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  • Two gay guys, two devoted hags, bawdy, hilarious, fabulous!! My favourite show of all time!!

    Should be called Karen and Jack! While the very funny Will and Grace have their charm, it is the fabulous duo who steal the show every time! Karen, being the constantly drunk, high sarcastic and cynical has found a soul mate in the hyperactive, high maintanence and superficial Jack. Their quick wit and one liners make this show what it is - absolutely hilarious, must see tv! At the same time, it is breaking down those barriers, showing that 'gay is ok' (or to quote Avenue Q, if you were gay, it'd be ok!). Showing Will and Jack taking on the dating scene like any quote 'normal' person shows that gay is not a stigma, it is a legitimate lifestyle! This show is wonderful, fabulous and I love love love it!!
  • Lova-Lova-Lova-Lova-LOVE IT!

    I LOVE Will, Grace, Karen & Jack! This show is absolutely fabulous! I watch it religiously! Cant get enough Will and Grace! I've been watching this show for years and am terribly disapointed that this is the last season. I guess I'll just have to watch the re-runs twice as often now! :)
  • Fortunately, this atrocious excuse for a sitcom is about to be over.

    This is one terrible, no-good very bad show.

    There is nothing funny about it. A test pattern or color bars and a 1000Hz tone would be more entertaining.

    Hell, a blank screen would be better.

    NBC has some kind of perverse agenda going on and it's a long way from mainstream America. NBC's ratings are the worst in years. Small wonder with crap like W & G.
  • Basic premise- a gay guy and a straight girl along with two wacky best friends. NBC's phenomenal comedy alongside "Friends"! The show is now on it's 8th and final season.

    Eric McCormick, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally- what a fabulous ensemble! Ive been watching this show since it's first season and I think it's an excellent comedy- "absolutely fabulous".

    The premise is very simple two gay guys and a girl- Will & Grace. They have two friends- the gay Jack and Karen. The fourship are the main focus of the show- they are great comedy especially Karen's antics with her maid Rosario.

    I have to say I thought Season 6 and Season 7 where W&G at it's wors- the addition of Harry Connick Jr. as Leo didn't really add much for me but I think Season 8 is on track.

    I hope Will & Grace go out on a bang- they deserve to be remembered as one of NBC's greatest comedies.
  • Will & Grace is about these two best friends living together. The thing is, Will is a gay lawyer and Grace is a straight interior designer. Together with Will's gay self-centered friend and Grace's pill-popping, alcolohic friend, this group of friends sho

    This show is very funny and it also teaches people things that are important that we shouldn't overlook. Will and Grace are two typical best friends living together. Will with an uptight personality and Grace with a little more free-spirited attitude, they tend to balance each other out. Despite their different personalities, they work together in harmony. The important thing in this show is that friends always stay together till the end. Jack is pretty self-centered all the time and Karen is rude and drunk and may seem like they don't really take Will and Grace's issues seriously but at times, they give really good advice.
  • Original, funny, and just FABULOUS !

    If you want to have a good laugh, you should definitely watch this show. Even if it's Karen and Jack who are the most funny, Will & Grace still have funny stuff. Will, the cleaning freak, Grace, such a pig, haha, Jack soooo gay, and Karen, addicted to all what is addictive, hehe. Don't forget about Rosario, the maid with an attitude. The characters are so great, you just want to hang with them. I'm sad that it's the last season. I'm going to miss that series. One of my favorite sitcom. The best !
  • A great show about friends with a different kind of lifestyle. And sexual peference. I like this show because it isnt scared to test the boundaries of what a comedy can only go to. It crosses the line and continues to cross it every episode. This show is

    I think this show is wonderful. The cast is great and the guest star appearances always have me on edge. This show, in my opinion, is way over Friends! It has the best writers of the NBC company. I love this show because of their spunk, their wit and Megan! I love love Meagan!
  • this show is about a man a man a woman who the both man are gays and one of the gay man (will) leaves with the woman(grace) and the other gay man(jack) i dont know

    this show is the best because its funny a lot i maen a gay man only likes man right?so how could he stay in a houst with a woman i mean that redicolous the other one jack always is with man he dates man but i never see jack with any other man on a date i always see him with jack or grace or them 3 together. But i dont like a show that has only comedy i like action 2 in it but sadly this one doesnt have any a\ction so i would say i like charmed more because it has a few comedy and a hell lot of action
  • A nice show but I liked the first seasons best

    I think that the first 4-5 seasons were best, the humor was nice and they sometimes had a visit of other celebrities.
    But in later seasons they almost have a famous actor in each episode that ruins the quality of the show that it once had. That's a shame and the storylines aren't as good as they were in the beginning. It's a shame to see this show going into this direction.

