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  • Hey What's this, what's happening, what's going on...

    Let me start off by saying that you don't have to be gay to enjoy this show. Ok, maybe at first it seems a little weird that a straight guy is watching a show in wich two of the main characters are gay, but at this point who cares?, I mean it's really impossible to not get into the lifes of these four friends, in first place there's Will, a neurotic gay lawyer played hilariously by Eric McCormack, next we have Grace, an insecure yet charming straight interior designer played by the naturally funny Debra Messing, then there's Jack, Will's unapologetically queeny friend played by the charismatic Sean Hayes, and finally we have Grace's wildly eccentric and obnoxious assistant Karen, played by the very, very funny Megan Mullaly; no wonder why all 4 of them have won an emmy.

    Finally, about the so called show's decline, all I have to say is that of course there are great and not so good episodes in every season, but that doesn't mean Will & Grace is going downhill, specially not with those topnotch performances and that superb mix between sitcom farce and sly sociopolitical commentary.
  • Why Karen Walker will go down in history as one of the greatest television characters ever.

    Is there much to be said here? How could anyone not like one Ms. Karen Walker? Her relationships with Jack \"Pow! Bam\" McFarland, Rosario \"Maid Of The Year\" Salazar and of course, her husband Stan \"Not-Quite R.I.P.\"

    When Will & Grace begun, we all expected to hate Karen Walker. She was spoilt, rude and mean to all. Little did we all know that that was why we were all soon going to love her. By the end of its first season, Karen Walker was one of America\'s best current sitcom characters.

    The second season saw a new character thrown into the mix - Rosario. Karen and Rosario have some of the best character interaction on television. The way they fall out and then immediately make up again is just so incredibly funny.

    Her interactions with Will & Grace are always very funny as well. And as America\'s worst assistant, she is full of surprises when she sends e-mails (Fanilow) and asks for more responsibilities (Hey La, Hey La, My Boyfriend\'s Back) in the workplace.

    Karen\'s great with the guest stars as well. You only have to ask the likes of John Cleese and Andy Garcia, two of Karen\'s on-screen love interests, as to how much entertainment Karen Walker is and to learn of Megan Mullaly\'s magnificent acting skills.

    So now, join me in a singalong of a song which Jennifer Lopez should have bought: FYI, I will no longer cry ...

    Karen Walker, oh how we love you so.
  • Why does everybody hate this show? It's impossible to not love it.

    There are two things that really annoy me. One of these, is having to wait months after its US airdate to watch the new series of Will & Grace on UK tv (Thanks tvtome for keeping me informed during this awfully boring period). The other is people constantly criticising shows like Will & Grace. Shows such as Will & Grace are rare and have a very distinctive quality, in Will & Graces case, hilarious jokes, one-liners and characters. The characters are arguably the best feature for comic effect. Each character adds to a differnt style of humour, which is always funny. These guys my have hardly changed over the 7 years, but their love for each other, and ours for them has significantly increased. Similarly to friends, we can think sentimentally about everyone and still laugh at jokes about similar things. That is not boring, that, I must say, is superb writing and brilliant characters who have changed so much since 1997, but are still the people we all fell in love with back then. Well done to everyone involved in this show and enough of the complaints from reviewers and critics, who couldnt even review their own hand, never mind a hit tv show.
  • I still can't believe it's over...

    Probably my third or second favorite show. It's just so addicting to watch! Once I started I couldn't stop watching it. The plots are always to absorbing and all the characters are hilarious. That's enough to be a good show.

    But I think the main concept that makes it so good is the creativity. It's not just another show of two friends who will end up falling in love at the end. The thing is, is that they can't! That's just a creative twist so it's always addicting to find out how their relation will end up.

    Totally a show to see!
  • Will & Grace

    This is one hilarious show and I've just purchased the Complete Box Set on DVD, just finsihed episode #114 and I must say I already love the characters. Took me years to get to this amazing sitcom, because I was practically a child when the show first ran (born in 1991).

    It also makes up for an interesting viewing experience to watch two of the leading guys being gay which is something not many of the shows would do / dare. The characters are just so colorful, insightful, extremely funny (looking at you Karen). And I am proud to be a viewer to say the least. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this brilliant piece of television. 90's rocked :) 9,0/10
  • Cancelled, Finale, WTF?

    I loved this show and was devastated to hear of its conclusion recently. While is was in high school and not out the closet a ground breaking show called W&G premiered. Not the embodiment of gay culture, this show gave me a premise that other people like myself where out there. They had to be, after all who do you think was writing the show. Most entertaining of all would probably be Grace\'s expression of dissapointment,\"Uhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh.\" A memorable finale but in the style of SFU\'s ending. I would have preferred not to see the characters future. It gave a feeling of real definiteness and closure. When, I would rather believe that their lives are on-going.
  • Hysterical, hilarious and soo funny! I find this show ultimate, I'm even addicted to it.

