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  • Jack & Karen

    The wrongly named Will & Grace is a sitcom which like most other shows today, lived longer than it should have. Year after year, the show missed more marks than it hit. It started with a bang and ended with a whisper.

    This does not mean that the show about two friends, one straight, one gay, is a bad one. Far from it. In fact about 90% of all episodes are marginally enjoyable.

    The two leads, Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, whilst still very good actors, are pushed to the sides by the overshadowing, brilliant peformances of supporting actors Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes.

    This show has come to an end after eight years of laughs. Eight years of brilliance. Eight years of Will-ful acting and Grace-ful writing that made this series the hit it was always destined to be.
  • This show is too funny..

    i cnt believe its ended..i will miss it soo much! why is it leavin! karen, jack, will and grace compliment each other perfectly and this show is the best comedy i have ever seen since Friends.. it is not only funny and quick witted, the gayness of jack and will just makes it funnier and better..

    i love this show..!
  • It is a hilarious series about two best friends Will and Grace. The twist is that Will is gay and Grace is a straight interior designer. More than friends, but less than lovers, the two share a special bond and their personalities are easily balance by on

    This show was good every season. I really enjoyed watching it not because of will and grace but because of jack and karen. On the other hand i did not like the series finale were jack and karen did a duet and will and grace after more than eighteen years "fate" brought them back together i thought it was going to have a better ending with their children growing up together, not meeting in college and falling in love and getting married. I guess i would have to say the series of Will and Grace was about average to me.
  • will and grace did it end good or bad?

    i think the Will and Grace should have never ended and that there should have been a better ending. The ending was kind of sad because you never really know what happens between will and grace i wish it could have went on for ever and by the way111111111111111111111 2 ds df fdg afg fg fgfg fg f fgfg adfgadgf afg fgafgafg fgfgfgadfg fgafgafgfgadfgafgafgafgadfgadfg afg afg adfg gdfg adfg f gdf gadf g gfad gdfg dfg df ggf dfg fg af gfg fg f gf gdf fgadfg fg adfg arf gngdgyhdy fgsgfths hgtr gfg fg trehs ghysrt fhrsty ssrtyty stry
  • Will and Grace... thanks for giving the gift for eight years. You will be missed.

    When Will and Grace debuted in 1998 I admit that I tuned in as much to see Eric McCormack's new show as I did to see a show with a gay character in a leading role.

    I had been following Eric's career ever since our paths crossed at the Stratford Festival in 1985. I was playing a Pirate with a Cleo Laine style wig in Pirates of Penzance and he was playing a transvestite with a Cher style wig in Measure for Measure. One Thursday night toward the end of the season he and I sang a duet from Merrily We Roll Along (Our Time) at a weekly Cabaret.

    Shortly afterward his star begin to ascend and I remember catching glimpses of him in Lonesome Dove, Lost World and guest appearances on various sitcoms (albeit I may have some of them mentally mixed up with appearances by Maurice Godin who is also a Stratford alumnae).

    Anywho... Will and Grace caught us all off guard and I quickly found myself tuning in every week for the first couple of seasons. Then for some reason the plot started to twist a little too often for my liking and my viewing became a little more sporadic. In fact, I'm not sure that I caught anything in the past couple of years. But I had to tune in one last time to see the series finale... and I'm so glad that I did.

    To be honest, I probably enjoyed the hour long trip down memory lane even more than the episode, but I feel that it was only proper and fitting that I brought some closure to a relationship that was forged eight years ago. Congratulations to all those actors and creative people responsible for bringing this landmark show for eight seasons; for making us laugh, for making us think and for making us proud.

    Goodnight, Gracie, indeed! Sleep well...
  • Best Late Nite Show...

    i watch this show nightly from 11-1... its the best darn show i have seen in a while... i love how you got will and grace who act like a couple but are totally not and then you got the dum blonde whos not blonde at all Karen shes great and so RANDOM. And then there's jack whos gayest guy you could ever meet or watch on tv.. hes great always happy and perky.. he reminds me of one of my friends who i call jack but hes not gay like jack... THE shows just great you got love comady drama what more could you want in a show.
  • One of the Best Shows ever

    Oh god!! i cant believe it! my favorite show is really over. And that Perfomance of Karen & jack... Fabulous. i have been watching this Show since 2002 but thanx to the reruns i have watched all full 8-seasons.

    My fav. Character was Karen Walker (Megan Mullaly), i have always say that we are in front of one of the best character in america s TV ever, i mean she is funny even with her Mouth shut.