  • A great show but.....

    A great show but the recent season hasent been their best.its sad the show is ending.The show is really funny. jack and karen are the funniest people on the show.Grace and will are funny too.Roseareo is hilareious they should show more of her on the show.why caint we see stan.
  • Hysterical, hilarious and soo funny! I find this show ultimate, I'm even addicted to it.

    Will and Grace is the best comedy since Friends stopped. It is such a good and funny show, and I think the reason for that is because of the strong characters. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen, they are all different from each other but are so connecting. My favourite character is (off course) Karen. She is so funny, and even funnier together with Jack. And secretly I addore Rosario, Karens made. I loved that one episode when it's Christmas, and Karen, Jack and Will are spending the night in a hotel. They do al kinds of crazy things like call the staff off the hotel and sing Christmas songs for them or stand in front of a window, naked, with a bow around there.. you know what I mean. And if you don't know you should watch the show because you're missing something if you don't.
  • So good, so great, so much to laugh at

    Will and Grace are to roommates. Grace is stright and Will, he's gay. And they have to friends Jack and Karen, two of the most egocentric people to live. While Will is more laid back gay Jack is more, over the top gay. But whatever, it works and that is why I watch this show. Oh and to see if Karen is gonna drink sometime during the episode or come with one of here funny comments
  • Great/Funny/Entertaining show! Sad to see it ending.

    Since I heard about this show a couple years ago I was hooked. I thought it was hillarious and I started watching it with my mom. After the 5th season or so my mom stopped watching. I actually stopped watching the show in the 7th season because I kept forgetting to watch it after "Friends" ended and I decided to stop watching "Joey". The funniness did die out of it when I did see the first two episodes. I was shocked to hear that it did so poorly in the ratings that season. I am watching it now though again.
  • You say potato, I say vodka.

    I've been watching W&G since it was first aired here in Finland. I can't really remember when I realized I love the show. Now I can't get enough of it.

    That's mainly because I love Karen/Megan Mullally.
  • Will and Grace is a hilarious tv show.

    Will & Grace is such a funny show. The characters are off the wall but they make the show so great. The content is fabulous and always on the mark. This show has some of the best comeback lines. This is the last season and it's too bad. Another great show moves on.
  • Funny and innovative by Season 2. Old and predictable by Season 6.

    I've lost interest in the last few years and now only watch it out of loyalty. The cast don't seem to play off each other the way they once did and Season 7 was a perfect example. Basically last year bombed! However after watching the Season 8 premiere it was the funniest in a long time. Hope this final year is just the same.
  • Will and Grace is a funhouse mirror: grotesque and flawed, but a hilarious representation of real-life situations. Add to the mix a couple of clowns, one-liners as quick as cannonfire, and experienced ringmasters, and you've got one hell of a circus.

    I'm coming out of the critical closet: I wasn't wild about the show at first. Throughout the first season seven years ago, I sometimes felt it was too much about homosexuality and that some of the jokes fell flat. Sure, it was funny, but no funnier than Friends, which was my favourite sitcom at the time. I now realize that this is because it was difficult watching such depictions of gay people when I was coming to terms with my own sexuality. In the end, this show helped me to admit: I'm gay, and I'm proud of that.

    Will and Grace is SO gay, and I accept that now. It epitomizes homosexuality not only in its paradox of judgmental stereotyping (of EVERYONE) and liberal-minded attitudes, but also in its occasional warmth, poignancy and contrasting harshness.

    It isn't the perfect sitcom. Many episodes (6x22 'Speechless' is appropriate to mention here) fall flat and lack the sparkle one expects from a sitcom. But when an episode contains a symbiotic blend of humour, depth, character development and (although not necessary) celebrity guest stars, it is perfect (case in point: 4x16 'A Chorus Lie').

    What makes Will and Grace consistently better than Friends is its refusal to employ schmaltz to make an audience (particularly an American one, raised on a diet of sentimentality) feel more comfortable. Obviously, anyone would *detest* Karen, and possibly Jack, in real life. In this way, the show conforms quite neatly to the traditional British custom of creating characters that one loves to hate: whiny, petty, prejudiced, insecure creatures who are all the more endearing because they are true to life (see: 'The Office', or indeed most British sitcoms).

    At the same time, paradoxically, the characters are so completely monstrous - Karen being the clear example - that they seem unrealistic. In fact, although they are ostensibly awful, they are merely gross exaggerations of every human being, replete with the same fears, prejudices and pettiness of which we all are guilty and which are brought to the fore in comedic form. In this way, the show continues the great theatrical tradition of the grotesque: characters who seem unbelievable but are simply magnifications of human flaws.

