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  • This is the best crazy comedy as I call it, it's so crazy, but so funny at the same time.

    I advise you not to eat while watching this funny TV Show, because you will choke on yur food, that's how funny my Will & grace is!!!if they had a sin-off called Jack and Karen, OMG, I would flip, because I think that they are the true stars of the Show!!!...they are so lazy and wonderful, you just feel like watchig them 24/7, I love watching when I'm sad or down, because it gets me laughing so quick, I forget about my problems, an that feeling is so good!!!So if you don't watch this show for whatever reason, your missing one of the best comedies ever made in the history of television!!!
  • A wonderful half hour of continuos laughs per minute. Gay lawyer Will Truman, his best friend straight Grace Adler, their friends freeloading (also gay Jack, sarcastic Karen and her tough as nails housekeeper Rosario.

    When Will and Grace came to the screen in September 1998 it broke so many barriers and changed so many personas of the typical gay man. Will was not an AIDS infected, ditsy, club hopping uneducated flake. The succesful lawyer Will, his best friend the designer Grace, their egocentric, flamboyant friend Jack, narcissist Karen and her housekeeper the hard as nails Rosario made up the regular cast of the half hour show.

    A truly funny, cutting edge comedy was born. The jokes were fresh, witty and came at you so fast you were glued to the screen from the start of an episode to the end. The story line forever evolved taking us from immature best friends to married couples and finally parents with students at the same college.

    A show that will go down as a true classic of an era.
  • One of the all time greats!

    How could you not love this show? I miss the show a lot too. Who could not love Grace's gross habits or Will's ocd? And then there is Karen who is one of my all time favorite people of all time! Jack is, of course, a crazy but wonderful character. I absolutely love to quote this show as often as I possibly could. There are so many classic moments, ranging from Will and Grace playing pyramids or Jack and Karen getting into trouble. I don't think that will ever be a show that can even come close to the comedy and beauty of the show.
  • Hilarious, intelligent and poignant - Will and Grace depicts the sort of spirited friendships we all wish to have, but seldom achieve.

    Will and Grace is a beautiful show and, in some ways, too sophisticated for sitcom. The humour from the four wonderful leads - Will, Grace, Jack and Karen - is derived from characterisation, as opposed to the tried-and-tested formula and strained one-liners.

    Running 8 years, this show had terrific long term characterisation and development. Jack and Karen are considered by many to be the real stars of the show, but as individuals Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally all shine with wonderful comic timing. However, the team was lucky enough to have some awesome returning characters - notably crazy Val and tiny Beverely, Karen's nemesis.

    I honestly feel that Will and Grace is one of the only shows where the writing was consistently excellent across every season. The writers did everything right, and the series 8 finale is a supreme finale - very poignant, brilliantly funny, and evocative. I think the only real problem with the show is the heavy reliance on guest stars, notably in season 5. This could have been a conscious descision behind the scenes to maintain the show's energy, but in my opinion, it was severely misguided and lead to a backlash from some critics. Admittedly, guest starring episodes, such as those with Matt Damon and Glenn Close, were hilarious; others, however, such as those with Maddonna and Demi Moore, were not. In fact, the latter episodes were remarkably dreary and unfunny, partly due to the staggeringly inept performances.

    However, in the final series, things returned to normal and there were very few guest stars. This shifted the focus back on our favourite four protagonists. Will and Grace, in summary, can be defined in one word: unique. The chemistry between the characters is truly enchanting and captivating, and the writing consistently intelligent and witty. After 8 amazing years, the show will be missed by millions of gay and straight fans all over the world.
  • Where did all the great sitcoms go?!

