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  • The recent episodes with Lily Tomlin and Sharon Stone were superb.

    In regards to the latest season, I know a lot of people think this show has worn out its welcome, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s easy to like something when it’s new and in its prime. It’s another to find the joys or highlights when it’s been around a while. And there’s nothing wrong with watching a show or characters age.

    Once every 3 or 4 episodes a really funny one comes along. The recent episodes with Lily Tomlin and Sharon Stone were superb.

    As for the rest of the seasons, there have been ups and downs, but Will & Grace stands as one of the sharpest, funniest, and best-acted sitcoms ever.
  • Why Karen Walker will go down in history as one of the greatest television characters ever.

    Is there much to be said here? How could anyone not like one Ms. Karen Walker? Her relationships with Jack \"Pow! Bam\" McFarland, Rosario \"Maid Of The Year\" Salazar and of course, her husband Stan \"Not-Quite R.I.P.\"

    When Will & Grace begun, we all expected to hate Karen Walker. She was spoilt, rude and mean to all. Little did we all know that that was why we were all soon going to love her. By the end of its first season, Karen Walker was one of America\'s best current sitcom characters.

    The second season saw a new character thrown into the mix - Rosario. Karen and Rosario have some of the best character interaction on television. The way they fall out and then immediately make up again is just so incredibly funny.

    Her interactions with Will & Grace are always very funny as well. And as America\'s worst assistant, she is full of surprises when she sends e-mails (Fanilow) and asks for more responsibilities (Hey La, Hey La, My Boyfriend\'s Back) in the workplace.

    Karen\'s great with the guest stars as well. You only have to ask the likes of John Cleese and Andy Garcia, two of Karen\'s on-screen love interests, as to how much entertainment Karen Walker is and to learn of Megan Mullaly\'s magnificent acting skills.

    So now, join me in a singalong of a song which Jennifer Lopez should have bought: FYI, I will no longer cry ...

    Karen Walker, oh how we love you so.
  • 2 Gay Guys + 2 Straight Girls + Pure Laughter and Fun = "Will and Grace".

    Who actually thought that a show like this will ever be good? Homosexuality? It's funny. My #2 after "Friends".
    Remember how "Friends" made you feel you were living with them in the same apartment and that they were your friends, too? This show does the same. The show is simply about two homosexuals and two heterosexuals. You do not have to be a homo to have fun watching this show :).

    Similar Shows:
    "Friends": Instead of 4 friends its six and no homosexuals (except for Chandler who has a "quality" :). Kidding!

  • Hey What's this, what's happening, what's going on...

    Let me start off by saying that you don't have to be gay to enjoy this show. Ok, maybe at first it seems a little weird that a straight guy is watching a show in wich two of the main characters are gay, but at this point who cares?, I mean it's really impossible to not get into the lifes of these four friends, in first place there's Will, a neurotic gay lawyer played hilariously by Eric McCormack, next we have Grace, an insecure yet charming straight interior designer played by the naturally funny Debra Messing, then there's Jack, Will's unapologetically queeny friend played by the charismatic Sean Hayes, and finally we have Grace's wildly eccentric and obnoxious assistant Karen, played by the very, very funny Megan Mullaly; no wonder why all 4 of them have won an emmy.

    Finally, about the so called show's decline, all I have to say is that of course there are great and not so good episodes in every season, but that doesn't mean Will & Grace is going downhill, specially not with those topnotch performances and that superb mix between sitcom farce and sly sociopolitical commentary.
  • i used to watch this

    i did watch the first few season of will & grace but i never really liked it, it was something to kill a friday night so i watch it but with the introduction of Leo i competely lost interest and am not watching current season so i given it up.

    It's not even funny, yet it's was a watchable show but it really now getting on my nerves now i hate jack, i find him so annoying i want get a gun and shoot him along with Grace.

    Karen and Will are alright in my book because they don't make me want to jump out of a window.

