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  • Will and Grace is really one of the best shows on tv. i wish that it had never ended. anyone and everyone could enjoy will and grace it will make you laugh everytime.

    Will and Grace is a great show everytime i watch an episode i cry a little inside knowning its not going to have anymore new episodes and no more new laughs, but thank god for the dvds. will and grace is about a gay guy will and a straight girl grace who are best friends and pretty much go through everyday life, there other best friends jack who is also gay and karen are so funny to watch they can make you laugh the most. will and grace is a great show i think that they should bring it back!!!
  • Will and Grace is really one of the best shows on tv. i wish that it had never ended. anyone and everyone could enjoy will and grace it will make you laugh everytime.

    Will and Grace is a great show everytime i watch an episode i cry a little inside knowning its not going to have anymore new episodes and no more new laughs, but thank god for the dvds. will and grace is about a gay guy will and a straight girl grace who are best friends and pretty much go through everyday life, there other best friends jack who is also gay and karen are so funny to watch they can make you laugh the most. will and grace is a great show i think that they should bring it back!!!
  • A classic that will go out singing

    For the past 8 years we have watched Will & Grace desperately try to find happiness. And I hope as the series nears an end, each of these wonderful characters will find what they've been searching for all along. The series set new standards for gay leads on television, with McCormack and Hayes. Men kissing men, women kissing women. In my opinion, not to shock, but in a way to educate. Life isn't always black and white. What we see on television is not always what happens in real life. So, I think doing those things, made Will & Grace much more realistic and much more lovable.
  • Definitely a great show. I wish it didn't end.

    I love comedies, and Will & Grace is definitely a comedy. I'm not saying that it's the best comedy, but I admit, it's a really good show.

    Will and Grace... yep, that's the name of the show? It's very interesting, the main characters are usually not my favourite character in comedies. I like Grace and Will, but Karen and Jack are much more funnier than them, especially Karen.

    Hahaha! Karen and her laugh! And it's also funny to see her teasing Grace, mostly Grace's hair. I'm very sad that the show is over and I'm really sorry for that.

    But, please, not every show has to have above 10 seasons. It's always good to have some limit. I liked this show, it kept me laughing after I watched the episode and some of the scenes I still remember, and I'm lauging at them.
  • Loved it. Still love it. Will always love it.

    A lot of shows skip around the gay issue, but this one not only faced it head on, they flaunted it, they made it acceptable to be gay. In fact if you really think about it, they made it seem easy even when it was anything but. They put a face on the gay community, showing that they have the same problems as us, that we really aren't that different. The relationships were wonderful and more often than not they were portrayed in a way that made them utterly and totally relatable. It was a show that was not only wonderful, but politically correct.
  • You know, I didn't like it but now I love it.

    I used to not like this show at all. I mean, this was stupid. Who ever thought of this random crap of a gay man living with his best friend and former girlfriend from college? Who thinks of that. But then i started watching the show...and watching the show a lot. I love it now. I've actually bought the DVD's because it is soo fantastic. Jack is hilarious, Will is oddly funny, and well Karen is the best drunk that I have ever seen. She is perfect. Grace, while I'm not sure that I like her character is very funny. It's just weird to think that I hated this show, but now it's hilarious.
  • A straight woman shares an apartment with a gay man, and hilarity ensues.

    This show is the absolute best. I love it, and can't stop watching it. Although it's a little cliche, it's a sitcom, which is meant to be cliche. Comedy, overused or not, is still better than reality shows. Everything about this show is hilarious, from neurotic spasmic-prone Jack to Will's cluelessness about just about everything. The story lines are creative, and always have plenty of laughs along the way. Karen, although her voice is a little bit annoying, is funny, and I don't see why Grace puts up with someone who's always so carefree at her job. Would you want a secretary who shows up late every morning, usually drunk? I love this show, though!
  • Will and Grace is my favorite show. I wish it didn't end.

    Will and Grace is so funny. I love this show. There's no new episodes any more. I wish it didn't end. This show is a classic. It is about Will, who is gay, and Grace, his striaght best friend, and Jack and Karen and the problems and situtaions that happen to them. I just love this show. i wish it could have went on forever but it couldn't. I do wish the show end differently. THis show is just so funny. This show could have easily not worked but it did and i'm glad it did or I wouldn't have one of my favorite shows.
  • After the first 3 seasons-it lost its edge!