    And of course Jack, he is the funny reflection of the gay community itself (cher...).

    In some way this show gives another vision of the gay community no only in USA but in all the word.

    (sorry, my english sucks)
  • Will and Grace are room mates. Will is gay and Grace is straight. And their both hopeless romantics who can't live with out eachother. Along with Jack the dramatic job nomad and Karen is the rich, spoilt child who play the best friends it's one hilarious

    This would have to be one of my favourite shows becasue every episode is funny beyond compare and the story lines are original and comical. It's a feel good kind of show perfect for anytime. The only thing I wish is that Will would stop being gay and fall in love with Grace. But that's never going to happen so I'll just have to get over it. Without Jack and Karen they wouldn't have a show becasue most of the humour comes from them. Maybe it should be caled the Jack and Karen show.
  • The last episode was heart breaking!!! I did love the episode however....

    The best last show to date!!!! Very sad to see Will and Grace going their own ways. Very, very sad. I didn\\\'t expect them to go their own ways but I guess that is what happens in life. It was a very good episode. The best final show ever. Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Cheers and Frazier were nothing in comparison when it came to their final shows.
  • A strange comedy about people that are very confused about their feeling and their sexualality.

    A strange comedy about people that are very confused about their feeling and their sexualality. Debra Messing stared as Grace Adler and Eric McCormack as Will Truman. the acting was fine, I just could never really care about the characters. the rest of the cast was filled out by Michael Angarano as Elliot, Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar, Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland and Megan Mullally as Karen Walker. For some reason karen had a very high piched and strange voice. the actress that plays that part doen not normally speak like that so somebody came up with the great idea. I found it very distracting from her fine acting performance.

  • Cancelled, Finale, WTF?

    I loved this show and was devastated to hear of its conclusion recently. While is was in high school and not out the closet a ground breaking show called W&G premiered. Not the embodiment of gay culture, this show gave me a premise that other people like myself where out there. They had to be, after all who do you think was writing the show. Most entertaining of all would probably be Grace\'s expression of dissapointment,\"Uhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh.\" A memorable finale but in the style of SFU\'s ending. I would have preferred not to see the characters future. It gave a feeling of real definiteness and closure. When, I would rather believe that their lives are on-going.
  • This show is off the wall and hilarious and way ahead of its time and thats why it will be a must have classic! I am sad to see it end but its definately for the best...

    This show has been an absolutely amazing experience from the beginning! Its great to see how the characters came full-circle to get the one thing they all really wanted since the beginning.

    I think the way they ended it, with Graces daughter and Wills son getting married was the best ending they could ever have written!

    Why Im sad to see it end, we will always have the hilarious moments from the last 8 years to keep us going. Jack and Karen singing Nat King Coles song toward the end sums up this show: Unforgettable.
  • Going downhill.

    "Will & Grace" started as an out of the ordinary show that featured two gay men. Now every show has a token gay character and "Will & Grace" is past its prime.

    What used to be a Thursday night staple has turned to a second thought as the plots have gotten more and more unbelievable and the title characters have gotten unbearable.

    The first few seasons of the show were great, but once Grace got married and moved out, it just started going downhill. Now, Grace's pregnancy and Will's life are utterly uninteresting and it has become clear that Jack and Karen are the real winners in this series (so much so that the show's name should be changed).

    I rate the show a 7.5 because the first three quarter of the show were good, but the last two seasons have been sub-par at best.
  • I can't get enough of this show!

    I Adore this show, and I am very sad that it is going to come to an end tonight! However, it may also be a good thing to see the show go out before it becomes boring and uncreative. My favourite character is Jack (of course!), I love Sean Hayes and think he does a great job. Any appearance by Cher or Grace's mother is always hilarious, and once again I really will miss this show.
  • This is a great show that mirrors contemporary friendships.

    I\'m going to miss this show. I\'m beginning to see reflections of my friends in the show. And to my great pleasure my friends are calling me karen. So you think that\'s an insult. I love all the characters. I have a friend who is Will, one who is Jack, and of course we have a Grace. Not since Cheers and Seinfeld has a show had that kind of personal meaning for me. My favorite episode is when all the characters climb into bed to comfort Grace when her heart is broken. Instead of continuing to tell her she\'ll get over it, they finally grieve with her.
  • I think this show had an originality to it and the ability to laugh at itself; it reflected pop culture while at the same time making fun of it.... This is definitely a show that has made us laugh...until we cried. I have enjoyed the

    I will miss Will and Grace when it goes off the air this month. I have watched since the beginning and I think the four of them made up the funniest ensemble cast since...dare I say it, "Seinfeld".....

