there was nothing else on. And I thought it seemed pretty funny. After that day, I'd watched it as much as I could - I even got my parents into loving the series! So sad that it's ended =[
  • What a fantastic show

    This is definatley one of my favourite shows of all time. Im so upset that the series has ended!

    It follows the lives of two best friends, Will Trueman, a gay lawyer, and Grace Adler, a married interior designer. It also features their two best friends Jack McFarland, a gay actor/ dancer/ singer, and Karen Walker, who married her ex-husband Stan for his money.

    The series follows their lives, from dating to marriage, to having children, to getting fired and hired. It includes many famous guest stars such as Britney Spears, Matt Damon, Blythe Danner, Minnie Driver, Alec Baldwin and Debbie Reynolds.

    I give this series a firm 10 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone.
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