    There was nothing else like it on television when it first debuted in 9/21/1998. But, soon- I realized I didn't want there to even be 1 Will and Grace, much less copy cats. Besides the endless stream of A-list celebrities detracting from the storylines (Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Demi Moore to name a few), the self depricating gay humor began to get really distracting. After Grace got married, a lot of the momentum and riffing that naturally ocurred in the beginning just fizzled out. The last episode was actually painful to watch; not because it was sad, but because it made no sense. I think the writers and everyone else surrounding the show just wanted to end it before it got more painful to watch.
  • Megan Mullally, Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, These Are Only A Few Names Of The Wonderful Cast That Brings Together The Popular Show, Will & grace!

    Karen's My Favourite, Legally Drunk And Hilariously Funny, She's The Mother You Never Wanted. But Yet Everybody Loves Her, And They All Know It! Her Boobs Are A Character Of Their Own!Let's Just Say They're Large And In Charge. Then There's Grace. Very Flat[If You Know What I Mean]And A Little Insecure But Yet Impossible To Win An Argument Against. Will Is The One Who Keeps Grace From Falling Appart Half Of The Time, He's An Awesome Friend And A Really Hot Gay Guy! Last But Sertainly Not Least Is Jack, A Gay Actor\Dancer Who's Goal In Life Is To Be On Set With A Naked Tom Cruise, And Who Is Best Friends With Karen!These Are The Least Of The Incredible Cast That Kept Will & Grace On The Air For Eight Seasons!!
  • Best Show on NBC since Friends!!

    Will & Grace is absolutly hysterical, All four characters are so different and so funny in their own way that you cannont imagine the show with anybody besides Debra Messing as Grace Adler, Eric McCormack as Will Truman, Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland, and Megan Mullally as Karen Walker.The characters strugle with relationships, friendships, and each other! Will & Grace is all you ever want in a show. Comedy, Drama and a great cast all in just 30 minutes. If you haven't seen Will & Grace yet you should!
  • Hands down one of the best show's from nbc!

    A show that will hopefully broaden minds and open hearts to over-look homosexual stereotypes (if you overlook Jack, LOL) and to jump into the 21 Century bandwagon.

    One of my guilty pleasures! Though I've fallen in and out of love with this show multiple times, I can't stop watching! (Note: The "out" part happened when Leo came in and it became "The Leo & Grace Show With A Side of Will". Luckily Leo's gone.) Can't say it's "fun for the whole family" or "a classic", but it's just as good as a show with straight characters. The gay is why we like them!
  • Will & Grace is a great show

    Will & Grace is a very great show, that should have been on for a while longer than it was. I wish that I had seen all of the episodes of Will & Grace because, I would have liked to know more about the characters. I hope that I will own all of the seasons of Will & Grace on DVD when they are all out, so that I can watch all of the episodes. The last season of Will & Grace was very good, since it had two live episodes and since it got better with each episode. I am glad that I got to see Will & Grace.
  • awww how sweet.

    i want will & grace to be together [even though i know will is gay] but they would be good together. I\'m not that much of a massive fan of will & Grace. I just watch it because Karen & jack are hilarious. I wanna know them!! They\'d be so muchfun wouldn\'t they? And karens squeaky voice makes me laugh. lol so funny. I think it should be called Jack & Karen instead of Will & Grace because Will & Grace are pretty boring compared to them. They are funny dont get me wrong, but i dont think they are as funny as karen and jack.
  • there is a gay guy in this show.