    Will & Grace is my personal favourite of all the '90's sitcoms. It's another show I avoided for years for no good reason before giving it a shot and it really had a lot to offer. The characters were fairly original - apart from Jack who was a little stereotyped to say the least but I felt that will provided a good balance. I had never seen a character even remotely like Karen on another TV show though and I would probably never like to encounter someone like her in the real world but she was great to watch on TV! I miss Will & Grace because the sitcoms that have came out of this era such as Hope & Faith or The War at Home, whilst being OK to watch in a there's-nothing-else-on situation, don't quite compare to the ground-breaking sitcoms of the '90's like this one. Maybe there will be another like it some day!
  • Incredibly funny program that can be enjoyed by gays and straights alike

    I have to admit I never watched this show on its original run, but I don't watch a lot of shows when they first come out. All I remember is hearing some things about a show featuring gay characters in starring roles. That of course hasn't been donme a lot in TV history. But hey, I'm a straight man, no need to watch that when there's a basketball or hockey game on. But I did start to watch this show on Lifetime when I tuned in to watch Frasier. This show is HILARIOUS! I could do without the flaming queen Jack, but then again, I guess he has his moments. Megan Mullaly as squeaky voiced socialite/b**** Karen Walker is absolutely hysterical. The whole show is a good, funny and appealing ensemble comedy, well worth watching in reruns.
  • Two gay men, and their friends, two straigt women, share great experiences involving their social, love, family, and friends life in New York City.

    Will & Grace probably has the best writing in any comedy on American television. Yes, it is a sitcom, with a laugh track, but is a lot more intelligent and witty then any other show on television today. There are over a dozen sitcoms on network television today that use recycled jokes, which you can always predict before you hear. Will & Grace does not only have great jokes, but has the best portrayal of real life between friends. This is a wonderful show that everyone should give a chance.
  • This show is so funny, I laugh till I cry every single time I watch "Will & Grace". This show lasted a while don't you think. I have seasons 1-6 and their all the good old Will & Grace episodes that were so funny. I love all the characters and the show.

    I liked the series finale when Will and Grace and Jack and Karen where they were in the same room and Karen said: you don't have any Vodka and Will said: their is some on the counter and Karen drank the whole bottle of Vodka and everyone froze. I give this show 6 out of 6 stars.
  • There goes on hell of a show.....

    8 seasons of Will and Grace and I feel like there could have been 8 more.

    These are truly memorable characters, and the show's format was virtually set never to fade. Why? Because following the weekly antics of these 4 characters was just plain fun. It was a shame to see the show go, but understandable. However, if there was a reunion or some "special" episodes, I would be the first one to watch! :)

  • I LOVE this show! 2 Best friends living in New York, Grace a straight interior designer & Will a gay lawyer.. hilarous

    Will and Grace has 4 main characters, Will, Grace, Karen and Jack, all living in New York. Karen is Grace's assistant. She's loud, oppinionated, constantly taking pills and drinking alchohol, best friends with Jack, one of Will's best friends, From when he and Will met at collage, it was clear to Jack.. Will was gay something that had never occured to Will. Will and Grace, boyfriend and girlfriend in collage went their seperate ways when Will "came out" only to be reunited and eventually became room mates, with plenty of ups and downs Will and Grace is a cutting edge comedy/drama which always makes me giggle.
  • Will and Grace are two best friends living in New York City. Will is gay and Grace is straight, but their friendship knows no bounds. Joining the amazing cast of characters is Will's gay friend Jack and Grace's hysterical yet alcoholic assistant.

    There has never been an episode of Will and Grace that did not make me laugh. I can really identify with the character Grace. My mother always says that she can see me as her when I move to New York City. During high school I had a very close friend who could easily pass as Jack's twin. Everytime I watch Will and Grace, I think of him and it puts a smile on my face. I love how the character's compliment each other. Without Will, there is no Grace. And the same applies to Karen and Jack. But not only that, Will and Grace's relationship is a lot different, but at the same time very similar to the relationship between Karen and Jack. I love the jokes and the one liners that come out of each of the characters mouths. Will and Grace is definitely what I watch when I need a good laugh.
  • Will and Grace is a show about four friends. The cast includes two gay guys, an alcholic, and a red head. And all the interesting things they do and say, that make your laugh.

