Will & Grace

NBC (ended 2006)



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  • A comdey show that managed to last a lot longer than what some people thought.

    Will & Grace, Karen & Jack. Those names just speak volumes from a comdey stand point. Will & Grace were the main characters, Will being the gay one, while Grace was more staight. Some how, although you know what it was going to be like, you didn't know what it was going to be like. Will was a stereotypical gay man, not over the top, but the hint was there.
    Personally the show felt more like Karen and Jack, since those two managed to keep the laughs coming ragardless of if the scene was serious or what not. Karen is very much a spolit woman who lives in a mansion and is able to afford every luxury possible, she also loves her wine, among other things. Jack is more... Eccentric gay and that just keeps the laughs coming due to the eccentic-ness of him.
    The whole show was funny and warming and I was glad that when it left our screens it left on a high.