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  • A once great, groudbreaking show that is ever rapidly sinking to mediocrity.

    Will & Grace was once upon a time a groundbreaking show. Not one, but two male, homosexual main characters, complimented by two straight female women. The show was never too "stereotypish" with its leads, and really used Will and Grace to show that gay and straight people have the exact same romantic dreams and difficulties. Thrown into the mix were Jack, Will's man-crazy best friend, and Karen, Grace's über-rich assistant who was clueless to how normal people lived and was very liberal with her useage of alcohol and medications. For a good 5 years, this one one of the finest half-hours on television.
    Sadly, the writers painted themselves into some corners with Grace's nuptuals and the ill-conceived concept to have Will and Grace nearly end their friendship over a ditched plan to share a child together. The plots were not well-received, and then they had to scramble to get the characters out of those plot threads. They also started to rely more and more on guest stars as comedic crutches, and even worse, Jack and Karen's quirks, once used to slam home jokes to great effect, became jokes on their own. Eventually, they became charicatures of themselves, to the point where nearly every line from Karen's mouth was somehow related to boozing and popping pills. This overkill has greatly dulled their effectiveness as supporting characters of late. Will and Grace themselves have also crossed the line from "romantically unlucky/picky" to "slightly pathetic and mildly unbelievable."
    Sadly, the audience, including myself, have pretty much abandoned this show, and the network rerun I saw last week did nothing to win me back. I can't grade this show too harshly due to several years of excellence, but they've been no better than a 6/10 the past two years. 2005/06 will be their final year. Here's hoping they can find a way to recapture the magic of the first years, and not leave us with a bad taste in our mouths.
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