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  • "Will and Grace" is a show mainly about the realtionships between a straight woman and her gay ex boyfriend. A show that I wished ended homosexual streotypes, but it just continued it.

    "Will and Grace" is a show about a straight woman and her realationship with her gay ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend has a roomate Jack who is a struggling gay actor. There is also a fourth character Karen who is married to a rich man who is never seen.

    "Will and Grace" is a very intersting show because of its theme of homosexuallity. But, it doesn't use that theme to its advantage. "Will and Grace" just reuses the same streotype of a gay man. I tell myself to just get joke and not be too serious. Boy, thats hard to do. "Will and Grace" is funny but, when I'am laughing I feel bad because it just uses streotypes. "Will and Grace" also is very good performance wise. It has great preformances by Eric McCormack and Debra Messing. "Will and Grace" reuses streotypes but, has great preformances. I forgot to mention that its also well-written.