    Of course, this is not to say that Will and Grace does not include the occasional sentimental or poignant scene. For the sitcom to work, there must be moments, however fleeting, of self-doubt or self-realization: thus Jack *must* realize that he is a terrible actor (4x25) and Will *has* to realize that he is causing his own loneliness. These rare occasions of insecurity are all the more moving, just as the petty moments are funny, because they are that much more realistic.

    The show - like any artistic creation, whether filmic, literary or aesthetic - has its faults. A feeling that the series' arcs were stagnant and stationary (the inevitable fate of all sitcoms) and that the humour relied too much upon the same themes resulted in an over-reliance on celebrity guest stars and hackneyed, traditional storylines (spoilers: babies and marriage). This paradoxically resulted in yet more lack of character development, as they found themselves trapped in dead-end storylines that had run out of potential. Recently, with the inclusion of recurring guest stars such as John Cleese, whose portrayal of Lyle Finster has sparked a sitcom brilliance unseen since Basil Fawlty, and the resurrection of Stan - whose big butt is THE butt of much of the show's comedy - the show has recovered a renewed vitality that should theoretically see, if NBC has nothing to do with it, a superb swansong season.

    Kudos must certainly go to the actors. Eric McCormack, a Canadian actor with all the range that classical training provides, is a delight as long-suffering Will, whose straight-acting personality is coupled with an occasional queer-sensibility that renders the character all the more charming. Grace, the faux-businesswoman whose lazy and disgusting habits have been accentuated in recent seasons, is played to perfection by Debra Messing, a sublime blend of Old Hollywood glamour, innate comic timing and real-world vulnerability. Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally, whose comical symbiosis forces me to mention them as though one entity, are the epitome of overacted (but not, if you understand, overoveracted) and larger-than-life humour. As is usually the case, it is these supporting actors who have taken centre-stage, rendering every moment of shared screen-time a delicious, unrivalled pleasure.

    In short, Will and Grace is the quintessential situation comedy because it acts as a sort of funhouse mirror, almost poetic in its way, depicting that which is real, but within a presentational format that goes beyond realistic, and still contains inherent flaws in both plot and character. It is this imperfection, so prevalent in real life, which renders it that much more enjoyable
  • Absolutely the most fabulous comedy on television right now!

    It's the best comedy on television thus far. A bunch of very attractive people whose characters are so real, that they reach you emotionally. This is the only comedy I really enjoy watching because it helps me to unwind after a hard day. Keep up the good work you guys.
  • Sick, perverted and void of any morals.

    This show has become one of the worst shows on television. When it was new, my wife was a fan of the female actors, and we watched it. Though the underlying message wasn't something I agreed with, I could tolerate the show as the actors were funny and entertaining. As the show has progressed, the references to homesexual sex acts, anal intercourse, sex with complete strangers, extramarital affairs and characters who were completely devoid of any personal morals has become sick and perverted. If this is NBC's method of supporting the homesexual lifestyle, it gives out the wrong message. In their attempt to portray homesexual relationships as 'normal', they have displayed it as people who have no personal control of their 'urges' and would sleep with anyone that possessed a sexual organ.
    NBC cancelled AMERICAN DREAMS and THIRD WATCH, but kept WILL AND GRACE. Why???
  • This show is an embarassment to the Television. The many inventors of the Television roll in their grave everytime this piece of crap plays on the air.

    First things first , men acting like little fairies is not funny... unless they get beat up right afterwards. The humor in this show is so stupid and unintelligent you lose I.Q. points every time you watch it. This is the worst sitcom EVER! I seriously wonder what has happened to the world. The fact that this show actually made it past 2 episodes is a wonder in its self.
  • Love this show!

    Will and Grace is a great comedy! It's a shame this will be the show's last season. I don't get why so many people hate it! If you don't think Will and Grace are funny, then surely you'll laugh you pants off at Jack and Karen!

