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  • Now this is something I can't stop laughing at when I watch it. Long live Will & Grace!!!!!

    Gotta be the funniest comedy show ever thought of. It's actually a gay show, but WHO CARES!!! Even my mom laughed at it VERY HARDLY when she watched it with me once, and every other time after that! It's just too funny! The best and funniest character is definitely the crazy drunk, Karen! But Rosario is EXTREMELY close behind her! The show's about two best friends, Will & Grace. Will's a gay lawyer, and Grace is an interior designer. Will's gay friend's called Jack (they're NOT together, but there was an episode when they wound up in the same bed when they woke up...), and Grace's always-crazy-and-drunk assistant is Karen, who's also Jack's best friend. And Rosario is Karen's maid who hates her the most in the whole world.
    Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen are the quatro that always wound up in trouble within every episode, but they always watch out for each other, and they will ALWAYS make you laugh, whether you're in a good mood or a bad. Honestly, the best comedy in the world, in my opinion! You've just gotta watch it!