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  • Fortunately, this atrocious excuse for a sitcom is about to be over.

    This is one terrible, no-good very bad show.

    There is nothing funny about it. A test pattern or color bars and a 1000Hz tone would be more entertaining.

    Hell, a blank screen would be better.

    NBC has some kind of perverse agenda going on and it's a long way from mainstream America. NBC's ratings are the worst in years. Small wonder with crap like W & G.
  • Sick, perverted and void of any morals.

    This show has become one of the worst shows on television. When it was new, my wife was a fan of the female actors, and we watched it. Though the underlying message wasn't something I agreed with, I could tolerate the show as the actors were funny and entertaining. As the show has progressed, the references to homesexual sex acts, anal intercourse, sex with complete strangers, extramarital affairs and characters who were completely devoid of any personal morals has become sick and perverted. If this is NBC's method of supporting the homesexual lifestyle, it gives out the wrong message. In their attempt to portray homesexual relationships as 'normal', they have displayed it as people who have no personal control of their 'urges' and would sleep with anyone that possessed a sexual organ.
    NBC cancelled AMERICAN DREAMS and THIRD WATCH, but kept WILL AND GRACE. Why???
  • This show is an embarassment to the Television. The many inventors of the Television roll in their grave everytime this piece of crap plays on the air.

    First things first , men acting like little fairies is not funny... unless they get beat up right afterwards. The humor in this show is so stupid and unintelligent you lose I.Q. points every time you watch it. This is the worst sitcom EVER! I seriously wonder what has happened to the world. The fact that this show actually made it past 2 episodes is a wonder in its self.
  • omfg

    as a rule i decide not to dismiss any show - no matter how terrible it looks - before i watch it at least a couple of times. y'now, give it a shot to give some promise.
    i tried that with will and grace and was having some serious trouble watching it. a room mate watches it and i can only stand to watch about half of it with them before i need to go leave the room and do something else, even doign the dishes and i never do the dishes.
    teh comedy just wasn't funny to me and the characters fluctuated from being truly annoying to being bareable upon which pont they would quickly do something to put them back down to annoying.
    i strugle to see why people choose to watch the show, never mind anough people to make following series viable.

    if it were up to me i would replace it with almost anything BUT i have to consede that it does seem to be pretty popular so some people might like the show and like i said at the start - "i decide not to dismiss any show before i watch it at least a couple of times" which is a practise i would suggest to anyone else.
  • Without a doubt one of the worst comedy shows ever made, of all time, ever, in history. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD

    Its just horrendous; painful to watch, it annoys me so much I actually make an effort to be away from the TV when it is on - even if im on the other channel!

    I will say one thing about this show............ erm................ I'll think of something in a minute........... actually I have honestly sat here for a couple of minutes trying to think of ONE thing I like, or even just something thats not terrible, but I cant. Its awful. Full Stop.
  • Will & Grace? More like Swill & Grace.

    A wacky cast of uptight women and gay men. Nothing says funny like that. I couldn't comprehend this show any further than I could understand the sociological impact that kiwi fruit has on the Amazon on a rainy day in May.

    I've watched this show several times just to see if maybe I am missing something. I'm not. It is just a show for gay men, married women and blue haired old ladies to find cute and charming in some weird way.

    This show is like a Lifetime comedy. Oh right...there is no Lifetime comedy. Silly me. This show blows. I give it four huge hurls out of five.
  • cheap shot city

    I wanted to laugh and didn't. Show was irritating, negative, not funny and a terrible disappointment. Hoped for a good, creative, funny show. Total disappointment. So sad. So sick of politics and everyone thinking they are the true disciple of truth. Truth is no one really cares about your sexual preference -- only theirs. Get over it. Can you really not find any creative & talented writers?? Actors just read lines - find some good lines, please.
  • Very disappointed

    We were looking forward to the return of Will & Grace because we enjoyed the original series. Once the show took the very biased political turn we changed the channel. Television is supposed to be entertaining this was not!!!! We will not be giving Will & Grace a second chance and I hope others follow!
  • Grow up already

    It was just horrid. Only saving grace was "Karen"-- she still has :) Doubt I'll be watching another episode. What a disappointment.
  • The exploits of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen as they mingle around NYC. Yeah, it's not that exciting.