    I just found out about this show, more like I just now decided to see what all the hub bub was about! And that is a funny show!!! It is halarious! I love how the other two people, the two other people that are not will and grace, are so cute together! they are just halarious in the same room! Will and Grace are just as funny with each other, but on a more serious level, well more serious then the other two! This is a great show to watch when you feel like haveing a laugh at some people on tv.
  • karen is a rich lady, who is married to a guy named stan and she loves alchol.Theres also jack who makes best friends with karen and together they are funny. WILL AND GRACE are these two people who have many things in common and seem a couple together..

    when i first watched this show, I thought it was boring but now when i watch it, I get hooked on it and want to buy the dvds. This show is funny and and im not the only one that agrees. Alot of people watch and im not ashamed of watching 2 gay men. The 2 gay man make it funny and know how gay men react.This show left this year, but its not over in the real world. I would recommend it to people who want to laugh.I just didnt like when leo got with grace, i KNOW will is gay , he cant change.
  • very funny with two gay men, an airhead, and a lady who loves to show herself....:D

    will and grace is about the funiest show on tv right now. even though they are not showing new episodes obviously, i feel sad that they cancelled it. anywys this show is all about having fun in life no matter your dating status. it is a great to have laughs with your friends and families. it shows us the funny gay lines that they have and the guest stars they have like matt damon who did great on the show will and grace. this show also shows the importance of ahving friends behind you in life because without them, you wouldnt know who you are.
  • I miss it already!

    Will & Grace is hilarious! what gets better than two best friends, ones a gay lawyer (Will), and the other is a straight interior designer (Grace). They share a apartment (most of the time) and they keep each other company, give advice about each others interests and advice about work. Then you have Will's flamboyant gay friend Jack, and Grace's boozy assistant Karen, make an excellent pair! Between the four of them they make the funniest tv show that has aired in a while. I highly recommend this show when you can catch it on tv. If your anything like me you will not be disappointed!
  • I cannot believe that it is over....

    Will and Grace is one of the greatest show ever, the first one on its type.
    We can laught with all the characters, Will, Grace, Karen and Jack are just hilarious. The plot of this show is original and we found a tv program that never was afraid of taken the things so far, of making that special humor, it is just amaizing, I' really gonna miss this show, Tuesday`s night (latin America time slot) won't be the same without Will and Grace, but fortunately I still have Scrubs, Everybody hates Chris and Two and a half man, great programs that make my Tuesday a little bit better.
  • The story of a lawyer, a designer, a rich, crazy drunk, her unsinkable maid, an entertainment dilettante/layabout and the offbeat friendship that develops between them.

    This show may qualify as science fiction: everyone has a good apartment in Manhattan.

    That aside, this is the most warm and intelligent ensemble comedy since 'Cheers.' We meet Will, a lawyer who is recovering from the end of a long relationship; his best friend from college, Grace, a loopy designer; another friend, Jack, a party-hopping gadfly who will be somebody, someday, if only he can figure out what that means; Karen, a socialite who works for Grace and has taken up pill popping as a contact sport; and Rosario, the cleaning lady who projects total bitterness but steps in to save Karen from scrape after scrape.

    The writing is hysterical. I laughed out loud through nearly every episode.

    The show has sadly breathed its last, but nothing lasts forever, and an eight-year run is nothing to sneeze at.

    'Will & Grace' managed to keep coming up with compelling plots and funny ideas. The people were weird but normal.

    Just like you.
  • It's just plain fun!

    Some episodes had real funny jokes that made me laugh a few days after when I thought about them. This show is laid back but fun, and addictive. I watched it till the end and was sorry to see it go. Now I watch re-runs coz it's just so funny and amusing... Will & Grace is one of the best shows, and it's original, too.

    i love this show more than anything it is the best show ever it is funny and true it is amazing that they can make a show so funny i mean if watched this show you would laugh no matter what your day was like and if you dont then go to a doc because you've got proms sorry but you do.
  • Never should of left.

    Just another one of my favorites (and a very good show) cancelled. Just at its peak it disappears. Why did they cancel it I dont know and half of America doesnt know. Why is it I get attached to a show it gets cacelled? Makes no sense why they cancelled this show or even THOUGHT of cancelling this show.
  • This was and will always be one of my top favorite shows of all time. Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack have been making me laugh for so long it was very hard to say good, I miss it sooo much!!!!

    Will and Grace, or as I like to call it WAG, is all about this extremly unconventional relationship between a woman and her gay best friend. I guess you could say that it realy had the gay community on thier feet. I adore this show because for one because it stood out among the rest. It was the first time that that kind of thing had been aired. I love love Karen!! She is always completly either high, drunk, or both. But because of that she is hilarious. Jack. What can I say about Jack. He is everyones steriotype. Of course we can't forget the dinamic duo that is Will and Grace. They have very wierd incredible relationship. They just get each other you know? I often find myself wishing I had something like that. Who doesn't? All I can say is now that it is over I have a very deep whole in my heart that can't be filled.
  • Will&Grace&Karen&of course Jack. All best friends-even through the laughs, fights, and get together-they always seem to work everything out.