    Why do people watch this show is beyond my understanding, for those of you who watch it should be ashamed, if u don't watch it rating goes down, it get cancelled.
  • A great show that came on strong based on a risky entourage, but it has unfortunately lost some of its steam. Still funny thanks to the antics of Karen and Jack who constantly beat up on Will and Grace, the show seems to heading toward a "Grace"ful end.

    Will and Grace was a great idea for a show, and it came with many risks. The thought of having an openly gay character as a lead for a show seemed very risky at the time, but it eventually helped to soften the shock value based on its comedic value.

    The show has lost some of its steam as the years have passed, but this can be due to the ending of "Friends" last year. Without a powerhouse to precede it, the show lost many of its viewers. It is moving into its final season, and I will definitely remember it as one of my all-time favorites.
  • A show that is much more than the review \\\"a show about two gay guys and two straight women\\\" Its about a four people who have many ups and downs in their lives and this is there way of surviving.

    Like above, this show is about four characters that interact with each other differently, it shows how four people who are completely different and independent in their own lives can support each other in different ways. Meet the hard case, bitchy Karen that is very soft and loving inside, The intelligent Will, who is the glue of the group that brings them all closer, There is the love mad freak Grace who even though she has the appearance of being nutty, she has to be one of the most supportive people and kindest people ever and finally Jack the one who lives his life the way he wants to, even though he himself just wants to have the attention he deserves.
    These people are not the people in the series 1 review any more, these people are real people and at least one of them are in all of us . . . . That’s why the show is so great.
  • I think that this may really be it for Will and Grace.

    Will and Grace was one of my favorite shows to watch of all time. The first seasons were good, but the middle seasons is where it really got me. Once the characters all developed into something unique and interacted flawlessly.I love Will and Grace's reference style comedy and openess. My main complaint is what they did to Karen. Karen used to be witty, smart, funny, and unique. Yet over the years they have taken away many of her evil ways and just made her into a drunken mess. She is almost never serious and acts comepletely rediculous. I hated Graces marriage to Leo and knew it was a bad idea from the start. I don't know where this show is planning on going from it's current position, and sadly I must say this may be just about it for Will and Grace.
  • Will and Grace is about two gay guys and 2 straight girls one married and one single(Grace) Will and Garce are best mates who get up 2 lots of mayhem coz Will is gay so we think nuthin of it is hilarious!!!! The other two pair up 4 more humour!!!!!

    I think this show is hilarious I was well gutted wen on a duble bill they showed the last episode and left it on a cliff hanger and then I was expecting 2 see wat happened but it went straight to the very first episode!!!!!!!!!!! I still wanna know what happens it superb and gets me larfin evry time I think its the best non fictional comedy I've seen next to Friends I would probably rate it better rthen friends in the comedy section as what the straights and guys get up 2 toether they can come out with a lot more jokes as they have a wider range!!!!!!!!!
  • About 2 gay guys and 2 straight girls in new york. Great show.

    Hilarious show that has to be a guilty pleasure for some guys. karen is insanely funny with her quick wit and sarcastic comments. Jack is absolutely fabulous. grace has her rough patches but is essential in the comedy. and will is uptight but commical in his own way. great show that always keeps you laughing.
  • As much as I hate to say it, Will & Grace is going, going, going, almost gone. . .

    I started getting interested in W&G after purchasing the first 3 seasons on DVD. The first 3 seasons were hysterical. They had me on the floor laughing. However, seeing reruns on the WB network of seasons 4 and on, you are able to see the characters are just giving lines, and doing things just to shock people. The characters are no longer as fresh and original as they once were.
  • Best writing on TV.