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a groundbreaking show on NBC that brought gay characters to upfront in television and showed homosexuals as people who were a part of society in every valuable way that anyone else was. When you watch "Will & Grace" nowadays it's very hard to realize that this used to be the show I was describing above.

    For it's first three seasons "Will & Grace" in a somewhat clever and comedic way would address the issues of being gay in the city with social conformities and heterosexism. It was a show that really meant something. When it won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2000 it was well deserved.

    However, Will became a pathetic loser since he wasn't dating anyone and Jack just became a bigger and bigger stereotype until the only thing that defined him was the fact that he was gay. It was brilliant when the writers had Jack's father pass away when he was about to meet him and then have Jack assume the role of a father to Elliot, his son. The characters, with an occasional exception to Grace, had no depth whatsoever and the show just turned into a bunch of empty jokes usually revolving around the word gay or something having to do with men's bodies.

    What also disturbs me about the direction the show has gone in is the fact that for people in the "red" states, where most gay people are afraid to come out of the closet, this is their only perception of gay people that they see. They continue to see gay people in the same eyes, as people they despise and would never want to get to know personally but someone who they love to laugh at. This show encourages homophobia by showing gay people as people who don't stand up for themselves and are total wusses.

    It is because of these reasons that I find the creators of this atrocity, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, guilty of wrongful portrayal and exploitation of the gay community and hereby sentence them both to be hanged by the neck until dead and then to have the general public beat their corpses with metal baseball bats until we all get tired or run out of beer; whichever comes first.
  • WTF is this?

    No good humor, no good action, too much affection (o me), and no main point to it what so ever. If i had a dollar for everytime i did not watch this, i wold have one dollar. And doing that is worth getting that dollar. I would rather be a dollar richer than watch this.

    I really don't find this show humorous at all. This is just another attempt from Hollywood to desensitize the viewing public to the idea of men having promiscuous sex with other men and making light of it as if it's cute, acceptable and normal. Sorry if you don't like hearing the truth.
  • It\\\'s time to let this show come to an end. It\\\'s a good thing this is the last year because I don\\\'t think the cast has enough jokes to go on any longer.

    I\\\'ve watched this show from day one and I\\\'m sad to say that even the actors are having a hard time finishing each episode. I thought and still that that Jack and Karen are the stars of the show and the reason I still watch it. I hate to see them go. The show that was on 01/26/2006 was almost painful to watch. Will is a smart man why would he go on and on when it was plain that Vince didn\\\'t need Will around to even serve food. Just how many gay jokes does Grace know do you think? If they were funny it would be another sitcom altogether.
  • okay we get it hes gay, no really thats it ,each episode is just a 30 minute long gay joke filled with lame sexual inuendo and yet the mass' graze on this over rated crap.

    okay we get it hes gay, no really thats it ,each episode is just a 30 minute long gay joke filled with lame sexual inuendo and yet the mass' graze on this over rated crap.

    okay i dont really like american sitcoms at all, one thing i absolutely despise about american t.v is an extreme overuse of ''canned-laughter'' and this is a prime example, its like its forceing you to laugh, its a poor substitute for freinds with aweful acting, to be frank id much rather watch my name is earl or hyperdrive.

    avoid this one, its that simple.
  • Hi I am an coptic Orthdox Christian and i believe that this show gives a bad influence to young childern .This is an unexeptable show to be putin on public televison. as i know , me and my community will boycott this show and we encorage others to.

    the one wit britney spears offends the christian community.How come people can make fun of the christain church but wen some one makes fun of any other race then it is a big deal. I will boycott this show until this is taken off of the season and never played on public television.
  • People Laugh at This?

    Will and Grace is not a horrible show, but is most certainly not a good show. I find myself confused at the sound of the audience laughing, what do they find so hilarious. The humor is tired and the plots are unoriginal.

    Tired clichés don't become funnier when they happen to gay charecters. This series is pre-chewed, processed and dull, sexual preference regardless.
  • Unoriginal...what more to say?