    Will and Grace is the best comedy since Friends stopped. It is such a good and funny show, and I think the reason for that is because of the strong characters. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen, they are all different from each other but are so connecting. My favourite character is (off course) Karen. She is so funny, and even funnier together with Jack. And secretly I addore Rosario, Karens made. I loved that one episode when it's Christmas, and Karen, Jack and Will are spending the night in a hotel. They do al kinds of crazy things like call the staff off the hotel and sing Christmas songs for them or stand in front of a window, naked, with a bow around there.. you know what I mean. And if you don't know you should watch the show because you're missing something if you don't.
  • The recent episodes with Lily Tomlin and Sharon Stone were superb.

    In regards to the latest season, I know a lot of people think this show has worn out its welcome, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s easy to like something when it’s new and in its prime. It’s another to find the joys or highlights when it’s been around a while. And there’s nothing wrong with watching a show or characters age.

    Once every 3 or 4 episodes a really funny one comes along. The recent episodes with Lily Tomlin and Sharon Stone were superb.

    As for the rest of the seasons, there have been ups and downs, but Will & Grace stands as one of the sharpest, funniest, and best-acted sitcoms ever.
  • Will & Grace

    "Will & Grace" was a reminder that television could survive in a post-"Seinfeld" world.
  • You say potato, I say vodka.

    I've been watching W&G since it was first aired here in Finland. I can't really remember when I realized I love the show. Now I can't get enough of it.

    That's mainly because I love Karen/Megan Mullally.
  • Living With Your Best Friend...

    turned out great for WIll and Grace! I love the random wittiness, Karen's bubbly and snotty personality, and the roleplaying here is superb! Everyone's so dramatically humorous on this show... I never got enough of it!
  • WTF is this?

    No good humor, no good action, too much affection (o me), and no main point to it what so ever. If i had a dollar for everytime i did not watch this, i wold have one dollar. And doing that is worth getting that dollar. I would rather be a dollar richer than watch this.
  • cheap shot city

    I wanted to laugh and didn't. Show was irritating, negative, not funny and a terrible disappointment. Hoped for a good, creative, funny show. Total disappointment. So sad. So sick of politics and everyone thinking they are the true disciple of truth. Truth is no one really cares about your sexual preference -- only theirs. Get over it. Can you really not find any creative & talented writers?? Actors just read lines - find some good lines, please.
  • Very disappointed

    We were looking forward to the return of Will & Grace because we enjoyed the original series. Once the show took the very biased political turn we changed the channel. Television is supposed to be entertaining this was not!!!! We will not be giving Will & Grace a second chance and I hope others follow!
  • Grow up already

    It was just horrid. Only saving grace was "Karen"-- she still has :) Doubt I'll be watching another episode. What a disappointment.
  • About the series

    It has great writing episode in season 2, acting for Megan Mullally in season 2 & 8, sean hayes in season 2, Eric McCormack in season 3, Gene Wilder in season 5, Debra Messing in season 5, Bobby Cannavale in season 7 and Leslie Jordan in season 8.

    This was the funniest damn sitcom to ever grace the airwaves. I said many times, "I don't want to meet the cast. I wanna meet the writers!" The writers are absolutely certifiable. Such off the wall terrific wit pulled from every genre known to man. I don't care what your interests are - politics - theater or basket weaving - there's a joke for you and it's a highbrow joke and not just toilet humor. The sight gags are hilarious as well. It was VERY well written by brilliantly insane writers and all the regular cast had absolute perfect timing. Just funny, funny, funny. It was very "out there" for it's time in an era where if you were gay you still needed to be in the closet and shut up. The only other "sitcom" type program that I remember really comparing to Will & Grace's non-stop humor was Jack Benny's radio program in the 40's.
  • It is impossible for me to watch an episode of Will And Grace without laughing.

    Will (a gay man). Grace (a straight woman) are best friend and have been since college. When they first me t they started dating, however Will later tells Grace, they become the best of friends.

    Will becomes a lawyer in NYC. Grace is a interior designer who needs a place to stay so she moves in with her best buddy Will.

    I have to say my favorite part of this show is Jack, Will's friend who is also gay. Jack is so darn funny. In my opinion he totally makes the show.

    The we have Karen, Grace's secretary who is rich, doesn't really do anything at work, is an alcoholic, and constantly criticizes everything Grace wears.

    Jack and Karen also a have a bizarre flirtatious relationship.

    This is a great show that follows these four friends through different stages of their life. I love it!
  • I believe it is far better then friends. And isn\'t sean nearly as popular.

    Orriginal, hilariouse and just darn right intertaining. Karan my persponal favourite and Jack come in a close second are what make this show REALY funny and not just funny.It\'s ashame it\'s ending but the show got a good run and its time to step aside and end gracefuly. Where are the dvd\'s in Australia? lol
  • Lova-Lova-Lova-Lova-LOVE IT!

