Will & Grace

NBC (ended 2006)



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  • Gay and strait twists

    Nice show, really funny. I know i used to watch them and the friends all the time. But, for me The Friends are better... Will and Grace, two friends, share their lives, apartment, loves(??). I almost forgot Karen and Jack, one of the most hilarious characters of all TV show!! Who knew that this show will last for so long. At the beginning it has some minor problems for adjusting to the viewers, but everything turns out OK. I loved it, and i happily remember those funny scenes from the episodes. Four characters, totally different, but on the other hand so similar are brought up together. Two of them are gay ( man) and other two are straight, but i think that Karen sometimes shows bisexual interests...:) So, it's a great show, funny, it has a special charisma that appeals viewers all over the world. This show found it's way to be different and to make it's way through rough way of glory, and they are really great! YAY, for them:)