    This show keeps your very enternied. It is always funny to watch about what they are going to say about certain things. Jack always is so hallious. Karen is always drunk and has a husband which we never see and two step children which we don't ever see either. Grace is bubbly interinor designer, who's assistant is Karen. Will is a lawyer, bussiness man type, kinda uptight. It's just interesting what the whole cast will do next to get a laugh out of the audienace. I thought that the finale was good, kinda going into the future, having Will and Grace and their kids meet just like the did years before. This is a good show to watch, keeping your entertained.
  • LOVE IT!!

    this isnt my favourite show and it kind of seems like a copy of friends but i still love it. its about to room mates will and grace (in which will is gay who have their ups and downs and their to close friends karen (who works for grace) and jack (who is their gay best friend) this show is great and i love all the episodes i have seen. i still think some episodes just seem a bit like friends but i am sad that it's ended :( and i wish they kept it going like to 10 seasons like friends.
  • It's great.

    Will is such a scream. I love him. I could easily marry a man like that. And Grace, I just adore her too. This is such a great show. Everyone should see it. It's hilarious. I have all the episodes on DVD and I think I've seen each one like a hundred times. When I finally get a break, I hope I can do a show like Will and Grace. I'm sure all my friends in WEHO would just drop dead to see me. I gotta go and do my work out at the 24 hour fitness so toodles for now.
  • This was a wonderful show

    I'm going to miss this show like crazy. I guess the re-runs are going to have to tide me over. I love every single character on the show. My favorite by far was Karen. I think she is absolutely hillarious. She is the most outragious yet loveable charater. My 2nd favorite was Grace. She is kinda kooky and goofy, but you gotta love her. The only thing I didn't like about the show was they portrayed Grace as being needy and kind of a bed hopper. She always had a new man in her life and if she didn't she was miserable. But some people are like that. But this a nice show.
  • this show is a two thumbs up !!! i cant believe the way they got this show to air... this show makes my night every night!!

    the way that the director or whoever put this show together is amazing.. the way that they got a gay gay livin with a straight women who was in love with him and there best friend is another gay guy .. i mean there is just so much about this show that is exquizid no matter if i put the tv on and will and grace is on but its a repeat i cant help but watch because even if i seen the episode 100 times i can watch it again and still laugh like it was the first time i watched it... and that is amazing!!!
  • The Funniest show on television... It's a shame it ended :(

    Definately my all-Time favourite comedy out of all comedies on all the other networks today. This should be a lesson to all of us: Gay comedy makes one of the most pleasant viewing opportunities :) and makes you very happy lol.

    Anyway, the years we spent with Will, Grace, Karen, jack and Rosario are never going to be forgotten. I have only the season 6 DVD boxset but i plan on buying them all!

    Will And Grace RuLeZ!!
  • Who does'nt LOVE Will & Grace its such a classic sitcom with amazing actors/actresses, whats not to like??

    I grew up with will & Grace as did most people and must have driven my family crazy with my obsession with a gay man and his room mate but they were not only funny but sometimes tackled real things, but in doing this put it in a funny light. I belive that not only credit should be given to the amazing Eric McCormack and Debra Messing (Will & Grace), Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes(Karen & Jack) but James Burrows the Director, who with out, this amazing long running comedy would have never happend!

    Plot Outline: Will and Grace live together in an apartment in New York. He's a gay lawyer, she's a straight interior designer.

    With a gay lawyer and a straight interior desighner who could go wrong, but with a drunken 40+ bimbo and her gay boy toy Karen and Jack just put a little spice into a already saucy tv show!
  • Will and Grace forever...

    Will and Grace is a famous TV show about tow best friends Will (who's gay) and Grace. It was very funny, full of funny plot lines, crazy events and much much more. I didn't watch it that much, but it was still very funny. Too bad it ended, at least it lasted long.
  • I need my Will & Grace daily fix everyday! =)

    I love Will & Grace! This show is truly amazing! I love every episode, the characters are so funny and entertaining, especially Karen Walker. She’s hilarious to watch, and I love her pill popping ways! I wish we could have got to see Stan Walker before the show ended, but I guess they wanted to leave it mysterious. Will & Grace are so cute together, Their great as best friends. And Jack…well what can I say, He's So Cute!! and I can't get enough of the whole “Just Jack” thing! The acting is great in this show, and I wish it was still on air! I will miss you, Will & Grace.
  • A fantastic show!