    I LOVE Will, Grace, Karen & Jack! This show is absolutely fabulous! I watch it religiously! Cant get enough Will and Grace! I've been watching this show for years and am terribly disapointed that this is the last season. I guess I'll just have to watch the re-runs twice as often now! :)
  • Absolutely the most fabulous comedy on television right now!

    It's the best comedy on television thus far. A bunch of very attractive people whose characters are so real, that they reach you emotionally. This is the only comedy I really enjoy watching because it helps me to unwind after a hard day. Keep up the good work you guys.
  • Best american sitcom ever? yes and no......

    For years now i have been watching the show and been a loyal fan and without doubt i have never laughed so much at an american sitcom.It breaks all the rules of the usuall comedies from the states and in a good way.But i have to be honest, will & grace would be nothing without Jack, Karen and Rosario. when i think of things that make me laugh in the show 99.9% of the time it has come from these 3 priceless characters. in fact i find the scenes with will & grace mediocre to say the least at times. yes they do have some good lines but its mainly when they are interacting with jack and karen.speaking of karen, she has got to be the best comedy creation in history and is only so spectacular because of megan mallully who plays her,what a fantastic actress.so mixed emotions really but long may it continue.
  • Best writing on TV.

    This is basically the best writing on television today and it is DEFINATLY underappreciated. I am sure someone else agrees. I have to admit, the humor has been a little less funny lately, but I think that this next season will be great. If the Coen Brothers did a TV show, this would be it.
  • One of the last great sitcoms

    These days there are some terrible sitcoms being produced. It seems that Will & Grace was one of the last few truly great TV sitcoms.
    The cast had great chemistry and director James Burrows continuously drew terrific performances from Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes over an incredible 8-year run. Statistics speak for themselves - between this talented foursome they garnered 5 Emmy Awards and 23 nominations. Not to mention the 2000 Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. The plot lines were simplistic, but the clever jokes and the sheer enthusiastic guest stars (Debbie Reynolds, Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Cher and Madonna, to name a few) were second to none.
    Sure, Season 6 was a bit of a downer, but apart from that this series was almost always spot on.
  • A great show about friends with a different kind of lifestyle. And sexual peference. I like this show because it isnt scared to test the boundaries of what a comedy can only go to. It crosses the line and continues to cross it every episode. This show is

    I think this show is wonderful. The cast is great and the guest star appearances always have me on edge. This show, in my opinion, is way over Friends! It has the best writers of the NBC company. I love this show because of their spunk, their wit and Megan! I love love Meagan!
  • awww how sweet.

    i want will & grace to be together [even though i know will is gay] but they would be good together. I\'m not that much of a massive fan of will & Grace. I just watch it because Karen & jack are hilarious. I wanna know them!! They\'d be so muchfun wouldn\'t they? And karens squeaky voice makes me laugh. lol so funny. I think it should be called Jack & Karen instead of Will & Grace because Will & Grace are pretty boring compared to them. They are funny dont get me wrong, but i dont think they are as funny as karen and jack.
  • Great!

    I love this show ! I can watch it all the time . Mostly because of Karen ! The casting was perfect for everyone , don't get me wrong , but to me Karen is the best . And that voice ! I sometimes start laughin without even hearing the joke ! But there is one episode that I'll never forget when she was scared of cockies and heard them talk but then she realised it was the pencil sharpener and felt relived . I laughed so hard I think people on the street heard me . Thank God someone didn't call 911 thinking I had a seasure .
  • A great show that came on strong based on a risky entourage, but it has unfortunately lost some of its steam. Still funny thanks to the antics of Karen and Jack who constantly beat up on Will and Grace, the show seems to heading toward a "Grace"ful end.

    Will and Grace was a great idea for a show, and it came with many risks. The thought of having an openly gay character as a lead for a show seemed very risky at the time, but it eventually helped to soften the shock value based on its comedic value.

    The show has lost some of its steam as the years have passed, but this can be due to the ending of "Friends" last year. Without a powerhouse to precede it, the show lost many of its viewers. It is moving into its final season, and I will definitely remember it as one of my all-time favorites.
  • lolllllllllllllllllll

    Ah this is a very good show, funny but yet has a good teaching or two in every episode if you really pay attention to it.All characters act very well and are funny sometimes when they are not even intending to be.Very nice show.Although i used to think it was rubbish before but when i sat down and watched one episode i found out that it was good and got interested with it.Definitely a show to watch.Don't miss it.haha
  • As much as I hate to say it, Will & Grace is going, going, going, almost gone. . .

    I started getting interested in W&G after purchasing the first 3 seasons on DVD. The first 3 seasons were hysterical. They had me on the floor laughing. However, seeing reruns on the WB network of seasons 4 and on, you are able to see the characters are just giving lines, and doing things just to shock people. The characters are no longer as fresh and original as they once were.
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