    Will & Grace is one of the last "true" sitcoms - by "true" I mean taped in front of a live audience. Everyone, I mean everyone is coming out with a sitcom now. Will & Grace is probably the last of the 90's sitcom era -Friends, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, to name a few. Even if the plot lines are a bit outrageous or the acting in a certain episode isn't all that great, it's still one of the funniest shows on tv!
  • this show is awsome its an all time classic extremly funny!!!!!!!1

    this show is about 2 straight girls having gay guy friends.my opion it is a great show funny debra messng is the best best best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was cool in the wedding date to.yep yep yep theres not much more to wright though it is a great show cant wait to see it on lietime
  • A great show

    I have every season ever released of Will & Grace, and it is by far one of my favorite shows. The actors are amazing, and each deserving of their Emmy award. The writing is brilliant, and the actors chemistry is amazing. Now filming their eighth and final season, I know I will be sad when the show comes to an end. Still, I don't think I'd like to see the show end all nice and happy, I think I'd like to see each character realize how much they really need each other, despite their bad habits, different lifestyles, and status in society.
  • This is a show about a gay lawyer and his best friend and thier other freinds.

    Great show about gays.It shows that not all gays are flames. It shows that we are like every body else. Will & Grace is a show about having fun.It makes youfeel good about life and that the homosexual life style is becoming more accepted than it used to be.That gays people don\'t need to hide from the public anymore.
  • Great show! Great show! Great show!!! One of THE BEST sitcoms out there.

    This show is absolutely hilarious and undeniably one of THE BEST sitcoms out there. The characters are likable and believable and the story lines are hilarious and always fresh. Karen just steals the show every time and the her maid Rosario is a riot. They make a great comedic duo. My only problem is that Grace is very annoying at times but Will more than makes up for that with great one liners and his more interesting life. Jack is unbelievably funny.

    So like I said before, GREAT SHOW!!!!
  • Great show. I can't wait until the live premiere of it's 8th and final season. I'm so sad.

    I can't get enough of this show. I haven't had the time to watch the new episodes, and then I find out that this is going to be the last season. I really do hope that reruns will still air, and maybe I'll go out and buy the DVD collections. I know that this is going to be a sad ending for this show, just like any other show would be.
  • omfg

    as a rule i decide not to dismiss any show - no matter how terrible it looks - before i watch it at least a couple of times. y'now, give it a shot to give some promise.
    i tried that with will and grace and was having some serious trouble watching it. a room mate watches it and i can only stand to watch about half of it with them before i need to go leave the room and do something else, even doign the dishes and i never do the dishes.
    teh comedy just wasn't funny to me and the characters fluctuated from being truly annoying to being bareable upon which pont they would quickly do something to put them back down to annoying.
    i strugle to see why people choose to watch the show, never mind anough people to make following series viable.

    if it were up to me i would replace it with almost anything BUT i have to consede that it does seem to be pretty popular so some people might like the show and like i said at the start - "i decide not to dismiss any show before i watch it at least a couple of times" which is a practise i would suggest to anyone else.
  • I love Will and Grace. The comedy is soooo great. I watch it religiously.

    I love Will and Grace. The comedy is soooo great. I watch it religiously. One of the best TV shows ever. The only problem is the characters are too quick, the things they say would take real people longer to think of. Plus all the "drama" that is in the show is making it a little stupid. But all in all great show.
  • Gay People on TV: Entertainment or Acceptance?

    I've noticed a recent sudden rise of us gay people on television. Its great to see that TV is finally recognizing that us gay people form a valuable part of society, and can be entertaining, just like everyone else . But what if we're being singles out as a minority to be poked fun out, not really being respected the way we think we are.

    Take Jack. He\'s the cliched gorgeous gay guy with a sweet tushy whom straight people are all amused by. But is this a good image he's projecting to the general public, which in modern days consists of soccermoms, soccermoms, hapless husbands, soccermoms and conservative Christian zealots.

    Last night, I sat down with Paul and watched Will and Grace. We laughed from start to end. And then I realised - why on earth am I whining so much? This is a great show - deserving of its applause, and it's made for US. Not the conservatives or the undersexed housewives that seem to control the country in these modern days. It's time I enjoyed it for what it is. A whacky, fun show featuring characters that I can relate to because of my homosexuality.

  • "OH MY GO-" (as Jack would say) and "Honey, We've talked about that blouse" (as Karen would say, just because I like that line!)

    Ok, let me see, where to begin. From the beginning Will & Grace was a hit with me. I can sit for hours watching it, talk for hours about it and browse the net for hours for websites about the stars, especially Megan Mullally (Karen Walker) who I have LOVED from the beginning! Why anyone would NOT like this show is yet to be seen. With no exceptions, this has been a hilarious comedy and it is such a joy to view I never miss an episode. Honestly, I can watch the same episode over and over again. However, by the time I've watched it 15 or 16 times, I tend to just skip to the scenes with Karen in. The show's guest stars just add to the cleverness and comedy of the show. Anyone who's anyone wants to be on Will & Grace, from Matt Damon, to Gene Wilder to Madonna and Cher, they've all been on. The best comedy ever!!!
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