    I think that Will & Grace was a very brave show, and I think that the channel that broadcasted it took a huge chance on picking it up.

    Will & Grace is extremely funny, but sometimes it can be predictable and lame. But that won't stop me from still enjoying this funny and original show.

    Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally are soooo funny, and it must have been extremely hard for the casting people to find such talented actors/actresses, such as these two, who are willing to do just about anything!

    I also like that the show has it's sad bits, and doesn't ruin them with an annoying comment that makes it funnier, like Friends.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Friends, but I like Will & Grace's serious moments more.

    A great show!

  • I don't know what saying about Will & Grace... It's the best show of all times... I LOVE WILL & GRACE VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH...

    Will, Grace, Jack and Karen... 4 very different people, but together the funniest characters of the television... I love so much Grace Adler and Karen Walker... I don't have words to describ this amazing, amazing show... I love it as a big friend. It deserved all the 17 Emmy Wins and should have won many more... Why they have never won a Golden Globe? Sometimes I think the HFPA is very crazy...
  • A great show.

    Will and Grace are best friends who share similar interests such as a fetish for French films and playing poker. Of course, both come with baggage, namely Grace's "employee" Karen and Will's old friend Jack.

    BRIEF HISTORY:As of 2005, "Will & Grace" has been nominated for 49 Emmys, 24 Golden Globes, fourteen SAG Awards and six People's Choice Awards. Among its 12 Emmy wins, the show won as Outstanding Comedy Series in 2000. In 2002 and 2003, it had more Emmy nominations than any other comedy series. Additionally, it's been nominated for an American Comedy Award, three GLAAD Media Awards and a Founders Award from the Viewers for Quality Television.
    STARS: * Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland * Eric McCormack as Will Truman * Debra Messing as Grace Adler * Shelley Morrison as Rosario * Megan Mullally as Karen Walker * Michael Angarano as Elliot
  • This is my favorite show ever!!!!

    This has been my favorite show ever since I first saw it a couple years ago. I have probably seen just about every episode about a million times but they still make me laugh. I love all the characters! They all crack me up.
    My favorite is Jack. He always finds something funny to say. He and Karen were so great together. I also love the relationship that Will and Grace shared. Though I have to say that I liked it best when the 4 were together. Those were my favorite episodes. I was so sad when I heard that they were cancelling it but I liked how they ended it. I think that they could have ended it better but, I still thought the finale was good.
  • The first

    Probably one of the first prime time comedy shows that brought the issues of homosexuality into our living rooms and did it well. They could bring all the drama and important issues to light about this topic while still keeping the comedy and the heart of the show. With a cast that realyl complimented each other through out all eight seasons it was a joy to watch, especially the antics and natural chemistry of Will and Grace.
  • OoooOoooOoooh your mah beast friend. The fabulous 4 WILL, GRACE, KAREN and of course JACK . The glue that held our eyes to the screen !! !! !!

    Will and Grace ? Well...I guess my classification says it all this show was such a hit it will reign in TV stardom for ever more. With the best one liners and most outrageous cameos this show was a true COMEDY.

    We first met Will and Grace in a relationship struggle, Will had just broken up with his longtime partner and Grace was in a unknowingly dead-end realtionship. We then were introduced to the BEST supporting duo in the history of comedy Karen and Jack.

    The Storyline
    Will and grace followed the named characters throughout there lifes in New York City. Grace a bright young interior designer and will a fantastic up and coming lawyer who had the world at there feet. They were perfect for each other except for one slight indiffrence Will was gay an Grace was straight. They were kept well in the Comedy shape by bestfriends karen and Jack ( Karen was Graces assistant and Jack was will's best friend). We watched them in histerical situations which included cameos from Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore to Madonna and Britney Spears. But we also fell in love with the characters and watched them struggle to find love in the city.