    There is nothing special about this show. I try to get the jokes, but the degree of humour in Will&Grace is less than in CSI!(And you know CSI is NOT a comedy). It is a hughly unoriginal show, with expected outcomes, and it levels with spanish soap operas. At least, there you might be able to find a cute face... And the girl with the awful voice, definetly should not be allowed on TV! It is offensive to comedy, and to real life persons. I cannot understand the "gay guys" point. It is offensive to gay community, and it follows some ancient stereotypes which I do not beleive anyone takes into consideration anymore. It is a bad copy of any popular sitcom. You could watch Friends and love them, and try using a line from Friends here... It does not work. I do not know what else is about that show, but to me it is a complete waste of time watching it. Undesirable...
  • Gay pun-a-thon. That's the summary. That's it. That's how you describe this show. Really, there's no more...

    this show is OK and th only thing making it OK is Jack and Karen. They are funny, and i'll give it to this show, doing it live? good for them! on the other hand the writing on this show just comes out as over rehearsed, predictable jibes. the 2 main characters seem to lack a sense of love that they are trying so hard to convey. my main issue is the celebrity appearances. now, these are ok, its fine to have a celebrity on your show but they can have a spotlight but not steal the show. it often seems unnecessary and forced eg. the cher episode. now i hear britney is gonna be on it! dude, have some self respect! once again, this show is ok for a late night laugh when you don't wanna think. thats what i think.
  • ok, to the BMW driver, im also coptic orthodox ( was so surprised when i saw you were because its rare, lol) but yea i agree with you that sometimes they cross the line, btu then again we dont have to watch it either, ya know.

    ok, to the BMW driver, im also coptic orthodox ( was so surprised when i saw you were because its rare, lol) but yea i agree with you that sometimes they cross the line, btu then again we dont have to watch it either, ya know. ive seen this show a few times, not the epsiode with britney spears though. the few times i saw it i thought it was funny though. i just think if it offends anyone pick up the remote and change the channel.
  • Is it really like that in Gay Community?

    Americans don't want Will to have a partner nor will the writers. Jack is so lame. Grace needs to work for Martha. Because she'll teach Grace something about inferior desecration. Karen and Rosario are the show. Their guest stars have been nothing more than cardboard cut outs. Okay, Matt Damon was funny, I'll acquiesce to that one.
  • A show about a gay guy and his best friend, another gay friend, and a bisexual alcoholic. The show takes place in manhattan.

    Funny. VERY FUNNY. Although the outfits they chose to have the characters wear are VERY BAD. Not to sound like a hippy, but what a waste of animal! Almost every piece of clothing has a pice of fur from some sort of animal attached to it. It is a funny show though, but the wardrobe could definitely improve.
  • i used to watch this

    i did watch the first few season of will & grace but i never really liked it, it was something to kill a friday night so i watch it but with the introduction of Leo i competely lost interest and am not watching current season so i given it up.

    It's not even funny, yet it's was a watchable show but it really now getting on my nerves now i hate jack, i find him so annoying i want get a gun and shoot him along with Grace.

    Karen and Will are alright in my book because they don't make me want to jump out of a window.

    Why do people watch this show is beyond my understanding, for those of you who watch it should be ashamed, if u don't watch it rating goes down, it get cancelled.
  • The GIRL Baby on the Finale, The CHERRIOS scene, I mean I replay it and replay the darlingNess of it. The way the Baby Girl Interacted with Debra, I was certain that child had to have had a very close personal relationship with Debra....

    after checking and finding out that Debra actually had a boy child in real life and knowing the GIRL BABY was not hers after all, I Now Wonder Who Was That Most Precious Child on the Finale show ????

    Could Anyone help me in finding out more about the Girl Baby on the Finale show... (read Summary, ie: Cherrios segment) If somehow she was related to Debra in ANY Way ??
    I mean it was a personal, intimate interaction between Baby & Mother.... How did they do that ?

    The scene was another piece of theeeeeee Best Commercials on tv, those of Cherrios ! We need more scenes and more commercials that are (((They Said here that I couldn't Type in All Caps because it was like shouting, But For Me it's Only Positive Typing, like the word "Heartwarming" .......
    ..... more commercials that are "Heartwarming" it sure makes me listen !!!!

    (I wouldn't have missed the Finale for anything, but enjoyed the first years of the Show so Much more than the last 3 years. While Meg M. is tremendous, the writers just put too many "off color" and downright offensive lines in for her) I know I'm only one person But that IS one-persons comment.
  • As much as I hate to say it, Will & Grace is going, going, going, almost gone. . .