    This is basically the best writing on television today and it is DEFINATLY underappreciated. I am sure someone else agrees. I have to admit, the humor has been a little less funny lately, but I think that this next season will be great. If the Coen Brothers did a TV show, this would be it.
  • Will & Grace shows the lives of 4 best friends. Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker, and Jack McFarland are showcased in this series as quirky and completely lovable characters who are obviously very different but completely involved within each other

    Will & Grace is a great show. It has an unbelievably talented cast and the writing on this show is simply to die for. The wonderful quick wit that is displayed for all of these characters is very well done by the cast of regulars. Although through the years the quality of show is steady declining it is still one of my favorites and always will be.
  • A show about two best friends--Will an gay lawyer and Grace, an interior designer who's straight and they live together in New York City in an apartment. Their two other friends Jack (who's also gay) and Karen (who's straight) go on crazy and funny advent

    I loved this show in its earlier seasons. It was hilarious and I enjoyed watching this show. However, this show is really going downhill fast. It's not as funny as it used to be. I believe this show went downhill when Grace got married to that doctor guy. When that happened, it just wasn't the same anymore. This show has lost it's touch. I don't even really watch the new espodisoes anymore. I watch the earlier espdoisoes. I think that they should just end it.
  • One of the funniest comedies after Friends

    Will & Grace is a very funny very entertaining show. The mix of Grace, Will, Jack and Karen works extremly well. THe comedy just keeps on pouring out of the mouths of the very talented actors, and that actually isnt Meagans(Karen) real voice. The end of Friends opened up the a space for the brillient show of Will & Grace. The perfect mix of gay, straight, sane and crazy people makes the show well worth watching. The characters develope in a very effective and positive way. The plot lines keep getting more and more interesting and you go very deep into the lives of each individual charcater.This is a show which everyone should watch at least once.
  • While it's past it's time it's still great!

    Okay so as i always say and many others, the show shoulda been about and called Jack&Karen Not Wll&Grace it's terribly funny. Reading some of the reaviews i read two that made no sense? okay one was waist of time i want to die and the other said simply it's a pile of crap, the people are laughing but there was no joke? That is not the point! Come on, good humour is not someone standing there spouting off knock knock jokes! good Humour is playing a role in a creative and energetic way...Now saying that i have to admit, the shows been lacking in the funny creative orignal department, while as the first 3-4 seasons were outrageously funny(ie Jack&Karen and the ATM machine [her breasts:P]) the shows originallity with humour is beginning to die off, i find myself not laughing nearly as much as at first. The personalities of each charecter as so much differnet yet they can get along amazingly well, Will&Grace's cababilities of making up and getting along, finishing each others setances, Jack&Karen's sense of humour, helping each other with there problems while having a blast spending Karen't money, and last but defenetly not least Karen&Rosario's adventures, from taking a bath with each other so that Rosario can scrub Karen's feat and talk about how to get Grace out of the house by means of a plan with lots of twists and turns, and then jsut shoving her down the stairs are to die for! See write a review that can tell people why you like or dislike a show, don't jsut say something is crap, people need to know why you think so! don't tell the world you can use cut and paste 50 times!
  • Unlike most people I think Will & Grace is getting better and better by the Episode..

    This show makes me laugh every single time I watch it. Karen Walker is by far my favorite character. Her whitty remarks and comments on Grace's Hair and Clothes has me lauhging for Hours. Jack's knowledge makes me laugh. Will & Grace can be funny at times but I really think Karen and Jack are funnier.
  • It's so funny.....

    Will and Grace is one of the funniest shows on these days. I absolutely love this show. I think that Karen and Jack are the best. I love how Karen makes fun of Graces' fashion sense. Jack is so gay that it's funny. All of the wacky things he says and does the show would be lost without him. Will is like the adult of the show. It seems that he tries to keep everyone in line, especially Jack. All of the funny lines and plot twists make this show what it is. I don't think I could go a day without it.

  • A show so obviously wonderful, it is the only sitcom worth watching now that most legendary ones are gone. Simply put, Long Live Will & Grace.

    The best show on T.V. as of today. Sitcom-wise. There is a pure, not so wholesome comedy edge to it. Definitely a comedy worth watching and puts tears in my eyes everytime I watch. This show should be the measure by which other "Best Comedy Series" nominees should follow. Will & Grace has made history.
  • story of two gay men and two straight women who are friends.