    Will Truman
    Will was a fantastic character. He was a lawyer who had everything going for him. When the show began Will had just broken up with his longterm partner and thought he would never find love again. This was the case for most of the 8 seasons however in the final quater of the show will met Vince and lived happily ever after.

    Grace Adler
    Grace was a well developed character who was looking for love. She found herself in many failed attempts until Leo. they had a rough patch but as the eighth season aired its finale they we're reunited.

    Jack Mcfarlane
    Too gay to function. Jack was the jam in the cake that was will and grace with his sidekick (karen) he was always in new situations which made the show highly entertaing for all veiwing backgrounds.

    Karen Walker
    Wether you liked her or not one thing is for sure if there was no Karen there would be no show. Megan Mulloy's potrayal of Mrs Walker was effortless and simply oozed humour. Thank God For Karen !!

    Well from 1998 to 2006 will and grace was a sure hit. With eight highly succesful seasons just shows comedy is never dead !!
  • Excellent Show!

    Will & Grace: My favorite comedy show. This show about the live of two best friends, Will and Grace and their friends Karen and Jack. They are all over the top Fun. The character in the show I like the most is Karen Walker. Her constant drinking alcohol and taking all kind of pills; her sitting behind her desk reading a fashion magazine, thinking this is work; her insulting her friends constantly; her relationship with her maid Rosario, she cannot function without her, and her strange relationships with men like Stan Walker, which we have never seen. Excellent show, I hope it will go on for a long time!
  • When I first started wahtching Will & Grace I thought it was alrigh, but after a week watching.. it was my favorite...and I couldn't miss one!!!!

    For years now i have been watching the show and been a loyal fan and without doubt i have never laughed so much at an american sitcom.It breaks all the rules of the usuall comedies from the states and in a good way.But i have to be honest, will & grace would be nothing without Jack, Karen and Rosario. when i think of things that make me laugh in the show 99.9% of the time it has come from these 3 priceless characters. in fact i find the scenes with will & grace mediocre to say the least at times. yes they do have some good lines but its mainly when they are interacting with jack and karen.speaking of karen, she has got to be the best comedy creation in history and is only so spectacular because of megan mallully who plays her,what a fantastic actress.so mixed emotions really but long may it continue.
  • Another classic sitcom you can actually laugh at. It's great engaging, and you can actually enjoy watching, the characters couldn't be more different from each other, but they work GREAT together!!

    This show was ahead of it's time, and I didn't think it was going to last. Not because I thought the show was bad, but because of Christian Conservatives, and I wasn't sure how mainstream America was going to take it. But, it ended up being yet another classic sitcom, being ahead of it's time!! It was great, I believe it's a true timesless sitcom that if you watch with an open mind you can actually like this show. It does have your stereotypical stuff in there, but that stuff does happen and it also has, not so typical gay stereotypes in there, it balanced itself nicely. The producers and writers did great!! The actors were the best, I don't think they could have picked a better cast.
  • will and grace is a powerful tool in society

    will and grace is probably the most fabulous show ive ever seen <#. I dont hink i know of a better show to watch with me and my boyfriend when we are making love. it is also very funny even though it is mainly known for having two of the hottest guys ive ever seen. I dont think that it is right that so many people dont like the show. it is about time that we as homosexulas have things like tv shows and books and weddings. i think it is wrong that poepl are so misunderstanding that gay poepl cant be succesful in life, i for one am very succesful and make a quarter million a year for my fashion work. if there were more gay males then our society would deifnatly strife as a society, i truelly believe that gays are the new fad. I dont feel that people give us enough chance normally like when we are asked to close the door to our room when we are making love, it is peposterous that people dont want to accept and are so scared of us that they cant even watch us doing whats so perfectly natural. Evnen in the animal kingdom there have been gays for years. Theres nothing more natural then two male quirells going after each others nuts . Im just glad will a nd grace is here to prove that.
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