    I certainly expect to see Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes again...

    And I hope the finale gives them a decent sendoff and we get to see a happy ending...and that both Will and Grace get their happily ever after.

    I have enjoyed their journey...but all good things MUST come to an end.

    Goodnight Gracie...and Will ...and Karen...and "just Jack"!

  • Great show about a gayguy and his staright Best friend

    This is like the best comedy show ever, it has been great from season 1 until now. Will and Grace is about a Gayguy (Will) and his best friend (Grace) a straight woman. Its is a timeless classic about 2people who will seem like they will always be together and will ahve each other 4ever. The additional Characters is another gayguy (Jack) who is camp and isn't afraid of what people think of his sexuality and (Karen) who brings so much character to the show. Will and Grace will be in our hearts 4ever as it is coming to an end.
  • A gay man with a straight woman as roommates.

    Ah Will and Grace, though I don't watch it frequently, it is so funny and relaxing to watch. The core-four characters are a hoot to watch, especially Karen and Jack.

    The cast has amazing chemistry and their acting along side with the dialogue makes this show enjoyable to watch. Almost always on like Simpsons (if you have digital cable) you can catch it even in the wee hours of the morning when you have insomnia.

    Though rarely they have decent story plot, it more than compensate for their dialogue. Almost like a replacement for Friends, but in my opinion a bit better. I think it's funny and openly makes a parody of the homosexual community with the leading man being gay. It's new and something never done, but still manages not to insult the gay community. It's just fun to watch.
  • Will and Grace are two people whose connection is uncanny; to bad he is gay.

    It is like a combination of Freinds, Threes company and maybe a little bit of Just shoot me. Will in Grace is a Hilarious comedy that also bring awareness to the homo phobic people of today. the quirkyness of these people is a riot. Its so funny your lungs will hurt. i am serious it is non stop laughs for a half hour. Karen's weird bisexual fibe is hilarious and the stories she could tell. she has been everywhere. It so funny you will love it i guarentee it. Will, Karen, Jack and Grace are all hilarious you need tosee this show.
  • Going downhill very fast IMO

    The show was ahead of its time and off the wall
    With characters that were friends and kind of picked
    Up where Seinfeld left off but Will and Jack were gay
    While Karen & Grace were straight but there is a attraction
    Between the four as Will & Grace are the "straight man" role
    And Jack & Karen are the comic reliefs in the show.
  • This is the most innovative comedy I have seen in years. People don't give this show enough credit.

    Will & Grace is an incredible show. With a wide variety of characters and each having their own form of comedy. This variety makes it so anyone can relate to at least one of the characters. People never give this show all the appretiation that it really deserves. Many of the jokes that you hear out and about most likely came from this show. And now, unfortuntely, this show is coming to an end. Even though the ending season wasn't as funny as the others, it will hopefully bring the story to closure; leavig its fans with the sweet memories and pee your pants moments that made Will & Grace one of the best comedies of our generation.
  • One of the best shows from the 90's, paved the way for the next century.

    Will & Grace has to be one of the better Trendsetters shows to hit television. While other sitcoms went for the poor storyline of "guy and girl do this and end up together", "Will & Grace" opened up to the homosexual audience and not only represented them on television, but gave that community their own show in a sea of sitcoms about how everyone seems to be "friends." They opened the door for many gay-oriented programming and made it more socially acceptable than it once was not just on television, but in everyday life. Truely, one of the best.
  • Will, who is gay, Grace who is not are the best of friends and room mates in this off the wall comedy.

    Having watched this show from the very first episode, I am sad to see it ending. I love the chemistry between Will, the single gay man, & Grace, his un-lucky in love best friend and room mate. And I have to say I wish I had a friend that is as loyal as they are to one another. I am not a huge Debra Messing fan but I do love her dry wit in this show. And although the show is called Will & Grace...it should be called Will, Grace, Jack and Karen. Jack the other gay best friend and Karen, Grace's booze loving, pill popping assistant are really what makes the show. The humor they get away with on this show amazes me, but I find my self laughing out loud when this is on. And there are very few shows that do that to me anymore. For anyone who wants a good laugh, this is one of the best shows to watch.
  • The best comedy ever!!!

    they will never be a better comedy than will and grace.... i mean its amazing and i love it cant get enough. Forget the whole fact that will and jack and the and show revolves around gays its just downrite funny and i will be sad to see it go. but glad to know that it had an amazing eight year run and congrats to all the cast and crew for keepinh my head glued to the tv whenever you were on lol