    Will and Grace is the story of, yes you guessed it, Will and Grace. Grace is a flat-chested and quirky girl who loves the opposite sex, and Will is the kindest gay man in the world! We also see their hilarious friends Karen, who's best friend is alcohol, and Jack, a dancer-singer-actor and super funny gay man.

    The idea of a storyling being humorous and following the lives of a group of friends is not original. BUT! Will and Grace put their own special twist on this genre of television, and threw in two gay men! It makes for quite the funny show.

    Will and Grace is a show that never gets boring. It has to compete with shows like Friends and Sex and the City, and I feel its truly underappreciated at the award shows. I've yet to meet a person who dislikes this show, probably because it can put a smile on anyones face! It definately classifies as a guilty pleasure!
  • Real comedy

    It's a very funny show. i like how they look at life on the view of the gay guys and straight women together. It's funny but at the sametime it's how it is in real life between the two. Most people who doesn't like this is the guys. I think it's the ones who isn't to sure of there sexuality. Overall great fun and lots of laughter.
  • THE END IS NEAR, of liveaction comedies!

    I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but one of the last great live action comedy is dying. Not because of a humor deficiency, but of old age. It’s a growing epidemic. The population will slow to a halt.

    The shelf life of a comedy is nine years. The biggest killers are actors who need more money and being thrown out before they go stale. Friends, the Michael Jordan’s of the television, were victim of the greedy-actor syndrome. And Everybody Loves Raymond as an example of the later. But that isn’t the problem at hand.

    Comedies are dying at an alarmingly young age. Listen Up a show with a lot of promise was canceled for lack of sky-high ratings, along with many other promising comedies. Networks have no sense of the future and only care about that particular week. The greatest comedies of the last 15 years (Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond) were not instant hits and need time to bloom. FOX, of all the networks is least patient and gives shows around three episodes to prove their worthiness.

    Another hazard the comedies have to watch out for it the murderous networks who chase the live action comedies into a dark ally and slowly beat them to death. The dark alleys, of coarse, are Friday Night. This is when the network finds a show that they are loyal to because of great past rating which just aren’t quite getting the same ratings anymore and forces them into the ally where the deed is done. The victims of this horrendous crime are The Bernie Mac Show, Wanda at Large and soon to be deceased Malcolm in the Middle.

    So the end of live action comedies will come when That 70’s Show is canceled for losing the character the show is based on and when Two and a Half Men run out of alimony jokes.

    So when Will & Grace comes to an end shed a tear for the genre and not just the show itself.
  • Best american sitcom ever? yes and no......

    For years now i have been watching the show and been a loyal fan and without doubt i have never laughed so much at an american sitcom.It breaks all the rules of the usuall comedies from the states and in a good way.But i have to be honest, will & grace would be nothing without Jack, Karen and Rosario. when i think of things that make me laugh in the show 99.9% of the time it has come from these 3 priceless characters. in fact i find the scenes with will & grace mediocre to say the least at times. yes they do have some good lines but its mainly when they are interacting with jack and karen.speaking of karen, she has got to be the best comedy creation in history and is only so spectacular because of megan mallully who plays her,what a fantastic actress.so mixed emotions really but long may it continue.
  • this show is the best, personal favorite! its funny,sexy, and totally gay! this show should stay on for more than one more season! this show is funny and if you want some drama theres that too! its the best!

    Will and grace is funny, spohfistacated, and gay. its great! Karen walker played by megan mullally is one of the funniest charecters alive! same with Jack Mcfarland who is played by sean hayes! the two of them alone could make the show still totally awesome! Will played by Eric Mccomrmick and Grace adler played by debra messing are also pretty funny! they all have funny things about them! karen is a alcholic drug junkie who seems to think that when jake had a coffee problem he was the only one who had it! a blind and deaf man can tell that Jack is gay, Will is a gay lawyer who cant keep a relationship, and graces boyfriends always seem to turn out gay in the end or when she gets married the husband runs away! anyways this show is awesome and i cant wait to see the season 8 live! premire of will and grace this will make television history!
  • Will & Grace? More like Swill & Grace.