    I started getting interested in W&G after purchasing the first 3 seasons on DVD. The first 3 seasons were hysterical. They had me on the floor laughing. However, seeing reruns on the WB network of seasons 4 and on, you are able to see the characters are just giving lines, and doing things just to shock people. The characters are no longer as fresh and original as they once were.
  • "Will and Grace" is a show mainly about the realtionships between a straight woman and her gay ex boyfriend. A show that I wished ended homosexual streotypes, but it just continued it.

    "Will and Grace" is a show about a straight woman and her realationship with her gay ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend has a roomate Jack who is a struggling gay actor. There is also a fourth character Karen who is married to a rich man who is never seen.

    "Will and Grace" is a very intersting show because of its theme of homosexuallity. But, it doesn't use that theme to its advantage. "Will and Grace" just reuses the same streotype of a gay man. I tell myself to just get joke and not be too serious. Boy, thats hard to do. "Will and Grace" is funny but, when I'am laughing I feel bad because it just uses streotypes. "Will and Grace" also is very good performance wise. It has great preformances by Eric McCormack and Debra Messing. "Will and Grace" reuses streotypes but, has great preformances. I forgot to mention that its also well-written.
  • After the first 3 seasons-it lost its edge!

    There was nothing else like it on television when it first debuted in 9/21/1998. But, soon- I realized I didn't want there to even be 1 Will and Grace, much less copy cats. Besides the endless stream of A-list celebrities detracting from the storylines (Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Demi Moore to name a few), the self depricating gay humor began to get really distracting. After Grace got married, a lot of the momentum and riffing that naturally ocurred in the beginning just fizzled out. The last episode was actually painful to watch; not because it was sad, but because it made no sense. I think the writers and everyone else surrounding the show just wanted to end it before it got more painful to watch.
  • A show about two best friends--Will an gay lawyer and Grace, an interior designer who's straight and they live together in New York City in an apartment. Their two other friends Jack (who's also gay) and Karen (who's straight) go on crazy and funny advent

    I loved this show in its earlier seasons. It was hilarious and I enjoyed watching this show. However, this show is really going downhill fast. It's not as funny as it used to be. I believe this show went downhill when Grace got married to that doctor guy. When that happened, it just wasn't the same anymore. This show has lost it's touch. I don't even really watch the new espodisoes anymore. I watch the earlier espdoisoes. I think that they should just end it.
  • Will and Grace is a show about four friends. The cast includes two gay guys, an alcholic, and a red head. And all the interesting things they do and say, that make your laugh.

    This show keeps your very enternied. It is always funny to watch about what they are going to say about certain things. Jack always is so hallious. Karen is always drunk and has a husband which we never see and two step children which we don't ever see either. Grace is bubbly interinor designer, who's assistant is Karen. Will is a lawyer, bussiness man type, kinda uptight. It's just interesting what the whole cast will do next to get a laugh out of the audienace. I thought that the finale was good, kinda going into the future, having Will and Grace and their kids meet just like the did years before. This is a good show to watch, keeping your entertained.
  • WIll and Grace is a show that is truely not a very... kind hearted show. The people in it are mean, but yet whatever they do, its funny! And to me, funny is great. Its pretty neat. I enjoy watching it every so often. Cheers to my only mean fix!

    Everyone in this show is pretty mean to each other, but to me, thats not right in REAL life. But being such a 'nice' person myself, I find that this gives me that little spunk of cruelness, and funny, that everyone seems to need/crave. Dont know why but hey, I think we ALL do. I have also met the cast of w&g and they are all really nice, but they were really tired from the 7hr long shooting of the one episode. They are nice and hard workin, and not like their chariters. I give this show a 7.
  • Overstayed its welcome

    Will & Grace has, unfortunately, done what many series before it has done. It has overstayed its welcome. More often than not, shows run out of steam after four or five years and Will & Grace is no exception. This has never been appointment television for me, but when I was home I would watch it and enjoy it when I saw it. But then came that horrible storyline of Will & Grace trying to have a baby together and then fighting constantly about it. This story completely ruined the characters for me. I no longer believe that they are even friends. The whole thing just rings false anymore. As funny as Jack & Karen are, after all these years they still seem to have no depth to themselves and anymore just come off as sad, pitiful creatures. At least we can still count on Shelley Morrison for a laugh whenever they decide to use her.
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