    Will and Grace tells the story of: Will, the constant and rarely gay guy who is constantly trying to get guys like him, Grace who is the girl who tries constantly to get dates and get married, and always fails, JAck, the one who wants himself to be a great actor and date guys at the same time, and the sarcastically, no heart, and horrible person Karen, who always seems to ruin everybody's life with his constant bluffs and sarcastic opinions.
  • Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

    I've never been much of an avid Will & Grace fan: I haven't watched the show religiously since it started in 1998. However, whenever I have had the chance to watch the show, it has never failed to make me laugh. As a "fruit fly" myself, I absolutely love the interactions between Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen. The writing is witty and absolutely hilarious. I find myself quoting the show all the time, and I defintely am not the only one. During Project Runway 2, Daniel Vosovic in his entry tape quoted the Jack MacFarlane line, "You're my new best friend; call me every five minutes." The fact that he quoted a line from one of my favorite shows made me like Vosovic even more... but I digress. I am sad to see that the she is ending, but at least it's going out on top.
  • This is about a Woman called Grace who moves in with a gay man called Will and they have all sorts of funny adventures along with Karen, a funny whitty rich woman, and Jack, another gay man who gets his own show and is just plain stupid!

    This show is awesome!!! Every episode is full of non-stop comedy and they all have amazing twists in each one. Every character is well thought out and has his or her own ways of making you laugh. Your favourite character may be Karen, who in my opinion has to be the funniest, or it may be Will, or Grace or Jack. But whoever it is this show is sure to make you laugh no-matter what your sense of humour may be. This show is a must see for anyone who just like to laugh their head off, then put it back on again, then laugh their head off again, so on and so forth.

    RATING: 9.6/10

  • Will and Grace wrap season and series. If you don't want to know what happens DON'T READ THIS.

    I was lucky enough to get into the second to the last filming of the Will & Grace season and series finale. It was one of three film dates for the final episode. The scenes I saw included a presentation of the first of the three sessions on tv monitors. If you don't want to know what happens then STOP READING NOW.... otherwise here is the scoop:

    Wiil & Grace agree that Will will help raise Grace and Leo's baby until Grace has a nightmare 15 years into the future.

    Will is bald and wears a very bad toupee. Grace is over weight with a booty bigger than J-Lo. Their son doesn't listen to them and Rosie and Karen are a lipstick lesbian and bull dyke couple. Jack is married to... Kevin Bacon. "I stalked him all the way to the alter!" declares Jack.

    But that scenario is not going to happen as Leo breaks off his wedding plans and returns to NY to ask Grace to remarry him.

    Fast forward two years Will is with Vince and they have a baby boy. Grace and Leo live in NY with their baby girl. Will & Grace haven't seen each other since she took off to Rome to be with Leo and have her baby.

    Jack and Karen devise a plan to get them back together after 2 years in a very funny hospital scene.

    Beverly Leslie propositions Jack to become his heir and boy toy or as BL puts it, his "business associate".

    Karen finds out she is BROKE and pressures Jack into accepting Beverly Leslies offer.

    The final scene we were prive to was just before Jack is to consumate the relationship Karen releases him from his commitment to here to stay with Beverly Leslie and they leave his penthouse. As Beverly is looking for Jack he steps out onto the terrace and is blown away ala Lara Flynn Bowle on Las Vegas.

    The rest will be filmed Thursday in front of an "invited" audience.

  • Weddings are great excuses to let the beautiful Grace look even more wonderful. A few duds that showed the laugh track shouldn't be used

    The relationship of Will with Tay Digge is fascinating in that it dares show a black man who isn't wonderful. This means that we're maturing, because no minority is perfect, not even us UUs. In fact, I used to be 'kidded', ridiculed, for my Southern accent. I finally figured it out: notice how all the white dads are made fun of, are incompetent in ads. It indicates that when you've 'made it', no one worries about discrimination or harassment suits. Imagine a white fathers' group suing NBC for their denigrating ads and sitcoms where the father is a dunce.
    Wouldn't get off the ground

    Can't understand something: As will and Grace gets nearer their denouement, the shows get better and the angles more 'pregnant' for future development. I sense spin-offs.

    The episode where Grace is getting married for the second time to LEO and Will and Grace are having a long talk and they go to the place where they first met and Will finally decides to walk Grace down the ile and right before he hands her off to Leo he says this may not be the best time to tell you this but i'm straight! It was funny but at the same time a very special moment that was just perfect... just one of my favorites!
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