    A wacky cast of uptight women and gay men. Nothing says funny like that. I couldn't comprehend this show any further than I could understand the sociological impact that kiwi fruit has on the Amazon on a rainy day in May.

    I've watched this show several times just to see if maybe I am missing something. I'm not. It is just a show for gay men, married women and blue haired old ladies to find cute and charming in some weird way.

    This show is like a Lifetime comedy. Oh right...there is no Lifetime comedy. Silly me. This show blows. I give it four huge hurls out of five.
  • A show about a gay man name Will and a Stright women name Grace who theyve known eachother since college for more then 15 years.They live together but are not in love with each other.Grace still has a crush on will DEEP down but Will is just friends with

    I love this show this show is so funny. I love Eric McCormack. Hes so cute, He has a beautiful smile. I love how will and grace are so close on the show as friends. I wonder if they are that close in real life. This is my favorite show on NBC. NBC is the best tv station litterley. Considering the fact theres not a single show on there that isnt funny.
  • The exploits of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen as they mingle around NYC. Yeah, it's not that exciting.

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a groundbreaking show on NBC that brought gay characters to upfront in television and showed homosexuals as people who were a part of society in every valuable way that anyone else was. When you watch "Will & Grace" nowadays it's very hard to realize that this used to be the show I was describing above.

    For it's first three seasons "Will & Grace" in a somewhat clever and comedic way would address the issues of being gay in the city with social conformities and heterosexism. It was a show that really meant something. When it won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2000 it was well deserved.

    However, Will became a pathetic loser since he wasn't dating anyone and Jack just became a bigger and bigger stereotype until the only thing that defined him was the fact that he was gay. It was brilliant when the writers had Jack's father pass away when he was about to meet him and then have Jack assume the role of a father to Elliot, his son. The characters, with an occasional exception to Grace, had no depth whatsoever and the show just turned into a bunch of empty jokes usually revolving around the word gay or something having to do with men's bodies.

    What also disturbs me about the direction the show has gone in is the fact that for people in the "red" states, where most gay people are afraid to come out of the closet, this is their only perception of gay people that they see. They continue to see gay people in the same eyes, as people they despise and would never want to get to know personally but someone who they love to laugh at. This show encourages homophobia by showing gay people as people who don't stand up for themselves and are total wusses.

    It is because of these reasons that I find the creators of this atrocity, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, guilty of wrongful portrayal and exploitation of the gay community and hereby sentence them both to be hanged by the neck until dead and then to have the general public beat their corpses with metal baseball bats until we all get tired or run out of beer; whichever comes first.
  • A show about a gay guy and his best friend, another gay friend, and a bisexual alcoholic. The show takes place in manhattan.

    Funny. VERY FUNNY. Although the outfits they chose to have the characters wear are VERY BAD. Not to sound like a hippy, but what a waste of animal! Almost every piece of clothing has a pice of fur from some sort of animal attached to it. It is a funny show though, but the wardrobe could definitely improve.
  • Very Funny!!!

    Two words: "Just Jack". Jack is my favorite character the way he really really exaggerates in things. And how ironic it is that Grace's perfect match is her bestfriend Will. But one thing Will is gay. Crazy huh? Every episode is full of something funny. And who can't forget Karen. Without Karen, the show would not have such disses. Like when Karen always makes fun of Grace "Hunny, what did I say about that top?"
  • Genius!

    I really don't know what I would do if this show never existed. This show has wonderful writers who continue to create amazing, original scripts with hilarious jokes and great plots, and it has four very talented actors who play their characters so perfectly, you could never imagine someone else playing the characters. Everything about this show is fabulous. When everything is said and done with the final season, this genius sitcom will be considered a classic, and will continue to make people laugh for years to come.
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