    I loved this show since it started. There is not one episode that I didn't like. My favorite character is Jack. I thought he was simply the best. I thought all characters were properly casted well. This is an A+ show all the way!!!! I loved Jack because he was not afraid to be who he was. He was bit lazy there about a job. When he married Karen's maid-that was really funny. Karen-the alcholic got along great with Jack. They were best friends. Grace was the female version of Will and Will was the male version of Grace. Of course they had their fights but in the end they always made up.
  • This is gonna be a classic.

    The show is a perfect example in an example. For example, the comedy breaks all stereotypes. If you get to know Jack, he is a funny guy, not just another "homo." I never really wathched Will and Grace because I heard nothing about it. The "WILL and GRACE" title made me think it was a cleche family show (like a "7th Heaven" comedy). However, I got to know the show, and fell in love with a single episode. It's a shame Will and Grace had to end, but years from now, there will be other shows that break stereotypes about gays. It will be all because this HISTORICAL cemedy. (Was I the only one to cry after the final episode?)
  • decent

    i think that this show was ok it was not the best because it could of been more funny. i think of what the episodes taht i saw was funny when karen came in but when she was not there it was kinda dull. i also think that jack was funny with acting gay. i think that sean the actor did such a good job on acting gay on the show. i also think that karen's voice was so funny and that she does not talk like that in person so i makes it that much funnier. the show is ok in a over all review
  • The GIRL Baby on the Finale, The CHERRIOS scene, I mean I replay it and replay the darlingNess of it. The way the Baby Girl Interacted with Debra, I was certain that child had to have had a very close personal relationship with Debra....

    after checking and finding out that Debra actually had a boy child in real life and knowing the GIRL BABY was not hers after all, I Now Wonder Who Was That Most Precious Child on the Finale show ????

    Could Anyone help me in finding out more about the Girl Baby on the Finale show... (read Summary, ie: Cherrios segment) If somehow she was related to Debra in ANY Way ??
    I mean it was a personal, intimate interaction between Baby & Mother.... How did they do that ?

    The scene was another piece of theeeeeee Best Commercials on tv, those of Cherrios ! We need more scenes and more commercials that are (((They Said here that I couldn't Type in All Caps because it was like shouting, But For Me it's Only Positive Typing, like the word "Heartwarming" .......
    ..... more commercials that are "Heartwarming" it sure makes me listen !!!!

    (I wouldn't have missed the Finale for anything, but enjoyed the first years of the Show so Much more than the last 3 years. While Meg M. is tremendous, the writers just put too many "off color" and downright offensive lines in for her) I know I'm only one person But that IS one-persons comment.
  • lolllllllllllllllllll

    Ah this is a very good show, funny but yet has a good teaching or two in every episode if you really pay attention to it.All characters act very well and are funny sometimes when they are not even intending to be.Very nice show.Although i used to think it was rubbish before but when i sat down and watched one episode i found out that it was good and got interested with it.Definitely a show to watch.Don't miss it.haha
  • Will, a gay lawyer, Grace, Will's straight best friend, Jack, Will's flamboyantly gay friend, and Karen, Grace's boozy "assistant" star in Will and Grace, a comedy that hooks you with the first line.

    I love Will & Grace! I only started watching it because there was nothing else on t.v. But after a few episodes I was hooked. My two favorite characters of all time are both in this show ~ Karen and Jack. Jack is so funny because he is SO gay, and Karen is hilarious because she's always drunk and crude. Jack flirts with everyone and makes fun of Will, Karen makes fun of EVERYONE, including Grace and her hair and clothes. I absolutely LOVE this show. I think the main reason why is because of the characters. You really feel for them. I also love it because it is so funny. My all time favorite line is, of course, between Karen and Jack. They're always saying:
    Karen: "Hi, poodle"
    Jack: "Who's your daddy?"
    Karen: "You are."
    That is classic. I LOVE IT! Why did it have to end?...
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